Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Right now, Obama is within 1 mile of where I
type this. In fact, I can see the stadium where
he's speaking from my patio. John and I saw
Paul McCartney play there.

All this synchronicity. I guess that's why I
was affected by Obama-mania. His charisma
is palpable, and he's breathing the same
air as me right now. I just had no idea he
was walking distance from my place!

Why I Will Be Proud Of President Obama

It's a strange position to be in to be staunchly
against a candidate for legitimate reasons, yet,
at the same time, anxious to support his presidency.

After eight years of my President being lambasted
and used to propagandize the most radical groups
in the planet, with the media squarely against
our President, our troops and any conservative
agenda, this country is a wasteland of alienated
and angry citizens.

I feel Bush made mistakes, but, in no way was
he ever a retard, evil, or an agent of the devil.
Far from it. I have extended family who are
very close to him, and have known of too many
incidents of kindness, generosity and spirituality
to condemn him.

Dubya has a strong faith, a stronger conviction in
himself, and doesn't care about popular opinion,
but, that doesn't mean he's the evil tyrant the
media and our enemies have depicted.

I disagree with the war in Iraq, but, I shudder
to think of what will happen if America starts
to shrink back from retaliating against terror
and the fierce monsters who control much of
the Third World, and who are jealous of our

That being said, it's time for a change.

Even though I truly believe McCain and Palin
are more fit for the task of leadership, if
they win, this country will continue to fester
wounds and be demoralized by the far left
who control our media and drench us in
anti-American propaganda.

President Obama will represent a new day
in America, and even a new dawn of American
pride. He has the glamor of Kennedy and
vision of Camelot. This may be as important
for our country as a sound diplomatic leader.

If he leans left, I still think he wants to
be someone who represents all people in
the country and he will try harder, as hard
as any leader in history. He will not pander
to the left, cognizant of how that will
deteriorate and polarize our nation.

He has a professed faith in Jesus Christ,
and I pray he has the conviction to
maintain his faith, with it increasing
if he attains a position where the world's
fate is in his hands. I pray that he doesn't
make one decision without spending
time on his knees seeking counsel from
the Lord.

Al Qaida and our enemies do not want
Obama to win. He takes away their thunder,
and removes their biggest propaganda
against our nation. They want a hawkish
lily white WASP to demonize and raise
on their flagpoles as an object of hatred.

With an African-American leader, we can
no longer be classified as a racist society.
While there will always be racism, xenophobia
and ethnocentricity in our nature, a strong
black leader will do wonders in erasing the
divisions between black and white, brown
and yellow. He will stand for a nation where
anyone from any background can obtain
the best educational opportunities,
overcome their humble circumstances
and rise to their full potential.

He is young, handsome, virile and
charismatic. He will put a new face on
our national image worldwide. Since
2/3rds of the world perceives our country
as racist, his leadership will dispel this

He has a desire to change this country
for the best. One of our greatest struggles
in a capitalistic country is the greed and
corruption of the upper classes, and he
has vowed to abrogate their privilege to
rob the poor to get riches for themselves.
If this is Marxist, then it is a positive
pendulum swing to the middle from the
far right. Marx wasn't all evil. It was
the application of Marxism which made
it a nightmare, not the actual philosophies.

While it would be unfortunate to create
more of a "nanny state" than we already
have, there's no indication that it will
get any worse. It's already that way.
Maybe by redistributing the wealth,
many ills will be resolved.

We have to be mature and respect the
will of the people, and destiny of God
in choosing who will be our leader.
If he forbids worshiping God, then we
are told to abandon him, but, otherwise,
we are exhorted to pray for, and follow
good leaders.

It has been a disgrace the way many
people have besmirched the presidency
for eight years. That doesn't mean that
we should continue to be bitter, or not
give a new administration the chance
to unify the country for good.

I pray for Obama, and will continue to
pray for him to put God first, and then
to rule with dignity, honor and honesty.
I will support him as my President, and
take pride I live in a nation which has
the choices we have, and for all we are
blessed to receive as Americans.

I still believe the United States is the
greatest nation under God, and the greatest
country since the world began. I pray that
God gives us an honorable and caring
leader, and that this new day of Obama
will renew our hope in the land of the

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Zinovy Peshkov

My brother depends on me to research the
ancestors. In every family, it seems
that someone is selected for this purpose.
For me, it's made easier because my mother's
family has some of their history in the history
of the 20th Century.

This information is rapidly updated as
translations from old Russian archives
are added to the Internet databases.

I read tonight that Solzhenitsn
considered my grandfather one of
the 50 worst mass murderers in Russia.
That was depressing. But, that's just his opinion.
He was quite an Anti-semite.

I know he wasn't a saint, but, "mass murderer"
seems harsh.

To balance this depressing tidbit, I found a great
translated French site which features
his brother, the French general. He
was more palatable, considered a hero.

This article was translated, so it's clumsy, and
hard to read with fluidity, but, it has some very
cool information on my mom's family, and

It relates to how unusual this family of eight
children were, some remaining in the Soviet Union,
in high places, while others went to the West.
Those like my grandfather went to England and
then the USA for subversive assignments,
and then became Westernized.

This French uncle was a four star general
close aid to DeGaulle, during the Cold War,
in an ironically similar way that his communist
brother Yakov was the right hand to
Lenin during the early days of the USSR.

Zinovi Alekseyevich Pechkoff

(Russian: ЗиновийАлексеевичПешков, English:
Zinovy Pechkov),
born with Nijni-Novgorod the October 16th 1884
and died in Paris the November 27th 1966, is a
Général and Diplomate French of Russian origin.

Protected from Gorki

Born under the name of Yeshua Zolomon Movshevich
(name Russianized : Zinovy Mikhailovich
, ЗиновийМихайловичСвердлов), the future
Zinovi Pechkoff is born within an Jewish family of
Nijni-Novgorod. His father Mikhaïl Moïsevitz (1846?
- 1921, in Hebrew, Moshe Ben Yisra' eil ) is an
ironmonger and copper plate engraver itinerant
relatively prosperous, itself originating in the area
of Białystok, in Poland, with the borders of the borders
Belorusse and Lithuanian. His/her mother, Elisabeth
Solomonovna (1864 - 1900), is related to the
commercial families of a city which experiences since
the beginning of the 19th century a vigorous economic

The generation of Zinovi is emblematic destiny
of the Jewish families located in contact with the
central empires to the hinge of the XIX° and XX°
centuries. Indeed, of the eight known children of
Mikhaïl and Elisabeth, a part will be established in
Soviet Russia -sometimes by adopting the new
mode - while the remainder, having made
the choice of the emigration, will make stock,
after a passage in Western Europe, in the United
States. Thus, Sarah, the older sister, born with
Polotsk close to Vitebsk in Bielorussia
in 1876, emigrates in New York since 1913.
She dies there in 1947. The Zinovi, oldest
of the boys, born in 1884, is followed by Iakov,
future collaborator of Lénine.
Lenin, Sverdlov, and Trotsky
After these two brothers with the singular
and opposed destiny, several boys and girls come
who will separate in their turn by the policy and
the emigration.

Zinovy and Gorky

Not very inclined to follow studies, loan as of its
adolescence with all the adventures, the Zinovi
young person trails in the streets of Nijni-Novgorod,
with the edges of legality, attending hooligans then
many at the edge of the the Volga. In 1896, safety
comes from its meeting with a character who undoubtedly
had bonds with the Sverdlov family without the true
nature of these relations being known.

Originating in the area where it is assigned with
residence (Nijni-Novgorod, its birthplace, is with
100 kilometers in the north of Arzamas where it
is exiled), Maxime Gorki - which is then 28 years old
- takes under his protection the Zinovi young person
of which it undoubtedly sees a kind of double of his
personality and a shifted reflection of his own
course. Their ways any more will not separate.

