Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tuesday night

I thought Hillary rocked tonight on the
Philly debates. It's her Presidency to
lose and when I see her, I get this
feeling of pride. She's the epitome
of a strong and dynamic woman, so
despised by our anti-female world.

Go Hillary. Madam President.
Some of my Christian friends don't
agree that she's got the Spirit, but,
I feel it. Maybe I'm blinded, but,
not so blind as to not see the only
true leader and best hope for Christianity
in America in this last era.

Had a fight with my brother, and I've
gotten over a scare with possibly losing
out on my disability benefits, before
they even began. But, it's okay now.
I was earning too much in disability
pay to get Medicaid, which is welfare,
but, they are going to approve me
for Medicare, which is a relief.

It's a terrible thing to be sick in
America without any insurance. I
never thought it would happen to me.

My brother can be difficult, and I'm
sure he thinks the same thing about
me. However, he went behind my back
to distort my outlook to my lawyers,
which he claims was in my best interest.
However, I told him explicitly not to
meddle, and now he wants to take
credit for the hard work my doctor,
lawyers, and I did to get the much
prized and hard-fought victory in
SSDI approval. It's not for the

I hate being mad at a family member,
and it's worse with my brother, because,
he's not well. He survived leukemia,
but, is still suffering from a Merck's
manual list of ailments, including
chronic kidney and liver failure.
Yet, he is a very narcissistic person
who thinks he is smarter than just
about every other human being.

He's certainly brilliant in the subjects
he's excelled in, but, that doesn't give
him the right to go behind my back to
interfere with my case, when I told him
not to piss off my lawyers, who were
the only advocates I had. Now, they're
so mad at me that they don't want to
deal with me, all because he all but
accused them of planning to steal my
benefits. It's outrageous. It made me
look like I didn't trust them, and
didn't appreciate their hard work, when
they're my saviors.

I was willing to let it go, but, he
wants to take credit for me getting
my case ruled favorably, and if anything,
he hindered and hurt things, embarrassing
me, and severing the relationship I
had with people who worked hard on my

I wonder if he's toxic from kidney and
liver disease, and took into account that
he might have encephalopathy, but, when
he claimed to have single-handedly saved
me, I couldn't take it anymore. Last
night my dad yelled at him because we
were given the news that I was not
getting Medicaid, and there was something
wrong with my SSDI. I thought the lawyer
that he accused of cheating me, did
something in revenge. I was paranoid as

Turned out, the problem was the SSDI
payments were high because I once earned
good money. If it wasn't for my dear
lawyer, Adam, I would be suicidal. He
saved my life, but, my brother called
him a "piss ant" and "shmeggeggee" whatever
that is, and called me incompetent to
know a malpractice shyster lawyer.
Just because my lawyer was on television
every day, he equates him with the
ambulance-chasers of bad repute, but,
to me, I thought that this nice-looking
and soft-spoken charismatic guy on
TV everyday had the class and success
to be on television commercials ten
times a day, and I was right. He
was awesome. It pains me that now
this great lawyer feels I needed to
micro-manage him by my brother's

I saved my brother's life, and
my do it again, if he needs part
of my liver, or kidney. Yet, he
won't graciously accept this gift
of life, without thinking he needs
to do something equally as important.
So, he meddled, and wants to claim
credit for my case going through,
and I can't let him because far from
a good thing, he hurt me, and ruined
my relationship with my TV lawyer
who did everything he said he'd do
in the commercial, and even more.

When people work hard for you, it's
the worst feeling to end on a sour
note, yet, without knowing it, he
was undermining my relationship with
Adam and his partner, even insinuating
that they were going to cheat me.
I felt like finding a hole to climb
in when I heard about it.

Now, I feel even worse, because I
cannot be magnanimous on principle,
when in principle, my rights were
abused. How dare he accuse my lawyers
behind my back, ending our relationship,
then wanting credit for what they did.
If it wasn't so outrageous, it would be

Anyway, he freaked out and hung up
on me when I told him he was not
going to get credit for saving my
life, because that was done by
someone else, including my doctor,
who saw me for three years without
pay, and me, who got the reports I
needed, and persevered for so long.

