Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dreams, Crime and Fashion

I keep falling asleep, having a vivid dream
and then waking up, wide, wide awake. Now,
I'm up for the day.

I have been dreaming about that murdered
little girl for two straight days. It's true that
she is on my mind, but, still, the dreams are

John is one of the finest examples of lucid
dreamers I've ever known. He had this dream
about George Harrison dying, a year before
he passed away. In it, he thought John Lennon
told him the date, and he posted this dream
and George's date of death on the Beatle
Newsgroup RMB. This totally angered the
regulars, who always accused him of being
a troll, which he enjoyed. To push the point,
every few weeks, he'd remind them that
George would die on the date he dreamed.

Finally, the date arrived, and George was not
dead, but, two days later he was. Some of the
posters chided him on getting the date wrong,
even though, it was still amazing that he got
it more right than wrong. Then, it was disclosed
that George actually had died on that date,
but, his family kept it a secret, in order to
have privacy. In fact, they are alledged to
have falsified his death certificate. The point

I don't know if these dreams are prescient, or
if it has to do with psychic tendencies. John
told me years ago that Obama would be our
next president, during the time when no one
knew how to pronounce his name, and the
idea of having a half-black President with
an Arabic name was ludicrous! I thought he
was pulling my chain at the time, but, he
was serious. Obama was just elected to
the Senate, and John said, "That's our
next President."

Back to Caylee, and the dreams I've been
having, this dream cycle occurred during
the Laci Peterson case. I used to dream
about her about once a week.

These murder cases have always drawn me
in. I'm not alone. There are millions of others
who follow them. I think it started with OJ.

By the way, it's Divine PROVIDENCE to the
10th degree how OJ was convicted 13 years
to the day of his disgraceful acquittal, and
how it took the jury 13 hours of a 13 day
trial.... considering how unlucky 13 is in
a city like Las Vegas, where numbers are
not superstition, but, like weather reports.

I followed several cases with zeal. There
was Rabbi Fred Neulander, convicted of
murdering his wife Carol in Cherry Hill
NJ. In his case, I had a personal interest.
He was my cousins' rabbi and performed
her bat mitzvah. I had an unpleasant
exchange with him during a service.

I always hated when the rabbi and
cantor come around with the Torah
and people bow and kiss it. That's
because IN THE TORAH, it says not
to bow down to idols. So, when he
came to me, I backed away and he
shoved it at me. His look was so
poisonous that it chilled my blood.
Imagine my shock when a few years
later I found myself amazed by seeing
him tried for murder!

I followed the Phil Spector case, which
is scheduled to go back to trial soon.
I am started to pray for an outcome
that will bring justice, at last, to Lana
Clarkson's family. In fact, I can do it
right now:

Father, in Jesus' Name, I ask that
justice be served in finding Lana's
murderer culpable in his retrial. He
was able to find a million dollar dream
team willing to lie for him to find a
few weak-minded jurors who hung
the jury, but, I ask the LORD that
these new jurors will have clarity,
honesty, integrity and compassion
for a beauty who had her life cut
off in the prime of life, and then
to be blamed for committing suicide.

It's one of the biggest injustices since
the OJ original trial, but, time has
taken care of OJ, and I ask God that
Lana's murder will finally fall on the
head of the psychopathic fiend who
callously pulled a trigger inside her
mouth, then, blamed her for her own

I followed the case of Melanie McGuire,
the psychopathicly cunning nurse who
not only killed her husband, to be with
another man, but, then cut up his body,
threw him in the CHesapeake Bay,
concocting a story how his gambling
debts had engendered the wrath of
mobsters. Why do they feel it's
justified to not only kill the bodies
of their victims, but, finish the job
by besmirching their character?

She was fortunately found guilty
and will spend her life in prison.
I've never seen a woman whose
eyes are so dead that they are like
looking into a dead pool of poisoned

There's something even more compelling
about a gorgeous little 2 year old child
who was disposed of by their sociopathic
mothers. Children are so completely
helpless and vulnerable, that Caylee
haunts my sleep and has become part
of my soul at this time. I think she will
remain there for quite a while.