Sverdlov adopts the idealism and the faith in the
social progress of his/her friend, which division
resolutely the existence of humble, respected
and celebrated matter of its work. Gorki organizes
meetings, promotes its ideas a little everywhere in
Russia with a not very common energy. Left secretary,
odd-job man”, Zinovi gives a support to him as
enthusiastic as effective. It shares the arrests,
the imprisonments issued by a all the more hostile
mode as Gorki is then at the beginning of an immense
success in and out of Russia, success which is based
on a radical criticism of the Autocratie. Under the cane
of his mentor, the young man, perhaps on the council
of Stanislavski, tests himself in Moscow with the
Théâtre, with the writing. It collects also the female
conquests, opens in the world.Gorky and Zinovy (in the middle)

The year 1902 is a date hinge in the cross lives
of Gorki and Sverdlov. It marks, with the presentation
on the scene of the Théâtre of Moscow of the “Hollows” ,
the first triumph of the writer. To the same moment,
its election with the Academy of literature - cancelled
by Nicolas II - important public event, is added to
another the more private, the adoption with Arzamas,
under the orthodoxe rite, of the Zinovi young person.
To circumvent the law which limits displacements and
the establishments of the Juif S in the empire but
also to mark its bond with the writer, Zinovy Sverdlov
is made baptize on September 30th, 1902 in the church
of the city. It changes officially name, adopting the true
patronym of Gorki, Pechkoff, this one being its official

Wanting to avoid enrôlement in the armies of the
Tsar at the time of the War Russo-Japanese war
in 1904, Zinovi Pechkoff leaves abroad. After the
Finland, the England, the Sweden, it ends up being
established with the Canada where it exerts many
small trades. Few details are known among this
wandering life if not those which the letters addressed
to Gorki make it possible to know. The revolution of
1905 and its sudden starts push the writer with the

In April 1906, Zinovi finds his/her friend
on the quay of New York, first step of a round
where crowd has a presentiment of itself to
listen to its conferences. Unfortunately, the American
opinion initially charmed by the capacities oratories
of Gorki, to which the intermediary of Pechkoff give
a picturesque relief, is quickly turned over when she
learns, undoubtedly informed by the police force tsarist,
that the writer travels not with his wife but with his
mistress, Maria Andreeva. Persona non grata , it
is necessary for Gorki, which is expelled of its hotel,
to find a foot with ground improvised in New

Zinovy and Gorky with Mark Twain... Zinovy is on the
first row to the left.

As of October, it leaves the United States for Italy,
leaving Zinovi on the spot.

After one year of wandering through the Pacific,
of San Francisco and the New Zealand, Pechkoff
joined his/her adoptive father in Italy in May 1907.
This time is that of " the School of Capri"
particularly formative for him because is had
a presentiment of with the Blaesus villa of many
intellectuals and artists (Chaliapine, for
example, already met in Russia) but
also all the revolutionists Bolchéviques then
exiled - Lénine, Bogdanov, Lounatcharsky,
Bazarov etc -liberally received by the writer
who assumes all the expenses of these stays in
which theory and political action join daily for the
greatest danger of the empire starist.

Zinovi, more than ever secretary of Gorki,
organizes this collective life, takes care of the
details, benefits also fully from the exceptional
meetings of which he is the witness. It côtoie
Lénine which he appreciates little and of which
he will state later that its relations with Gorki
were complicated by often divergent opinions.

It is at that time, there still without one knowing
the exact details of them, that it meets the girl of
a colonel cossack with whom it Marie rather quickly.

He emigrates with her in the United States where he
pains to be made a situation. A little later separation is
consumed. Of this short connection, Pechkoff then had
a girl, Elisabeth, whose destiny remains badly known.

It turns over in 1913 to Capri where it takes again its
activities at Gorki, which a little later benefitting from
the amnesty offered by the Romanov to the guilty
writers of offense of opinion, returns to Russia. The
world war surprises Zinovi in Italy in August 1914.
As in 1905, it does not want any to serve the tsar.
Without one being able to know the major reasons of
them - it did not have particular bonds with France
during its exile out of the Empire, having rather
resided on the other side of the Atlantic and in
Italy - it goes to the consulate of France
to Genoa to engage in the Foreign legion. Guided
towards the station of recruitment of Nice, it is
built-in on August 31st, 1914 (the war is declared
since the 3) with the Bataillon of walk of the 1
{{er}} Étranger.

The hero of the Foreign legion

Two months are enough to equip and train the
volunteers at this beginning of conflict. Pechkoff
which was distinguished - it knows in addition
to Russian, French, English, Italian and German,
which can be useful in a troop where men of the
whole world gather - is named 1st class on October
21st, 1914. In early November, it leaves for the
Champagne face. Named corporal on April 1st, 1915,
Zinovi takes the command of a section. A few days
later, in May 1915, at the time of the combat carried
out by its division in front of Arras, it is seriously
wounded. At the time of an attack, a ball crashes
to pieces the arm to him as soon as it leaves distinct
to the head its soldiers.

Looked after close to the face, it must with its energy
find its safety backwards. Succeeding in borrowing a
train, it finds with the American hospital of Neuilly
where the amputation saves it, in extremis , of death.

Decorated, the Pechkoff corporal then is reformed
then pensioned. He sets out again then for the Italy.
Introduced into the high society where it makes
wonder, it presents conferences on the horrors of
the war, conferences probably inspired of
the meetings organized with Gorki a few years
earlier and which have a great public success.

It finds then Paris, where it meets Philippe Berthelot,
celebrates it general secretary of the Quay of Orsay,
which seizes what this barded young person mutilated
of decorations can bring in terms of propaganda near
the neutral countries, initially with the United
States, area that the Pechkoff corporal knows well.

Convinced of the interest of this strategy, the Foreign
Minister, Briand send Zinovi near the ambassador
of France, Jusserand, with the rank of " lieutenant
interprets temporarily for the duration of his mission"
At the end of nine months, Pechkoff which, as of June
1916, signed a new engagement, “for the duration of
the war”
(but without belonging to the Foreign legion)
returns to Paris misson accomplished. In fact, in April
1917, president Wilson makes vote the declaration
of war by the Senate. The United States joins the
allies in the conflict.

At this moment, the diplomatic attention goes on
the continent of Europe. Appointed captain, Pechkoff
attends the events which plunge Russia in the revolution.
In May, the government sends a mission near the
Provisional government. It is then requested to
a ccompany it, the objective being for France to
convince the new Russian capacity to continue the
war against the German Empire. This return to the
sources is for Zinovi the occasion to join again with its
native land and its family.

By his brother Iakov it has contacts with the Bolsheviks
but does not share in any manner their point of view.
There also probably see his Vienamine brother
and his sisters remained in Russia, all favorable
to the revolution

Stamp commemorating
Yakov Sverdlov

The contacts with Gorki are cold but this climate
does not call into question it solid friendship
which binds the two men.

The seizure of power by Lénine in October is quickly
followed in December by the armistice of Brest-Litovsk
which puts an end to the war Russo-allemande, which
signs the failure of the French diplomatic mission.
Zinovi returns to Paris but the French government,
conscious of the diplomatic capacities of the Pechkoff
captain, sends it at once to advise the White Armies
on all fronts Civil war which ensanglante then Russia.
It meets thus the Ataman cossacks Semenov starting
from Vladivostok, then the admiral Koltchak in the
to help it to reorganize its army. The defeat of
this last, sends it in February 1920 to the the Caucasus
where it vainly tries to play a part near the general
Wrangel. The final victory of the Red Army over the
White in November obliges Pechkoff to return to

Always related to Russia, Zinovi, general secretary
of an organization " " against the famine" ,
relays the desperate call of Gorki near the press of the
whole world to obtain to international opinion an
food aid for its country. This countryside - and the
stay which the writer then begins in Germany
where it makes look after - bring closer the father and his
adoptive son. At that time still, Pechkoff is a man
with the mode, " lancé" according to the expression
of the time, which is received in the largest houses
in company of the princess Salome Andronikov
that it met in the Caucasus, brought back to Europe
and which shares its life.