I think he's mental, and so I don't
want to be too upset, but, jeez, I
can never trust him again. Who goes
behind a person's back, accusing their
lawyers of cheating them, AFTER they
win a case? Then, he claims they
were committing malpractice because
they're TV lawyers. I think he's
loco. I had to get that out of my
system. I hate being mad at my
brother. I love him, but, he's
a real asshole some of the time.
Forgive me LORD, for I probably
am a real asshole too, but, he
gets under my skin like no one
else does.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

John and Jesus

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It always cheers me up to hear from John.
If you read this, "HI JOHN!" :^) I never
stopped loving or caring for John, and
it's a physical sense of loss when I don't
hear from him from one season to the
next. When he gets back in touch, it's
like we've never been apart again.

It's weird when someone you care about
reads your words, and I hope I didn't say
anything to offend. I have a habit of treating
my blog no differently than my old faith
journals, which were private.

On the Internet, anyone can stumble upon
my words. Those who don't know me
may think I'm just another religious loon,
especially if they're not into the eschatology
of Christ which is my obsession. I always forget
that not everyone is cheerful about the end of
our age. LOL.

During President Bush's recent press
conference, when he warned the world
that a nuclear enabled Iran would lead
to WWIII, most people would assume
that's a bad thing. I find myself smiling,
which would, and often does, infuriate
others. It's not that I want people to
suffer and die. I just want Christ to
come back more than I want
whirled peas.

What do Christ-less people have to
look forward to?

I thank the LORD for all the blessings
he's given me, not least of all for the
love and friendship of John. I know
we'll be together for ten thousand
years and beyond. That's worth
all the suffering of the past few
years without his companionship.
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I feel blessed in incomparable
ways. What's even neater is that
the future looks even brighter.
It's worth more than a million dollars
to feel loved and be doubly blessed
by having a soul mate and the LORD
even if I look like I'm all alone.
Love never dies or leaves. It's
an eternal flame, and when
you love the LORD, it's immortality
and eternal joy.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hashem Adonai

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Tonight I praise God for his mercy and kindness,
I praise God for all the animals, in kind,
I praise His Name, and only He knows mine.

Tonight I thank the LORD for faith and
all things new.
I exalt His Name. One day I'll know it too.

Lamb of God, Holy One of the Ages,
I seek you, and you alone.
I desire you when the lights are low,
I desire you above everything that I know.

Please take my hand as I am covered by night.
Take my spirit on a holy flight.
Take me out of here on a secret day.
I am free because I am your slave.

My hope is in your eternal light
My only hope is you tonight.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

solitude at 5 a.m.

I just awoke. I dreamt of Melanie McGuire,
the ghoulish and cold beauty, with the face
of an angel, who drugged her cute husband
and then chopped him up in three pieces,
dumping him in matching luggage and throwing
him off the bridge into the Chesapeake Bay.
In three suitcases.

She maintains her innocence and just because
she is beautiful, she can totally bewitch
you into believing... except the evidence
was incontrovertible. It makes it a more
dangerous world to believe she did it,
in cold blood, stripping down to bare
skin, and methodically dis articulating
his head and upper chest from his lower
torso. She cleaned the bathroom murder
scene into pristine perfection. She did
it and it is depressing. We're living in
a place where this outwardly respectable
mom and nurse is really a nightmare and a
home for demons.

It's hard to reconcile with this reality.
I had a friend who turned out to be a
murderer. I struggle with this all the
time. I believed in him, and testified
for him. As a witness for the defense
I remember the ugly way the jury looked
at me trying to explain Bobby, but, I
knew a sweet guy who loved his kids,
and who took me out on family outings
with them, on his boat, family dinners,
and this family was the salt of the
Earth. How could I believe he had it
in him to kill a child, and leave the
other child in a vegetative coma?

When I finally realized he did it, it
shook my own confidence in being able
to discern the face of demons, but,
it's not just me. We choose to see
others as reflections of our own
values, morals, and when we like
someone, it is a betrayal to know
they are nothing like us, and were
hiding all along. Then again, are
they just possessed by demons?? How
about those like Karla Faye Tucker,
the murderess on Death Row, who
awoke to Christ, and converted so
many others that they called their
incarceration "Life Row"?

She claimed that being free was
Christ, and life was given to her
after she had taken a life.

I have no idea why I dreamt of Melanie
however, but, in my dream, she was no longer
soft, charismatic and so beautiful,
but in the four months since she has
spent in prison, sentenced to life, she has
instantly aged and grown hideously bitter,
her perfect teeth ground down in tortured nights
of recriminations, gritted into snaggle-teeth.
Instead of her melodious voice and sultry looks,
she was a medieval Lady Macbeth.

