Monday, March 17, 2008

Zec 14:19
This shall be the punishment
of Egypt, and the punishment
of all nations that come not up
to keep the feast of tabernacles.

This shall be the punishment
[02403] chatta'ah
of Egypt,
[04714] Mitsrayim
and the punishment
[02403] chatta'ah
of all nations
[01471] gowy
that come not up
[05927] `alah
to keep
[02287] chagag
the feast
[02282] chag
of tabernacles.
[05521] cukkah

The imperative to maintain this holy
convocation is reiterated with great
admonition. Again, the world is
more broadly symbolized by the
Israeli nemesis, Egypt.

Egypt plays an important counter-balance
to the joyous celebration of Succoth,
because it's original festivities
re-enacted how the generation of
slaves that were liberated by Moses
lived in tents in the wilderness.
Even so, God was always there to
cover them with a pillar of soothing
cloud through the day, and a pillar
of fire to comfort them at night.

Even the Holy Spirit came down to
fill the priest's sacred tents when
their religious dedications were
performed. Even God dwelt in a
tent with them.

There are further symbolic reasons
why palm branches, citrine fruit
and the other firstfruits were used
in the feast days. Christ is called
"The Branch" and the Tree of Life
is used as a metaphor for eternal

chatta'ah- the word for punishment
is related to "sin offering."

Most Christians assume they will be
citizens of Jerusalem, but, that may
not be the case if they don't come to
truth and stop teaching and participating
in lies. They may be kept from destruction,
and their souls may be redeemed,
but, Jerusalem is a royal city, and
reserved for Christ's bloodline in Judah,
meaning those who are sanctified through
His blood. Who will make the cut is His
call. I just pray constantly that I can
be faithful to the end and have a chance
to share in the joy of being in His Presence.

Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus,
I pray that all who hunger and thirst
for your righteousness, will receive
your Spirit and light. It is so hard
to separate from the ways of the world
and still live in it. We are almost all
corrupted in some way, and yet, you
are merciful and have promised to
never give up on us.

Tonight, I ask that every false pastor,
who misleads their congregations,
are made known by their deeds.
Just as Obama's wicked and evil pastor
was revealed to be the mouthpiece
for the hateful racist Nation of Islam
and black separatist agenda, antichrist
shill that he has always been, I pray
that other false pastors do not lead
their congregations to Hell, without
their sins being broadcast before
their falls. People are beguiled by
false prophets.

I pray that you enlighten the wicked
political pulpit pastors, who use the
Name of Christ as a tax hedge, and
opportunity to pimp their government
agenda, leading to the Antichrist, like
Obama's BLATANTLY (almost comically)
evil and satanic minister of doom.
Let none of them prosper. Let their
congregations repent.

I pray that the candidate with the
Islamic name is brought low, if it
your will, otherwise, that those with
your light, can start counting down
the days to your arrival.

Father, I feel certain that the man of
sin is here right now on Earth, and I
know he must take his place in the
helm of this wobbly world. I ask that
those who put their trust in you will
never be fooled or accept his mark.

I ask that your sheep hear your voice
calling, and that you will soon call
us out of here, to wait out the fierce
indignation, in your refuge above,
as you have indicated in Scripture.
You have said that we would not
suffer the fate of the radiation
that scorches the planet and poisons
the infidels with the mark.

Thank you for the hope in deliverance
and salvation, but, most of all thank
you for giving us a means to escape
and transcend this wicked and cruel
land of Egypt. Let the Pharoah begin
and we'll see how successful he'll be after
3.5 years....

I can't wait until 2012, and if the
foul dumbo-eared infidel fork-tongued
smoothe-talking lying creep
gets the Presidency, then I know it
will be him who starts the clock.....

...but, LORD............. every particle
of my being asks for you to
prevent that horrible lying man
from getting the nomination and
the Presidency. But, let it be THY
WILL, not mine. Like Christ, who
wanted the cup to pass, I want for
Obama to go away, but, if needs
be, I will await your great signs
and wonders, and the exodus
which awaits us in 4 years.

The wicked will not prosper.
Like Hitler was brought low,
so will the one who will make
Hitler look like Abraham Lincoln.

I know this may seem like a strange
prayer, but, you know my heart,
and you know it's a strange world
I live in. Help me accept the things
which annoy and vex me. I think
I'm getting an ulcer.

In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

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