In May 1922, Zinovi, which forever ceased preserving
its bonds with the Foreign affairs, is placed at the
disposal of the marshal Lyautey, ordering troops of
Morocco. Once again, all, in this nomination, is
astonishing. Pechkoff, which will be French only
the following year, finds the Foreign legion with
the rank of commander while at the same time it
does not have any formation of command and
any experiment at this station. At all events, it can
take up the challenge. The " " penguin magnifique"
such that call it its soldiers leads its troops to the
combat with valiancy. In June 1925, it is wounded
with the left leg at the time of an attack (combat
of Bab Taza), " by symétrie" has said it by showing
the right sleeve of its useless uniform for ten years.

From this period, Pechkoff alternates periods of
command with diplomatic missions. Its stay with
the embassy of France in the United States of 1926
to 1929 does not prevent it from returning visit in
Gorki to Sorrente, at the time of permissions, before
the final departure of the writer for the USSR. At the
time of several stays intersected with commands in
Morocco, he plays a big role with Raising in particular
while intervening with Shiite groups of Gabal `Amil
(current Lebanon-South).

At that time, it meets his second wife,
Jacqueline Delaunay-Belleville,
widow of a diplomat, but this marriage, like
the precedent, will be quickly dissolves. The day
before the world war, the major Pechkoff
orders a unit in Morocco, chief full with plume
and strength whose celebrity is worth to him côtoyer
regularly of many personalities, society peoples or
journalists. It is in this position of North Africa,
ordering 3rd battalion of the 2 {{E}}
Foreign Régiment, which he learns
collapse from the French troops vis-a-vis the
Wehrmacht, in May 1940.

The diplomat gaullist

After having heard the Call of June 18th of the
General de Gaulle then taken refuge with London,
it decides to join it. Its project succeeds but its
first contacts with the chief of the Free France
are difficult. However, at the end of 1941, De Gaulle
promotes it with the rank of colonel (it will have
remained nearly 20 years major) and on mission
in South Africa where it sends it organizes the
transport of armament bound for the allied troops,
while keeping an eye on Madagascar
near. As often, Pechkoff succeeds in establishing
relationships of trust with the chief of the armies
in the area, the general Smuts. The British
occupation of the large island precipitates the
events. Not very interested per a critical
intervention and polemic near the to be sent
in AOF from where he organizes with
brilliance the rallying of the colonies in
Free France.

Promoted General of brigade in April 1944,
Pechkoff is sent at once as delegated French
committee of national release in République
of China near Tchang Kaï-chek which has just
broken with Vichy. Arrived at Chongqing,
new capital of the country because of Japanese
occupation, Zinovi must manage the presence
of another French mission emanating from the
general Giraud, competition which it can with
flexibility marginalize. Ambassador in November
1944, his presence, once more, gives the
opportunity to him to show his capacity to be
made appreciate leaders of any origines which
is had a presentiment of many in China in full

After this Chinese period, Pechkoff is named in
1946 ambassador of France in Japan. It cotoie
the general Mac Arthur which it admires while
in return the hero of Guadalcanal cannot hide
the interest which it tests towards this officer
who imposes some to him by his atypism.

Anxious to spare overcome, the diplomat
endeavors to create bonds of confidence
with the Japanese government, which it
succeeds in little by little obtaining with
the length of his mandate. In 1950, the
Pechkoff general is put at the retirement.

He leaves Japan for a final return to Paris.
Two years later, the government the Large
fact Cross of the Legion of Honor,
distinction which touches with deepest
of itself the young hooligan of

The return to the business of the General de Gaulle
in May 1958 charms the Pechkoff General who
always appreciated the chief of Free France.
In return, the Head of the State does not forget
his faithful allied difficult time. He charges it with
various diplomatic missions before sending it in
1964 near Tchang Kaï-chek. rance having decided
to support China Populaire - i.e. to recognize it
diplomatically - the advertisement of this reversal
must be done with the most possible respect for
the old taken refuge marshal with Taiwan.

The choice of Zinovi is a cross homage paid to these
two soldiers with the exceptional destiny.

Last pictures of Zinovy in 1966.

Zinovi Pechkoff dies in Paris in November 1966.
Its ashes rest with the Russian cemetery of
Holy-Genevieve-of-Wood. Its tomb carries the
following inscription: " Zinovi Pechkoff Légionnaire" .

Saturday night

Just to catch up on things... I've been working
on my jewelry line. It's gorgeous!!! As soon as
it's complete, I'll post it. In fact, I'm going to
do a jewelry design blog to accompany launching

I have been researching and getting my battle
plan for marketing, which I don't think will
be difficult. I live in such a glamorous city
where this kind of line will probably be
easy to sell, particularly since my line
is all under 100 bucks, even with some
high end gems. How does she do it, you
ask? I hate to admit that I get my stuff
from the Third World. What choice do
I have? I can't compete otherwise.

My Ft. Lauderdale line is a dream. It
consists of high end beach fantasy
pieces. I've also incorporated recycled
beach glass and other recycled charms
and beads. I have collected some
dreamy vintage beads and charms,
and scavenged countless discarded
and broken old necklaces and bracelets
for their parts.

It's been wonderful that John is back
in my life, even though it's frustrating,
at the same time because we're back
at the beginning, where he's 1000
miles away. I just pray for a way to
get back together, because I really
love him, and miss him more than
I can express. I realize that I'll never
meet anyone more perfect for me
and who I believe is my true soul

That point keeps being confirmed
and reconfirmed. I think about him
all the time, and vacillate between
joy at thinking of us having a life
together, at last, and fear of him
disappearing into the dusk, or
finding another girl to love, unable
to wait or fathom how we can
reunite for good.

He promises to come down to Ft.
Lauderdale in January, and at least
that's something to really look forward
to. I cannot wait! It's made me care
about my diet, my hair, my nails
and I even got my broken veneer
fixed. Before, I didn't care. I didn't
want to meet anyone, let alone have
anyone find me attractive. Why bother?
Jesus loves me just the way I am,

He's such a phenomenal person, and
so interesting. Most men are very
material, and few can engage in
conversations about film, poetry,
Jesus and God, Shakespeare, the Beatles,
Robert Plant and Allison Kraus....
You know, the things that really
matter. Most of all, he's got such
a tender heart. He has empathy
for people, and compassion. He's
known tremendous suffering, and
instead of becoming bitter from
it, he's emerged out on the other end,
as a pearl.

He's probably a much better person
than I am. He told me that I should
date and find someone to love.
But, he seemed happy when I said
I had no intention of doing that.
However, I do not want him to find
anyone else. I guess I don't think
about how lonely he is, and have
the grace to want his happiness
over my own selfish end.

I haven't been physically well, though.
I finally made that appointment with
the neurosurgery guy and we'll see
what needs to be done to alleviate
my problems. I've been so reluctant
to commit to surgery, but, I know that
I need to accept that, and schedule it
for next year, (after John comes down)
otherwise, I'll just get worse. I don't
want the surgery/surgeries before
January, in case I won't be up and
around when he is coming to visit.
That's more important. LOL.

I wanted to take him on a cruise to
the Bahamas, but, I forget that Ft.
Lauderdale and our beaches are just
as nice. When he lived here, he rented
a shabby flat on Ocean Avenue A1-A,
where we spent some of the happiest days
of our relationship.