Shakespeare was in the dream, too,
in the form of Earl of Essex, or Oxford, or
whoever Shakespeare really was... He was a
phantom in a mystery still mocking us
mere mortals, still caught inside his own
genius and private jokes both Exalted and damned,
like she, who he had come to study.

I need to stay away from Court TV. After
seeing Phil Spector walk free, I have
lost my faith in celebrity justice. I
have no doubt OJ Simpson will stay free,
and I am so depressed about how our
society literally worships stars and
lets them live with the entitlements
of Emperors' nobless oblige, even
though they break laws, profane God,
commit traitorous acts against a free
nation, jeopardizing our liberty, and
ultimately dismissing God, like Kathy
Griffin did, calling the Emmy her
new God.

Yet, society worships her, Paris,
Brittney, OJ and to some extent,
Phil Spector's killing that poor
woman gave him street cred, too.
Amy Winehouse and her producer, Mark
Ronson, want to engage the Spector magic
for their next collaboration. He's
their new icon. This is how corrupt
our world is. It's not air pollution
that causes us to suffer the
wrath of nature. It is our spiritual
poverty and moral depravity. I believe
that by exalting and excusing the acts
of these flawed influential stars,
and individuals, who are amoral, profligate,
and flaunt the laws of the land, we
are receiving more and more wrath.

What hope is there anymore? Schools
in Maine are dispensing birth control
to 11, 12 and 13 year olds, and we
are hypocrites to throw men into
dungeons for committing acts of
perversion against children, when
our own culture is creating this
perversion, by sexualizing small
children. The shmucks on Dateline's "To
Catch A Predator" are as much victims
of our perverse and satanic culture
as any of the other victims. Not
that I'm excusing them, but, porn
is a poisonous substance, far more
insidious than our culture cares
to see.

It is the devil converting
and controlling masses of people
in a way never before possible.

I just want to scream out
to look to the heavens, like I do
this beautiful and peaceful dawn.
Taking away the stress of the deeds
and profane disrespect of our media
and celebrities' influence on our
lives, I can feel God in moments of
such peaceful clarity. It is almost like
the gentle breeze and the smell of
dew-filled vegetation wafting into
my patio is a written statement,
confirming how all is God's alone,
and He will deal with it.

I can feel the strength His spirit
alone gives me. Without him, I wouldn't
want to go through another day.

The themes of treachery, murder,
mad power and evil today are the same as
in Shakespeare's day, and the song remains
the same. No matter how technological or
sophisticated we become, we have not
evolved at all, and it seems like it's
even worse, because unlike other societies,
ours is becoming further away from God by

Yet, being a society that has ambitiously
embarked on a crusade to eliminate God completely,
only makes God closer. It's another fortunate
paradox to paradise. God is not dead, even
with the spite mankind demonstrates by
being resentful of God and blaming him
for bad things, yet claiming they don't
believe. What a mess.

I consider it to be miraculous that
even with the devastation in
California, with the fires, that
God spared lives in a wondrous and
blatant wave of mercy. But, no one
there notices, at least not one
has thanked God yet on television

There are actually misguided
celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis who
use the occasion to propagate the Green
Man's lies, and spread the Gospel of
the False Prophet and Antichrist. I'm
sure she doesn't mean harm, but, she's
another dope in the scheme, and blasphemes
when she says that the incident was not
an act of God. Yikes. They even want to
take credit for natural disasters

Is God dead? To them, I guess He
no longer exists outside of being
blamed for bad things. But it is they
who are phantom figures, about to
fade and disperse like the smokey
mist on the pre-dawn world I watch
outside. As the first color changes
of the sky begin, the fog dissipates
and soon will rise and become invisible,
part of the sky, again. The vain voices
of those who preach the wrong gospel
will also dissolve like smoke in a
big wind. Eventually, even their smell

The Antichrist is here and his
apostles control the airwaves,
just like the Prophet Daniel said.

2012? I think it may be 2009 for
the rapture, since some intel says
that Israel deploys the bombs
then...It is coming. Before the
smoke clears, it will be hell
on earth. In this I believe.
Christ is marching along with
His saints. I have joy and
peace this morning, even though
I have no citizenship in the
world today.

This symbolic burning in California
is both natural and supernatural.
This is the fate of nations
who blaspheme, I believe.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I have been troubled for the past 24 hours.
My peace has left me. I am suffering in pain.