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Precious darling, may your eyes be upon our
Savior. I long to know that you are in a place
of unequaled beauty to this cruel world, and
that you are embraced and truly loved. I know
that you have entered millions of people's
hearts who have fallen in love with you.

Lord, please provide justice here on Earth,
and then beyond, for this child, whose life
was stolen from her by a monster with
only her only love being for herself. I ask
that there are no loopholes wide enough
for the so-called defense advocates and
hired guns to slip through, and that any
jury that is called will be haunted by those
big beautiful eyes, seeing a child that
had a right to life.

OK, enough about crime.

I have other interests today. It is the
final show of Project Runway, which
used to be my favorite show. This year
is very disappointing because it's obvious
that the whole season has been scripted
to accommodate a very temperamental
and bratty designer. She provided the
drama element, and she's a very
beautiful 20something, but, everything
from her voice, to her horrendous
attitude is odious.

Anyone who watches the show knows
I'm speaking of Kenley Collins, who
actually was from Pompano Beach,
near me. I was actually a big
fan in the beginning. She has got
an interesting personal style, using
classic retro looks from the 40s and
50s. She looks exactly like Betty
Page, the pinup icon from that era,
and her early creations on the show
were neat.

However, after a few initial episodes,
her true colors started to emerge.
Everything from her incessant laughter
and giggling to her nasal and whiny
voice started to become headache
inducing. Then her clothing designs
became really silly, and even outright
hideous. Yet, she's alluded being

I adore Tim Gunn, the style guru, and
she has been tremendously disrespectful
towards his sensible suggestions. He's
there to mentor the designers, and
if I were one of them, I'd cherish every
word he had to say. Not Kenley.

She seems to symbolize a breed of
20somethings who have utter contempt
for older people, treating them as if
they are obsolete and insignificant.
She treats everyone poorly, though.

Actually, it seems fairly obvious that
she's bi-polar, or suffering from a
clinical personality disorder, whether
it's extreme narcissism, or sociopathy.
She has tons of untapped talent, and
has only designed for a handful of
years, which makes it more impressive
for her to have landed a spot with
far more experienced designers, but,
you'd think she'd particularly appreciate
advice and mentorship.

To make a long story shorter, I really
dislike her so much that it's spoiled this
season. Her voice is like nails on a
chalkboard. She has this toxic laughter
which is constant. She even laughs at
other designers when they are facing
elimination. It's almost like a form
of Tourette's disease. She laughs at
inappropriate times, as well as all
the time. It's a very irritating laughter.
There's a mean-edged laughter that
is like a poison in a room, sucking
the life out of the atmosphere,
and Kenley is the owner of exactly
this kind of laugh.

She was kept on, with horrendously
made and designed clothes, when far more
clever designs were sent home. That means
she survived to be one of the three who
will be the winner tonight.

If for any reason she wins, it will be as
big of an injustice as when OJ walked
free for 13 years. Leeanne and Korto
are light years more runway than she
is, and her collection for Bryant Park
is not stellar. I do give her credit for
getting as far as she did, but, I wonder
if she wasn't as cute as she is, and
controversial, if she wouldn't have
been eliminated weeks ago?

It bugs me because I hate seeing
those with lesser merits squashing
others who live with integrity and
produce far more meaningful work.

Please God, I know it's fatuous of
me to care who wins, but, I pray that
Kenley goes home a loser, not a
winner tonight.

I am invested in this season, since
I've watched every show, but, I no longer
want to watch Project Runway ever
again. It's obvious that it's not real.
I'm so gullible to believe it was.
I really felt that as long as Tim
Gunn, and Michael Kors were part
of it, that it was legit, but, Kenley
has proven it isn't. I just hope they
don't carry it to the extreme and
have her scripted to win tonight,
even though Leeanne's wave-inspired
line is one of the most beautiful
collections I can recall seeing in
my life exposed to high fashion.
It reminds me of some of the things
my dad made in his day, with
magnificent structure and geometric

GO LEEANNE! I also adore Korto,
and really admire her as a person.
I just am crazy about Leeanne's
gorgeous wave-collection.

Well, that's about it. It's 6 am,
and I can shower and be out
in time for the sun to rise.
I'm still tired, though. All in all,
I didn't get more than 2 hours
sleep last night.

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