We'd walk hand in hand along the beach,
and the surrounding neighborhood of
astounding mansions. There's
nothing more romantic in the world
than to be graced with the beauty
of the setting sun's colors and the
Caribbean ocean, and then the night
sky's reflection of lights on the black
ocean. The way the sea breeze feels...
the soft cool sand under our bare feet were
sensual and made me feel super

I don't even go to the beach anymore.
I live in a place with seven swimming
pools and spas. The beach seems too
far away with too many memories
to go there all alone. It would make
me so melancholy.

But, isn't it like that with most people
who live in tourist cities? We take
our natural resources for granted.
It takes guests to remind us of why
we live here.

The election is less than two weeks
away, and we're getting bombarded
with Barak volunteers. Dad and I
are always agreeable with them.
The truth is that McCain is pretty
uninspiring, anyway. When someone
comes to the door, or calls up and
asks if we're voting for Obama,
we say, "Who else?" It's worth it
to see their smile, and he'll probably

I pray for Obama, and pray for God to
lift him up. While my worst fears are
that he is part and parcel of the beast,
who am I to know? He could revitalize
the country's spirit, which is pretty low.
I do hate the bias of the media, though,
and the despicable voting scandals like
with ACORN, and the way they are
trying to secure the election with
bullying and dishonesty.

However, when I see and hear the
enthusiasm in his campaign volunteers,
I have to respect their dedication, and
their dream. In a way, it would be
tragic to burst so many people's hopes
and longing that would be validated
if Obama won. They would take it
as a token of their own worth, and
give young people hope in their future,
instead of the cynicism that has taken
away all national pride.

It's funny though, how our enemies in
the Taliban and Al Qaida actually would
prefer McCain winning, because he fits
in with their Jihad propaganda. If Obama
wins, he takes away their greatest thunder,
and they can continue to chip away with
their propaganda and lies against

Other than that, in the News, I was so
sad to hear about Jennifer Hudson's
mom and brother being murdered. She
is a sister in Christ, and I pray that God
lifts her, and comforts her. It's during
these kind of trials, when Christians
gain stability that eludes non-believers.
We are blessed in recognizing how
hope transcends this life. I pray that
Jennifer is able to grasp this as she
struggles with her loss.

Nothing great happening in the Casey
Anthony case. What really bothers me
is that the defense team has secured
Larry Kobilinsky, a criminologist who
I used to respect. He has turned 180
into an insufferable hypocrite, actually
striking down the science he was supposedly
dedicated to. It is always a huge disappointment
when people of character lose their way
due to money. He sucks.

Phil Spector is going on trial again. I
am committed to pray that this time
the little psychopath will be found guilty.
It's very depressing how LA juries are
star-struck, even though he can hardly
be called a star anymore. He's more
like a meteroite, burning out as he
falls to Earth.

Please Father God, in Jesus' Name, may
you bring Lana Clarkson's family justice.

Please Lord, provide justice for Caylee
Anthony. Give Tim Miller and Equasearch
the wisdom to look for her in the right
places, and even though Casey is downright
diabolical, leaving little remains of her
own flesh and blood, let their be some
proof of Caylee's flesh, and her little
life cut short by an evil fiendish mother.

I pray for God's Will to be ordained in
the selection and election of our President.
I ask that evil deeds will not go unnoticed,
and for election fraud, on either side, be
repudiated and prosecuted.

I thank the Lord for all the blessings in my
life, for John's affection and friendship, and
for the health and stability of my family (as
much as can be expected.) I thank God for
everything He has blessed me with, and
the joy in my life. Even when I'm depressed,
I have joy in knowing Jesus Christ.

Thank God for Jesus Christ, and the HOPE
and love, the friendship and comfort the
Beloved. May our bands be strong. May
Christ come soon! May He be worshipped
and praised forever, world without end.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Leeann created the most magnificent line
I've seen on the runway. I love water, and
that's my own personal design aesthetic,
in fact, I have my own water inspired jewelry
line in production. Leeann's clothing reminds
me very much of my dad's style of design.
He had the most amazing roushed feminine

Korto was my personal favorite as a person, and
designer. She was incredible, as well, but, I wasn't
thrilled with some of her dresses. I do love her
jewelry accessories. She is awesomely talented.
Also, I adore her. She kept her love of Christ right
in front, and I thank her for that. She made being
a sister a cool thing, and her light shines brightly.

Kenly actually made a cute line, except for the
Alexander McQueen-ish swan dress, which I
hated. She had a young and vibrant line, though,
although it wasn't anything as original as Korto
and Leeanimal.

I'm just so thrilled for Leeann. I can't believe how
much I take this show to heart. LOL. It was great
though how they eliminated Kenly first, simply
by telling her, "You're OUT!" She pouted, cursed
and of course vigorously disagreed with their taste.

I hope I never have to listen to her whiny nasal
obnoxious voice ever again. She is everything I
hate in other women... but, she does have talent.

Thank you Lord for Leeann's win. I pray that you
bless Korto with endless opportunities, as many
doors opening up for her as Leeann. She is a
spectacular woman, and inspired me in every

I loved that Tim Gunn wound up one of the
judges, because Jennifer Lopez said she
sprained her foot. (How did that keep her
from sitting and judging a fashion show?)

Kenly who has been miserably snarky and
disrespectful to him pondered this and said,
"Maybe I should have been nicer to Tim...."
Knowing how wonderful Tim Gunn is, I'm
sure her past behavior didn't mean a fig.

They chose the right designer. I wish Leeann
all the success she deserves, with Korto
being proud of the superb line she also did.

They are both winners. I'm so thrilled Kenly
came in third.


Dreams, Crime and Fashion

I keep falling asleep, having a vivid dream
and then waking up, wide, wide awake. Now,
I'm up for the day.

I have been dreaming about that murdered
little girl for two straight days. It's true that
she is on my mind, but, still, the dreams are

John is one of the finest examples of lucid
dreamers I've ever known. He had this dream
about George Harrison dying, a year before
he passed away. In it, he thought John Lennon
told him the date, and he posted this dream
and George's date of death on the Beatle
Newsgroup RMB. This totally angered the
regulars, who always accused him of being
a troll, which he enjoyed. To push the point,
every few weeks, he'd remind them that
George would die on the date he dreamed.

Finally, the date arrived, and George was not
dead, but, two days later he was. Some of the
posters chided him on getting the date wrong,
even though, it was still amazing that he got
it more right than wrong. Then, it was disclosed
that George actually had died on that date,
but, his family kept it a secret, in order to
have privacy. In fact, they are alledged to
have falsified his death certificate. The point

I don't know if these dreams are prescient, or
if it has to do with psychic tendencies. John
told me years ago that Obama would be our
next president, during the time when no one
knew how to pronounce his name, and the
idea of having a half-black President with
an Arabic name was ludicrous! I thought he
was pulling my chain at the time, but, he
was serious. Obama was just elected to
the Senate, and John said, "That's our
next President."

Back to Caylee, and the dreams I've been
having, this dream cycle occurred during
the Laci Peterson case. I used to dream
about her about once a week.

These murder cases have always drawn me
in. I'm not alone. There are millions of others
who follow them. I think it started with OJ.

By the way, it's Divine PROVIDENCE to the
10th degree how OJ was convicted 13 years
to the day of his disgraceful acquittal, and
how it took the jury 13 hours of a 13 day
trial.... considering how unlucky 13 is in
a city like Las Vegas, where numbers are
not superstition, but, like weather reports.

I followed several cases with zeal. There
was Rabbi Fred Neulander, convicted of
murdering his wife Carol in Cherry Hill
NJ. In his case, I had a personal interest.
He was my cousins' rabbi and performed
her bat mitzvah. I had an unpleasant
exchange with him during a service.