I still don't have my medical coverage, so
I can look forward to being helped, but have
to wait, even wait in suffering and find
faith to sustain this misery.

I have faith that the LORD who is everything
to me will lift me up, and not allow the suffering
to consume me. There's a reason for everything.
For everything we suffer, there's usually a
compensatory meaning that is revealed in its
own way. What in the world do people without
God do when they're thrown into pain and

I watched a great movie/documentary called
"Forgiving Dr. Mengele" about a Mengele
twin who travels back to Auschwitz to
attend the 50th anniversary of the liberation
of the camps. She met with a surviving ex-Nazi
doctor, Dr. Munsch, who needed healing in
the form of forgiveness. As soon as their
souls met, these two survivors, in the
winter of their lives, forged a miraculous
healing. He was healed by her gracious
heart and gesture of purposefully forgiving
him for his work in the camp. She was
blessed by purging the bitterness and
hatred she felt. When she recognized
how even a Nazi could feel pain and have
regrets and remorse, she knew that behind
those unspeakable acts were human beings,
no different in kind than their victims.

She was very controversial and condemned
by many of the survivors of Auschwitz who
believed she was trivializing their horror
and the atrocities of the Nazis. But, I
found myself crying a few times beholding
how meaningful forgiveness is.

We know that our Father in Heaven told
us to forgive others, as we have been
forgiven, and Eva's detractors were not
wrong for their inability to forgive,
either. It is defined how when someone
confesses their wrongdoing when we are
ordained to accept their apologies and
forgive. It is nebulous about whether
we can unilaterally forgive those whose
actions were so evil, when they feel
no remorse and justify their actions.

It frees our own souls to be cleansed,
but, some people need to hold on to
the wrongdoings of others to balance
their own losses. It would negate the
loss of their loved ones if they said
that their hatred was undeserved.

Corrie ten Boom recounted a similar
test of faith. She was speaking in
Germany, I believe, and recalling the
miracles of faith when her sister and
she were in the concentration camps.
Their family had hid Jews, and they
were the subjects of the beautiful
book, "The Hiding Place."

Corrie was approached by a man who
she recognized as being an ex-Nazi
who not only was at the camp where
she suffered horrors, but, he personally
attacked and inflicted torture on her
sister, who was her soul mate. He
came to her weeping, blessing God,
and begging her to forgive him. She
felt a stabbing pain in her heart,
and resentment for being asked to
do the impossible, which was to
forgive someone who she blamed for
contributing to the death of her
beloved sister, Bessie.

She struggled and wanted to dismiss
him and run away. She was not prepared
to forgive him, for that would erase
the horror of what he did to her,
as well as so many other victims.
When she sought God for this grace
to deal with him, the Holy Spirit
guided her to accept his apology.
At first, it was a perfunctory
rhetorical statement of accepting
his words, but, then, a flood gate
opened, and in place of the bitter
and poisonous bile, there was light
and peacefulness.

This kind of revelation prepares us
for how it will be when Christ's light
sets the standard for all our conduct
and behavior. It enlightens us to
act in the way God established, when
he created man. We are to love our

It is ancestral revenge which has
ruined the world, not carbon footprints.
It is hatred for our fellow man which
is the unforgivable sin that alienates
us from our Creator, who loves us all

I am bitter towards the Church, in
principle, because it has skewered
sacred Judaism, wrapping Christ instead
in pagan revisionist philosophies, like
Sunday Sabbaths, Christmas, and Easter
eggs. I am unable to find meaningful
fellowship, but, then again, I need
to look for it. One of the reasons
I moved to Ft. Lauderdale was because
there was a phenomenal Jews for Jesus
population in South Florida. Yet, it
bothers me that J4J has fallen into
the same errors as the modern churches.

Instead of reinforcing First Century
Judaeo-Christianity, there are the
same trappings. Still, it is the best
denomination, and a sign within Christianity
that the harvest has come.

I harbored bitter seeds in my soul,
and I sinned in word and deed, even
though my confessions would seem
tame these days, compared to the
gravity of depravity in our culture.

Just because sexual immorality is the
norm doesn't mean that we are at liberty,
even if we wear the cloak of Christ as
our bridge of faith and forgiveness.
If we truly love Him, we are commanded
to obey his laws, and if we love Him
first and above everything, we will
not stumble at all.

