Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year

There have been many mystical events that have occurred, but, I will try write about them in the coming weeks.

I have waited for this period of time all my life, and now that it's here, I am flooded with deja vu, and a stunning recognition of certain things from my dreams and visions.

Instead of my vague meandering I will try to focus and direct this energy into words, but, tonight, I am floating on a bubble of happiness and hopefulness.

Thank you LORD for the love of Jesus Christ, and my true love, John. Thank you for my new kitten, too. Only God could create such an exquisite creature. Thank you for my loved ones, and for miracle of being healed from a crippling disease. In Jesus' Name, I praise the LORD for all eternity.

In late October, I was blessed in receiving a brand new neck, as in they gave me brand new vertebrae and discs, and now I am bionic, and better than new~!!!!! The neurosurgeon said when he opened my neck, the vertebrae were beyond repair, so he used a completely new cervical cage, made from artificial bone and discs. BRILLIANT man. May the LORD bless him for having the courage and insight into doing such a bold and innovative procedure. Although the recovery was painful, it restored my arm, and relieved my pain by 80%.

I still need to have my lower spine mended, but, having this miraculous healing, I am filled with joy and hope. I am much more confident. It was scary going under the knife, not knowing if I would wake up worse, even paralyzed.

To aid my recovery, I was given this precious little baby cat. I can't describe how cute she is, or the joy she's given me. Only God can make a cat. Thank you Lord for the wonderful critters around us, and for the love of them all.
My baby cat, Cookie-puss. Divine little miracle.