I always hated when the rabbi and
cantor come around with the Torah
and people bow and kiss it. That's
because IN THE TORAH, it says not
to bow down to idols. So, when he
came to me, I backed away and he
shoved it at me. His look was so
poisonous that it chilled my blood.
Imagine my shock when a few years
later I found myself amazed by seeing
him tried for murder!

I followed the Phil Spector case, which
is scheduled to go back to trial soon.
I am started to pray for an outcome
that will bring justice, at last, to Lana
Clarkson's family. In fact, I can do it
right now:

Father, in Jesus' Name, I ask that
justice be served in finding Lana's
murderer culpable in his retrial. He
was able to find a million dollar dream
team willing to lie for him to find a
few weak-minded jurors who hung
the jury, but, I ask the LORD that
these new jurors will have clarity,
honesty, integrity and compassion
for a beauty who had her life cut
off in the prime of life, and then
to be blamed for committing suicide.

It's one of the biggest injustices since
the OJ original trial, but, time has
taken care of OJ, and I ask God that
Lana's murder will finally fall on the
head of the psychopathic fiend who
callously pulled a trigger inside her
mouth, then, blamed her for her own

I followed the case of Melanie McGuire,
the psychopathicly cunning nurse who
not only killed her husband, to be with
another man, but, then cut up his body,
threw him in the CHesapeake Bay,
concocting a story how his gambling
debts had engendered the wrath of
mobsters. Why do they feel it's
justified to not only kill the bodies
of their victims, but, finish the job
by besmirching their character?

She was fortunately found guilty
and will spend her life in prison.
I've never seen a woman whose
eyes are so dead that they are like
looking into a dead pool of poisoned

There's something even more compelling
about a gorgeous little 2 year old child
who was disposed of by their sociopathic
mothers. Children are so completely
helpless and vulnerable, that Caylee
haunts my sleep and has become part
of my soul at this time. I think she will
remain there for quite a while.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Precious darling, may your eyes be upon our
Savior. I long to know that you are in a place
of unequaled beauty to this cruel world, and
that you are embraced and truly loved. I know
that you have entered millions of people's
hearts who have fallen in love with you.

Lord, please provide justice here on Earth,
and then beyond, for this child, whose life
was stolen from her by a monster with
only her only love being for herself. I ask
that there are no loopholes wide enough
for the so-called defense advocates and
hired guns to slip through, and that any
jury that is called will be haunted by those
big beautiful eyes, seeing a child that
had a right to life.

OK, enough about crime.

I have other interests today. It is the
final show of Project Runway, which
used to be my favorite show. This year
is very disappointing because it's obvious
that the whole season has been scripted
to accommodate a very temperamental
and bratty designer. She provided the
drama element, and she's a very
beautiful 20something, but, everything
from her voice, to her horrendous
attitude is odious.

Anyone who watches the show knows
I'm speaking of Kenley Collins, who
actually was from Pompano Beach,
near me. I was actually a big
fan in the beginning. She has got
an interesting personal style, using
classic retro looks from the 40s and
50s. She looks exactly like Betty
Page, the pinup icon from that era,
and her early creations on the show
were neat.

However, after a few initial episodes,
her true colors started to emerge.
Everything from her incessant laughter
and giggling to her nasal and whiny
voice started to become headache
inducing. Then her clothing designs
became really silly, and even outright
hideous. Yet, she's alluded being

I adore Tim Gunn, the style guru, and
she has been tremendously disrespectful
towards his sensible suggestions. He's
there to mentor the designers, and
if I were one of them, I'd cherish every
word he had to say. Not Kenley.

She seems to symbolize a breed of
20somethings who have utter contempt
for older people, treating them as if
they are obsolete and insignificant.
She treats everyone poorly, though.

Actually, it seems fairly obvious that
she's bi-polar, or suffering from a
clinical personality disorder, whether
it's extreme narcissism, or sociopathy.
She has tons of untapped talent, and
has only designed for a handful of
years, which makes it more impressive
for her to have landed a spot with
far more experienced designers, but,
you'd think she'd particularly appreciate
advice and mentorship.

To make a long story shorter, I really
dislike her so much that it's spoiled this
season. Her voice is like nails on a
chalkboard. She has this toxic laughter
which is constant. She even laughs at
other designers when they are facing
elimination. It's almost like a form
of Tourette's disease. She laughs at
inappropriate times, as well as all
the time. It's a very irritating laughter.
There's a mean-edged laughter that
is like a poison in a room, sucking
the life out of the atmosphere,
and Kenley is the owner of exactly
this kind of laugh.

She was kept on, with horrendously
made and designed clothes, when far more
clever designs were sent home. That means
she survived to be one of the three who
will be the winner tonight.

If for any reason she wins, it will be as
big of an injustice as when OJ walked
free for 13 years. Leeanne and Korto
are light years more runway than she
is, and her collection for Bryant Park
is not stellar. I do give her credit for
getting as far as she did, but, I wonder
if she wasn't as cute as she is, and
controversial, if she wouldn't have
been eliminated weeks ago?

It bugs me because I hate seeing
those with lesser merits squashing
others who live with integrity and
produce far more meaningful work.

Please God, I know it's fatuous of
me to care who wins, but, I pray that
Kenley goes home a loser, not a
winner tonight.

I am invested in this season, since
I've watched every show, but, I no longer
want to watch Project Runway ever
again. It's obvious that it's not real.
I'm so gullible to believe it was.
I really felt that as long as Tim
Gunn, and Michael Kors were part
of it, that it was legit, but, Kenley
has proven it isn't. I just hope they
don't carry it to the extreme and
have her scripted to win tonight,
even though Leeanne's wave-inspired
line is one of the most beautiful
collections I can recall seeing in
my life exposed to high fashion.
It reminds me of some of the things
my dad made in his day, with
magnificent structure and geometric

GO LEEANNE! I also adore Korto,
and really admire her as a person.
I just am crazy about Leeanne's
gorgeous wave-collection.

Well, that's about it. It's 6 am,
and I can shower and be out
in time for the sun to rise.
I'm still tired, though. All in all,
I didn't get more than 2 hours
sleep last night.

Tim Miller of Equusearch and the Caylee Anthony Search

Tim Miller

Tim Miller was the founder of Texas Equusearch,
a search and recovery organization that goes
all over the country in hopes of finding the
remains of missing and murdered people.
They operate on a volunteer basis, and are
funded strictly by donation. It's a very worthy
cause, and I encourage anyone with a few
shekels to spare to consider sending them
a few.

In his face, you can see world weariness,
yet determination. It's a brutally hard task
to set out in places where murdered bodies
could be stashed. This includes risking their
own health by spending days in landfills,
junkyards, swamps and dangerous terrain.

He came to this calling after his own daughter
was murdered. He knows firsthand the agony
of what every family of a missing loved one
goes through.

I am worried about Tim, though. I sense that
his health is not good. He's had heart problems.
He pushes himself relentlessly.

He is a crucial person in the pursuit of justice
for Caylee Anthony, mainly because his team
has phenomenal skill and intuition. They've
already spent over 40 grand pursuing the
location of this murdered and discarded child,
fighting the family! This is very unusual. In
virtually all of the thousands of cases he's
been involved in, the families are beholden
to him, as they should be. Their reverence
towards him is appropriate, as he is a
rare and precious warrior, taking no mind
for himself.

Cindy Anthony, the grandmother of Caylee,
mother of the accused murderess Casey,
has petulantly declared that she is through
speaking with this gentle and determined
man. Can you imagine this?

Although he doesn't condemn her, it shows
on his face, and in his tired voice, how
difficult it is for him to go against a
family's wishes. After all, as a victim
of crime, as the father of a murdered
child himself, he is all about doing this
FOR the families to give them closure,
and provide the police with evidence
for justice.