Many Jews believe the New Testament
had a completely new paradigm, unrelated
to Mosaic and Levitical precepts, but,
this is completely fallacious. There's
only a few original and unique lines in
the New Testament. Christ was the fulfillment
of all of Judaism, it's Laws and fundamental
ceremonies and rituals, from the atonement
of Yom Kippur, to Passover, as our Holy
Lamb of God, whose blood covers the door
posts of our souls, to mark our place
as children of the Father, brethren
of His Son, the Holy One, the Messiah,
Christ, the LORD.

There is only one original law in the
New Testament, which is : "Love your
enemies." All we need is love to connect
to God the Father, through Christ, and
by loving our fellow man, no matter how
we perceive them, we are made perfect
by faith. For love covers the multitude
of our sins, the ones we haven't conquered

I can fast and pray, watching my words,
discipline every breath I take, yet, there
is a warring spiritual reality, my flesh,
which is always trying to steal away my
unity with Christ. If it's not hunger,
appetite, lust, passion, material longing,
or anger, it's hatred. Hatred is the worst
sin of all, even though it's one of the
sins we actually love. It's easier to
hate than love. It's easier to condemn
than forgive.

Lord God, I pray that I am given the
ability and light to reject hatred, in
any form it takes. I pray I can forgive
as I've been promised your forgiveness.
I pray that your light transforms me
by flooding the darkness of my mind
with understanding and compassion, even
for those who I believe are my enemies.

I have noticed myself hating more people
each day, like celebrities who are
a cancer in our world today by setting
the disgusting trends for immorality
and hatred of God and Jesus Christ.
I am bitter at this, yet, even though
my anger may be termed as righteous
indignation, it's not for me to be
self-righteous. It's the Lord's domain
and not mine own to condemn, nor should
I pray for the destruction of Hollywood.

I confess this before my Lord, because
I found myself hoping that Hollywood
and it's scummy dignitaries would be
sorely awakened by the eerie hurricane
of fire fueled by those aptly named,
Santa Ana winds, more satanic than
saintly. I realize that it's not for
me to cheer for these signs and
ostensible judgments in the form
of epic disasters. I am relieved
that loss of life is not significant.

Forgive me Lord for hating, and I
pray that if this is judgment on
Southern California, they will
hearken it and gain faith. I know
when we had that 2005 hurricane
season in Florida, it was impossible
to not connect with our Creator,
and our Savior.

Let this be what happens in the
face of such blatant disaster, Father
and I pray that many who need your
love and salvation, most of all,
particularly the unholiest congregations
of stars who corrupt the morals of the
world today, will have that same
epiphany of faith. There are such
blatantly real testimonials to
judgment happening today. I ask
that these things are not dismissed,
or blamed as being part and parcel
of the false agenda of global pollution
being preached by the green man,
Al Gore-ring. I pray that he once
again seizes the words of faith that
he knows by heart, and instead of
pretending to be the messiah, that
he humbles his heart, and leads
others in a righteous path to
salvation, not destruction and

I pray that all the obscene females
who flaunt their bodies and sexuality
to entice the last generation to
fall will be shaken into living life
in a modest and godly way. I pray
that the high profile mockers, who
appallingly encourage decadence
and immorality, will have the clear
vision to fear, understanding what
HELL is all about. Please open their
eyes and ears, so they may be saved
and with their fame, reach others
with righteous words, not foolish
ones peppered with self-indulgent
rebellious rants and endless obscenities!

Put your fear into those so-called
Masters of the Universe, those
decadent leisurely classes, who are
isolated and insulated from the harsh
real world, while aiding and abetting the
enemies of God, freedom, and the kingdom.

May their eyes see, and may God's merciful love
be revealed, even if they need to first
acknowledge the wrath that awaits those
who trespass, and encourage others to
follow their lead.

I pray that whosoever calls your NAME to
rescue and sustain them, receives instant
gratification with the limitless love
that you possess. I pray that their sins
are removed, and they are finally washed
clean. May countless souls in Malibu and
Southern California be spared, but, more
importantly, I pray that many are awakened
and saved.

I ask that your LOVE be the consolation
for all their sorrow and that many
are converted to life, not dedicated
to that path of destruction, drawing
the masses behind them, encouraging
and inciting this corruption, especially
in millions of those lost children in
our hopeless world today. They are all
being led astray, mainly by the forces
at work in Southern California which
possess an inordinate power over
the susceptible populations of Earth

The worst of the worst are influencing
children, encouraging immorality in
adults, and that's why I hate them,
but, LORD God, I know that your mercy
is greatest towards the biggest sinner,
of which I am one. Let me not forget
what being lost feels like to take
my own salvation for granted, or feel
justified to hate anyone, even if
I am grieved by what they do. I am
not justified in praying for destruction
as often as I do. I ask for your help
in rising from this petty habit I
find gratifying. I know it is never
acceptable to hate anyone.

