Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Leeann created the most magnificent line
I've seen on the runway. I love water, and
that's my own personal design aesthetic,
in fact, I have my own water inspired jewelry
line in production. Leeann's clothing reminds
me very much of my dad's style of design.
He had the most amazing roushed feminine

Korto was my personal favorite as a person, and
designer. She was incredible, as well, but, I wasn't
thrilled with some of her dresses. I do love her
jewelry accessories. She is awesomely talented.
Also, I adore her. She kept her love of Christ right
in front, and I thank her for that. She made being
a sister a cool thing, and her light shines brightly.

Kenly actually made a cute line, except for the
Alexander McQueen-ish swan dress, which I
hated. She had a young and vibrant line, though,
although it wasn't anything as original as Korto
and Leeanimal.

I'm just so thrilled for Leeann. I can't believe how
much I take this show to heart. LOL. It was great
though how they eliminated Kenly first, simply
by telling her, "You're OUT!" She pouted, cursed
and of course vigorously disagreed with their taste.

I hope I never have to listen to her whiny nasal
obnoxious voice ever again. She is everything I
hate in other women... but, she does have talent.

Thank you Lord for Leeann's win. I pray that you
bless Korto with endless opportunities, as many
doors opening up for her as Leeann. She is a
spectacular woman, and inspired me in every

I loved that Tim Gunn wound up one of the
judges, because Jennifer Lopez said she
sprained her foot. (How did that keep her
from sitting and judging a fashion show?)

Kenly who has been miserably snarky and
disrespectful to him pondered this and said,
"Maybe I should have been nicer to Tim...."
Knowing how wonderful Tim Gunn is, I'm
sure her past behavior didn't mean a fig.

They chose the right designer. I wish Leeann
all the success she deserves, with Korto
being proud of the superb line she also did.

They are both winners. I'm so thrilled Kenly
came in third.


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