This is a bizarre case. Even though this
woman Cindy has a fierce need to protect
her damaged daughter, she also adored
her grandchild. I've read her blog entries
where she went through agony while
Caylee was missing, and Casey was not
forthcoming about what was going on.

I cannot fathom why Cindy is being
beligerant and hostile to Tim, inspite of
the obvious inculpatory evidence the
remains of the baby will provide to
condemn her daughter. Any moral person,
even a devoted mother of a suspect,
would want their loved one's remains
retrieved from rotting alone and

All of this seems to have taken a toll on
Tim, and I am worried about him. I saw
him on Nancy Grace yesterday, and he
was slurring his words. I hope he just
had a shot of whiskey, and it wasn't
the precursor to (God-forbid) a stroke,
or nervous collapse.

This wonderful man has suffered in ways
that only other families of murdered victims
can understand. He takes these cases to
heart, and in the past, he has been driven
to the point of putting his health last,
and has wound up suffering.

The last thing I want is for Tim to suffer
any more in his life, so, tonight I have
been praying for him to remain strong,
and for God to renew his health, his
spirit, and his energy.

Father, in Jesus' Name, please send your
angels to minister to this man whose
work is significant in helping to ease
the suffering of those who have lost
their family members to murder or
accidental death. Remove all obstacles
in his path, and let his team accomplish
this important mission in finding any
remaining traces of Caylee. This
child deserves to be found and
buried in a place of honor, not
thrown away by her mother, and
whose grandmother doesn't even
want her found.

I pray that Cindy Anthony has a change
of heart, and that the Lord acts to
clear her head of fuzzy thinking and
confusion. Let her do the righteous
thing and cooperate with this
investigation, for the memory of
that child who she loved. Let her
misguided protection of Casey not
blur her senses, and I pray that
she is no longer in bondage to
emotional blackmail to Casey.

I ask that Caylee be found, as her
beloved grandfather George has asked
us to pray to you for.

Let the prayers of hundreds of people
invested in this heartbreaking case, see
your hand at work, and may you use
Tim Miller in this task to locate the

I pray for the Anthonys to be sustained
by the support of the community, and
for them to come to their senses and
not be so mean-spirited towards the
public who only want to see justice
for a murdered child. Let them come
to understand how Casey murdered
her, and why she did it, and then,
let them be true to the memory of
Caylee, no longer able to speak or
cry out.

Let Cindy honor her granddaughter, whose
soul cries out for justice. Let Lee, the
brother cooperate as well, and be
honest and forthcoming about what
he saw in the trunk. I pray that they
will be as strong as George, and through
this courage, I pray that they find peace.

I ask that they continue to love Casey,
but, not in a lie, especially such an evil
act of utter senselessness and cruelty.
Let them not stain their souls by
misplaced family pride, and let them
support the victim, Caylee, not the
mother Casey, who discarded that
child who interfered with her partying.

Lastly, Father, in Jesus' Name, I
ask that you comfort Tim Miller, and
reward his efforts. I pray that the
community donates to his organization,
which helps so many who are hopeless.
I pray that you bless him for his
work, and make sure he takes care
of his own health. Minister to him,
and blanket him with your love.
Let his soul be at peace.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Casey Anthony Indicted for First Degree Murder

HALLELUYAH!!!! Thank YOU Jesus! The
Grand Jury of 19 took 1.5 hours and
returned with their decision. The evidence
must be powerful because all the prosecutor
had to call were the corpse sniffing dog
handlers, FBI agents and George Anthony.

My heart goes out to George Anthony. As
I wrote last night, I believe he is a decent
man with a conscience. He had a very
poignant statement explaining how
difficult it was to testify against his
own daughter, and asked the public
to pray for Caylee, and his family at
11 AM and 11 PM. Bless his heart.

It's five hours until 11, but, I ask God
to give George peace of mind for doing
the right thing. The News reports state
that he has not returned to the family
home, and I wonder if his strong-willed
wife, Cindy, has essentially locked him
out. While Cindy is not responsible for
the loss of her beloved grandchild, she
has been an accessory after the fact in
enabling Casey to make a mockery of
this investigation. She's tried her
hardest to obfuscate, accuse the people
trying to find Casey, including Tim Miller
of Equasearch, who was told by her
that he was persona non grata.

That last revelation speaks volumes
about Cindy's irrational mindset. Here
is a volunteer organization who have
spent over forty grand to scour the
swamp and badlands looking for that
little baby, and she is infuriated, telling
them that she refuses to cooperate.
You'd think she would shudder to think
of her very loved grandbaby being
eaten by wildlife and bugs, rotting
in a disgusting swamp.

Her obsession with her soulless daughter
is clouding her own moral compass. But,
thanks to George, her husband, a former
cop, maybe Caylee will receive justice.

The BEST news is that Casey Anthony is
now behind bars, this time to stay. I pray
that today was her last day in the free
world. She is beneath contempt and
has forfeited her liberty to live freely
amongst the living. Let her repent behind
bars, while the years of her youth languish
and fade into old age. Let her never escape
the big eyes of the child who was dependent
on her, but, who had her life taken away
because her mother wanted to party and
screw around with a new boyfriend who
didn't want an instant family.

Father, in Jesus' Name, I pray for George,
and ask that you give him consolation and
comfort. Provide him with the support and
counseling he needs to survive this ordeal.
Wire shut his wife's irritating mouth, and
let her not intimidate him. Even if it means
he has to take a stand and leave Cindy,
let him be convicted by YOU to do the
right and honorable thing, in Christ our
Lord, and for the memory of his grandchild,
brutally murdered, and callously disgarded
by a child of his who went astray.

I pray for Casey to have the love and
forgiveness of Jesus Christ as the only
cushion in this situation. Like other
lost and demonic murders before her,
allow her to recognize how far she's
fallen and repent. Let her call on the
Name of the Lord, and I pray you will
then raise her up as a new person.
I ask that she lie no more, and will
not be able to escape the consequences
of what she's done.

I pray for her brother Lee, also caught
up in the deception, and conspiracy
with their mother. I ask that his conscience
is also opened and that he no longer
creates and repeats the lies that shields
his murdering sister. I ask that he no
longer listens to his mother's shrill
warnings to obfuscate and lie to
authorities. I ask that he finally tells
the truth about what he saw in the
trunk of Casey's car.

I pray for Cindy, that her heart will accept
forgiveness, and that she no longer lies
to protect Casey. I ask that her loyalty
to the grandchild who was so adored,
is stronger than her desire to extricate
her terrible daughter from the unspeakable
consequences of planning and executing
a precious 2 year old child.

Father, in Jesus' Name, in your mercy,
surround this family with the spirit of
justice, but, truth. Comfort them to
the extent of dealing with truth, but,
let the lying cease.

I pray that Casey is not able to ever
get out of jail or prison again, and
that the truth will prevail, and justice
will be found for that beautiful child
that was thrown away like a sack
of trash.

Amazing Grace = How sweet.....

It's 3 a.m. but, I woke up from a dream
about little Caylee Anthony.

On Saturday=

I beseeched the Lord to provide the searchers
with grace to find evidence, and to locate her
body...While watching Nancy Grace, they
were discussing how the Equasearch team
found a little girl's dress, one that the
child was actually pictured wearing!
If it's true, it's HUGE! It was found in a
region of triangulation from Casey's cell
phone, near a wooded swampy area
near the airport. It is believed it is where
she buried the child. It was during her
call signalling that she was in this region,
that she told her friend Amy how
the horrifying "dead smell in her car,
(she claimed were from a squished squirrel
on the bottom grill) was gone" ...
She cold-heartedly said: "The smell
is finally gone.. I scraped off the dead squirrel."