I pray that God's love is what these
who I condemn connect with, and that
instead of filthy porn, and their
relentless degradation of females,
that multitudes are blessed with
whoever is turned and spared from
the eternal flames.

What a miracle it would be if many of them
see the light, to preach love and reconciliation
with the Holy Spirit of God, proclaiming
the imminent arrival of Our Lord.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, LAMB of God,
Lion of Judah, Glorious BRANCH, Holy
PLANT, I pray. Amen.

Synchronicity in the last days

In addition to powerful dreams this week,
there's been a tsunami of synchronicity.
While watching the last game of the pennant
series, everything dad said, was followed
by the sport's commentators reiterating.
More freaky, right before Cocoa Crisp
spoke, my dad said his quote about winning.
We both were laughing after each one of
the dozens of hits. Dad said to look around
the room for bugs because it went haywire
with every word he spoke being spoken again.

The only explanation is synchronicity.

I try to fathom the quantum mechanics
and string theory responsible for this uncanny
science of coincidences. I know that the
mental hospitals are full of people who
have had the television speak to them,
or repeat their phrases. That's when they
take it to mean they're the messiah, or
devil, or both.

Synchronicity comes in like the tides,
and rolls on out again, and leaves us
lonely, without the magical confusion of
its' phenomenal events.

I've experienced entire weeks of pure
synchronicity, where every last detail
is engaged in this mysterious grid of
happenings. It feels like some part of
God is trying to communicate, but, it's
always pointless to figure it out without
becoming paranoid and going insane.

It feels so personal when it occurs.
I remember staying up all night with my
niece one night, and the television did
the same thing. After we spoke, some commercial
or old Nick at Night show, would reiterate
our phrases. We were spooked and delighted.

It's like we stepped on a crack in time,
and where space overlaps our reality.
It is exquisitely layered in mystery and
the slightest hint of the divine.

Since it's happening more now than ever,
I take it to mean that everything is
becoming aligned, and that means
EVERYTHING, every last dimension of
time/space continuum, because the
LORD of the Universe is marching
and he's creating the perfect pathway.

This is all HIS to control, and it's
up to us to gaze at in awe and wonder.

As if the beauty of all of His creation
weren't enough to touch our souls, He
is awakening some part of our psyche
and He's coming. I can hear the trumpets
and I can feel the change coming closer.

When I read of wars, rumors of wars,
earthquakes in divers places, and all
the trouble in this world of sorrows
and travails, I transcend above the
agony by saying His NAME.

Our Lord, above everything in heaven and
Earth, is to be worshipped in solemnity
and celebration. If that's a paradox,
it's a Holy paradox. It is the beginning
of wisdom to fear the Lord, but, it is
the wise ones who know to fear the LORD
is to know HIM, and when you know HIM,
there is endless peacefulness and no
fear. He alone holds the keys
to heaven and hell, and all our souls
are for Him to judge.

He offered himself as our holy propitiation
for sin offering, to cleanse us from every
last particle of stain. Whether we took
God's HOLY ineffable NAME in vain, or
hated our own brothers, we have trespassed
and require His intercession.

These increasingly more frequent episodes
of complete synchronicity only inspire me
to comprehend the alignment of the Holy
and sacred grid of time/space, in all
it's complexities and nuances yet discovered.

Everything I observe in nature points to
God's grace and mercy. I can't notice
the beauty of a fish, or a kitty, without
being stunned by the ability to feel
and draw in that beauty. When I work with
clay, I feel like His hands are holding
my hands, and understand what he means
when He said that we are his clay.

I want to see Him beyond any other
hope or plan for my life. He's all
I want, and the only thing that has
any meaning for me is a life lived
seeking Him and the rewards of learning
tiny particles of His great mystery.

I've watched people who blasphemed
die, as well, and there is a palpably
terrifying coldness to it. There is
no mystical experience like it is
when a believer passes on. There is
so much peace to believer's departures.