Thank you merciful God for allowing
the case to proceed with mounting
circumstantial evidence. Today, the
grand jury meets. I ask that you allow
those enpaneled to have wisdom and
insight into this horrendous homicide.
I pray that Casey is brought to justice.
I pray that George Anthony, her dad,
who seems to have a conscience, to
speak honestly, only thinking of his
grand daughter, without regarding the
tight reign of terror from Casey and
his wife, Cindy.

Thank you Father, in Jesus' Name, for
answering part of this prayer within
such a short time.

I have to thank the Lord for the magnificent
work He's done in John's life! It is an
understatement to say how awed I am
by his full conversion and depth of
character and grace. He has become
so Christ-like. To watch his transformation
is something that has blessed me beyond
all comprehension.

It has been an incredible journey to see
the full sum of my longing and loneliness
burst into a fully blooming plant. All the
countless tears and prayers, even contrition
for loving someone so much, has not been
in vain. Instead, I am overwhelmed with
the mercy of how God revealed His kindness.

To hear John praise Jesus and talk about
the Holy Spirit indwelling him actually makes
me cry. We were both backslidden when we
were together, and apart, we both reunited
with Christ, and then the Lord put us back
in eachother's hearts again.

I had been resigned to finish my sojourn
in celibate devotion to the Lord, grateful
for this great commission, and opportunity
to devote my heart to Him. But, the
Lord is faithful to exceed our own desires.
He states to seek the Kingdom of God,
and he will give us all things!

Mat 6:33
But seek ye first the kingdom
of God, and his righteousness;
and all these things shall be
added unto you.

How can I measure the depth and breadth
of God's mercy and love? If I could understand
the infinite universe, maybe I could then
grasp the heart of God, and how His righteousness
is attainable to all who yearn for it.

Even my broken heart was useful in
magnifying God's beauty. It says in
Pro 13:12
Hope deferred maketh the heart sick:
but [when] the desire cometh, [it is] a tree of life.

It boggles my mind, and frightens me just
a bit, to recognize how God hears, and listens
to our every prayer, and hears each word.

God has never given up on me. My heart
sickness has been like morning sickness,
only to give birth to my one desire

Nothing in this world will last forever,
but, God will never die, nor will His words
and promises fail.

How can He know what's best for us
when we don't even know what to even
ask for?

But, He created us, and the hairs of our head
are numbered, so, accepting this omnipotent
Force as being intimately connected to our
every breath, is both terrifying and comforting
beyond words.

All I know is that I cannot deny the power of
God in my life. Not all prayers are answered
so quickly as the Caylee Anthony request.
In the case of John and me, it took five
years for fruition. Each time a prayer is
answered, it fortifies my faith, and encourages
me to pray without ceasing, understanding
that every thought is channeled to God.

It's hard to filter my bad language, let alone
my every stray thought, but, it is a sobering
reality to recognize how we are never truly
alone. Thanks be to the Lord that He is
as merciful as He is, because, otherwise,
what hope would we have, as human
beings living in a world filled with
distractions, filth and degradation?

John said last night that he wants so
badly to be perfect. I long for this as
well! Like him, I want to do good, to
hug the world, to change someone's
life for the better, to pay it forward
and encourage others. However, there
is not a 24 hour period when there's
not one transgression. Maybe I am
asked a question and shade my
response, or think unkindly about
someone in my path. It doesn't
matter, having cognizance of God
means that we desire perfection.

Everything is backwards, and particularly
in our era, things like porn and violence,
greed and hedonism, are constantly
pumped into our heads by television,
music and movies. This conditioning
and defiling influence certainly
doesn't help our walk.

Paul describes Satan as "The power of the air"
and it is an extraordinary term that has
taken us to new levels of comprehension.
Whereas in the past, the brethren could
only understand this phrase in allegory.

For us, I believe, it is literal, possibly
referring to the airwaves, and the demonic
influences and filth that is transmitted.
Of course, not all television, movies and music
is evil... but, it is a very powerful medium,
and those who control it are very often

Ephesians 2:2 reveals the source of this
medium for our generation:

Eph 2:2
Wherein in time past ye
walked according to the
course of this world, according
to the prince of the power of
the air
, the spirit that now
worketh in the children of

of the power
[1849] exousia
of the air,
[109] aer

Exousia is a term that generally applies
to supreme power, (authority) and is often
used with Christ, whose (exousia) authority
is from God. By contrast, this reference is
the counterpart: the Antichrist.

Eph 2:3
Among whom also we all had
our conversation in times past
in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling
the desires of the flesh and of the
mind; and were by nature the
children of wrath, even as others.

Eph 2:4
But God, who is rich in mercy,
for his great love wherewith
he loved us,

Eph 2:5
Even when we were dead in
sins, hath quickened us together
with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;)

Eph 2:6
And hath raised [us] up together,
and made [us] sit together in
heavenly [places] in Christ Jesus:

Eph 2:7
That in the ages to come he
might shew the exceeding
riches of his grace in [his]
kindness toward us through
Christ Jesus.

Eph 2:8
For by grace are ye saved
through faith; and that not
of yourselves: [it is] the gift
of God:

Eph 2:9
Not of works, lest any man
should boast.

Eph 2:10
For we are his workmanship,
created in Christ Jesus unto
good works, which God hath
before ordained that we
should walk in them.


Thank you Father, in Christ's Name, for your
constant reminders of how true you are,
and for your Name's sake, how you will
not leave us, abandon us, or stop completing
the work in Christ appointed by your mercy
and grace in our lives.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thoughts and Intercessions

It's a drizzling day, slightly gloomy, but,
one of the few authentic Autumn days we
can hope for in the tropical paradise of
South Florida.

Speaking with John this week made me
morose, as he described the perfection of
a Fall day in Illinois. I can smell the acrid
traces of leaves burning and feel the North
Wind's early bite of winter. I used to love
the way leaves burst into colors before
dying. It seemed like the most spectacular
metaphor for life itself.

He spent last Sunday shopping in an antique
fair that we used to love to visit, although,
rarely bought any of the pricey treasures. He
ventured to a coin seller who had a rare
gold coin from Russia, emblazoned with my
great-uncle's image. I chided him for not
buying it for me, but, forgave him when he
told me the man wanted hundreds of dollars
for the tiny coin.

Today I was sad that I haven't been to Russia.
I have money now, enough to get me there
and even to spend a few nights in the Chairman's
original suite of rooms in the Metropol Hotel
in Moscow, about double the suite in the local
Four Seasons.

They say the room is quite haunted.
It is one destination that my brother said we
will do at least once. But, will I ever see
Russia? I want to ride on the Trans-Siberian
train up to the Urals, recreating the family
traces of heritage. In our family's case, I
would be rewarded with countless streets
named for them, and statues of Yakov.

This nostalgia has infected most of my
family, especially the youngest generation.
They've created a market for the trinkets
with his likeness, and there are quite a
large supply. They all collect his pins and
paper weights, along with other posters
and books with his name and story.

I am grateful to be an American, however.
What an ironic twist of fate for my
grandfather to come here to undermine
democracy and capitalism, only to create
a perfect life for the next generations,
in a land that seemed to achieve the
dreams of all societies.

That dream is ending, though. Seeing
Mr. Bush, alongside the G7 summit,
discussing the New World Order, following
the chaos and collapse of the worldwide
economies makes me see the hope of
2012 becoming less of a pipedream, and
more of the perfect destination, planned
all along, like the end stop on a train.

In a few weeks, we'll choose our next
President. I'm registered to vote, and
will do that, but, I don't know if McCain
will win. I console myself with the
knowledge that the Lord chooses our
leaders, and this too is preordained.

Although my worst fears are that the
Democratic candidate who came from
nowhere will be part of the Beast,
or even the Antichrist, I can find some
bright spots. He's articulate and caring.
He will bring back that Camelot patriotism
to this country, and we need it. After
8 miserable years of the far left and
media denigrating the Presidency, and
harming our country, we need someone
who can put on a unified image.

However, even if he's not part of the
Beast, I predict he'll be another Jimmy
Carter, who I consider the worst President
in our country's history. He sold out the
average worker, and made small businesses
obsolete. He was a disaster for my family.
My dad, a registered Democrat, never
voted for another one. When I was old
enough to vote, I registered as a Republican.
I have never voted for a Democrat. I was
hoping for Hillary to be the candidate,
I think because I desired to cast a
Democratic vote for one election!

I won't vote for Obama, but, a part of me
is happy for the black kids, and older people,
who always felt slightly disenfranchised in
America. The other day, a really nice older
black lady knocked on the door to campaign.
She was so sweet, and filled with enthusiasm.
I realized how special Obama was to these
people, and how much of a hope he represented
to both old and young.

If he's elected, it will shut up the miserably
hypocritical far left media, and give them
no more platform to blaspheme and undermine

It's ironic how Rev. Wright, the pastor who
scandalized Obama early in the election,
had the honesty to declare that he didn't
especially long for Obama to win, because,
then he would be part of the establishment,
and it would take away his thunder. How can
those like Wright, Rev. Jackson and Sharpton
rail against a country with a black President?
It will zip them up, and that's a great thing.

I leave it to my Lord to decide who will be
the leader. It is He who governs our
Providence and fate.

My intercessions this week have been for this
matter, and for there to be justice for Caylee
Anthony, the two year old whose mother
seems to have murdered her, and then
covered it up. Without a body, it's hard
to prosecute, so, I pray that her little
body is found. I ask in Jesus Name that
Casey Anthony is brought to justice, and
her child can rest in peace.

Generally, I am at peace. Sometimes I get
downhearted about the situation in the world.
The Russians and socialist nations are certainly
building up to a final crescendo of human
history, but, I recognize it as being the
fulfillment of all prophecy.

I thought about Bill Maher and his blasphemous
movie condemning all religions. I prayed for
him, too. How can any seeing or thinking
person not acknowledge the events in our
day that are matching up with the Prophets?

I thought about those who deny God, or who
are part of a growing minority who see what's
happening, but, have chosen to blacken God's
Name, calling HIM the evil one! While God
is as alien as we can understand, He is
almighty! We cannot challenge Him, or
rebel, or triumph in our own will.

Can an ant bring down an elephant? An
ant can sooner bring down an elephant than
man challenging God Almighty, who dwells
beyond Time/Space, which is why prophecy
is true.

God doesn't need our support. He doesn't
need followers. That's why I am not an
overly zealous evangelist. I look for open
windows and doors, but, when people are
hardened to the Word and God's mercy,
then by preaching to them, you only
quicken their condemnation. It's a tricky
thing. They end up blaspheming the
Holy Spirit, the unpardonable sin.

But, for those who embrace God, the
rewards are not able to be numbered.
It's like we are given a free chance
to go to Harvard, and why should they
justify why we should take it, free of
charge? It's like we are offered a
billion dollars, and why should we
have to be persuaded to accept it?

If a heart is not hungry for God, it
is not going to be persuaded. If someone
achieves success on their own steam,
like Bill Maher (well, in his case, his
family's well-positioned place helped),
and believe they alone are masterful,
so much so that they make a mockery
of those with faith, then, how sad
their end will be. I shudder, truly
am terrified when I see Bill Maher,
and those like him.

We only last up to 100 years here on
the blue marble, but, eternity looms.
I want to put all my soul into investing
in the long term solution, not the
temporal and fleeting days of our
lives on Earth.

I have been praying for Maher, but,
these prayers come back to stick in
my chest. That's why I fear for him.

It may not be the destiny that people
desire to have Christ return, but, that's
not any more our choice than when the
fierce hurricane winds disturb our cities
in their wrath. People may despise those
who still wear their crosses and have
pride in Christ, but, that's a blessing
for us, not a curse.

It's when we are loved by the world
when we are in danger. The world does
not love us, because we are no longer
part of it. We are the aliens by adoption,
clinging to the one who comes from
Heaven, and who will return to retrieve

He is coming. Never lose hope. When
the headlines scream "New World Order",
"CHAOS" and confusion, it's more of a
reason to cling to our ROCK of salvation.

How precious is our faith, and not to
be exchanged for anything material that
the world has to substitute for God.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yowm Kippur=Day Atonement in the Jubile

Lev 25:8And thou shalt number seven sabbaths
of years unto thee, seven times seven
years; and the space of the seven sabbaths
of years shall be unto thee forty and nine

After every 49 years, 7 x 7, a Jubile was ordained.
On the 50th year, no work or sowing, harvesting
or laboring was declared. This was a metaphor
for the Kingdom of Christ. It was also to rest the
land. It was the HOLIEST of Sabbaths (rests.)

In this period, every man went back to their
ancestral land, meaning the division in Israel
where Joshua apportioned the tribes by lot.

For this reason, I believe that may have
been during this important Jubile, when
Joseph was forced to impart on the tremendous
journey with his very pregnant betrothed
Mary. Otherwise, can you imagine how
impractical and impossible it would be
to submit a nine month pregnant
teenager to such a long and dangerous
sojourn? Nazareth was far North, and
Bethlehem was to the extreme South.
The terrain between was mountainous,
desert-like, and very dangerous for
a women in her condition.

However, because they were ORDAINED
and commanded to return to their native
land in the Jubile, as pious people, Joseph
and Mary would depend on God's grace
to protect them during this mandatory
journey home.

It makes sense that this is when Herod
ordered the census, since it would force
all those who immigrated and settled in
other territories to return and be
counted in their own tribal lands.
How else could an accurate census
be accomplished?

In every way, Jesus Christ is our eternal
Atonement. He is our intercessor, and through
His blood, we are granted forgiveness of our
sins by faith and the grace of God.

What better time for the Messiah to be born,
than in this period, not only of great political
turmoil in Israel, but, during the last vestige
of it's traditional Halakah rituals, and the
Jubile of return?

The Jubile literally means "RAM'S HORN"!
It is called "Shofar" in Hebrew.

Common custom is to blow the shofar every
year, but, this was reserved for the Jubile,
or 50th year, the holiest one.

A "Horn" in Hebrew symbology means
many things. First, it denotes strength,
as a ram's horns are it's defense. It can
also represent heritage and ancestry.
In the hermeneutics of Christian
symbology, it represents Jesus Christ,
the "LAMB OF GOD" who is the
fulfillment of all ritual and sacrificial
days and ceremonies.

The sounding of a horn, was the universal
signal of the coming of troops, or beginning
of a battle in the Bible, and in ancient custom.

In the Book of Revelation, the Archangel
sounds the horn, and the action begins.
In the same context, and paradoxically,
the holiest of Sabbaths, the Jubile Day
of Atonement (Yowm Kippur,) which
was by custom the ultimate time of
peace and contemplation, was signaled
by a trump usually associated with

This has great symbology, and the
allegorical alignment with Christ's
return are seen. It also coincides with
my belief that it may have been the
Jubile during this era when Christ
was born. His birth was the one
singular event that forever altered
the world.

There have been countless historical
persons, but, no one in the history of
our species and planet can compare
to Jesus Christ. He is the RAM OF
as well as our propitiation. He came
to challenge the powers of darkness
that ruled the world, and He will
come back to complete His Plan.

Lev 25:9Then shalt thou cause the
trumpet of the jubile to sound
on the tenth [day] of the seventh
month, in the day of atonement
shall ye make the trumpet sound
throughout all your land.
Lexicon / Concordance for Lev 25:9