Hashem Adonai, in the years ahead,
we will know your new NAME, and
instead of being ineffable and
unspeakable, we will know you
as our friend, our brother, as
well as our LORD, our KING,
and our High Priest.

Come soon LORD, and let the good
times in the good kingdom begin.
Turn Jerusalem into the apple of
your eye, and create believers
out of those in the Holy land who
are now fighting over you. Open
the eyes of the Jews and the Muslims,
so that they may see you, and
then tell the Christians to follow

I know I'm rambling, all over the
place, but, whenever something
mysterious happens, I rejoice because
I believe soon we'll see the Lord's
beautiful face. He is altogether
lovely. My heart races, and my
mind stretches across the vast
and endless galaxies of stars
above my head, looking for the
true light descending.

Oohh ...That smell... Don't you smell that smell?

The smell of judgment is in the air.
It's not merely the hurricane of fire
in Malibu and Southern California
that reeks. It is the drought across
the heartland, and the emergence
of a particularly virulent MRSA.

As a therapist, we liked to call ourselves
"Terrorists" but, we were terrorized with
being big colonies of MRSA. In the late autumn,
I could never get away from the smell of it in the
back of my throat, dripping down from
my poor tortured sinuses.

We had super-immune systems, and
we only had sore throats and sniffles,
while shedding millions of the disease cells
with every breath we exhaled. But, how
do you run a health care system without
us? I used to wear masks with every
patient, explaining to them about my
fear of spreading disease.

The Health Dept. would not swab us,
because they knew we were all big colonies.
No antibiotics will completely wipe it out, and
in the attempt to clean us out, they created
the super strains, now finding its' way into the
community acquired category.

It's spooky that MRSA is emerging as
the likely candidate for one of the Malthusian
final 7 plagues. While we're plumping up
starving infants in Nigeria and Rwanda, the
little resistant bugs are flexing their muscles.

MRSA... I used to call it "Mr. SA (tan)"

In the last days every plague imaginable
will be unleashed. In the last days, only
those with faith will be saved. Radiation,
contamination, and misery is all that is
left of the world which was left to the
most wicked.

The world is poised to embark in WWIII
and the News' blondes are obsessed with
reporting the minute by minute worthless
life of a purely brainless pornographic nutcase
demonic bimbo, Brittney Spears, and her
demonic witch counterparts, the very stupid
and disgustingly evil and slutty Hilton and
worthless stupid and pointless Nicole RItchie,
et. al. These artificial and worthless ho-bags
are a disease, yet are treated with worship and
awe by the evil media. Every day the News is
leading off with these unfit human
beings' attempts to shake off all moral

Now the Satanic maestro David Copperfield
is accused of rape and who knows what
else? Interesting that he was headed to
Thailand and Indonesia, where all the
child sex slaves and sex tourist industry

These pop tarts and devils are worse than
the fires and more deadly than the MRSA.
They infect the minds and souls of young girls
who emulate them, and in the era of
feminism, when a woman may become
the next President, they are flashing their
shaved vaginas to the world, and celebrated.

Nothing is more SATANIC than that.
Nothing is more evil than this. When you
deliberately corrupt children, you are
pencilled in for an eternity in the ninth
circle of Hades and Hell.

Yes. Judgement is coming. It's in the
wind. Not merely in the Santa Ana ( Satan)
winds of amoral Southern California, where
the heart of the infection proceeds, but, endemic
in the culture that panders to these diseased
and disgusting human beings.

It's Armageddon and I don't even mind.

I'm just sick of it all.
Mine eyes have seen the glory
of the coming of the Lord;
he is trampling out the vintage
where the grapes of wrath are stored;
he hath loosed the fateful lightning
of his terrible swift sword;
his truth is marching on.
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
His truth is marching on.

2. I have seen him in the watchfires
of a hundred circling camps,
they have builded him an altar
in the evening dews and damps;
I can read his righteous sentence
by the dim and flaring lamps;
his day is marching on.

3. He has sounded forth the trumpet
that shall never call retreat;
he is sifting out the hearts of men
before his judgment seat;
O be swift, my soul, to answer him;
be jubilant, my feet!
Our God is marching on.

4. In the beauty of the lilies
Christ was born across the sea,
with a glory in his bosom
that transfigures you and me;
as he died to make men holy,
let us die to make men free,
while God is marching on.

5. He is coming like the glory
of the morning on the wave,
he is wisdom to the mighty,
he is honor to the brave;
so the world shall be his footstool,
and the soul of wrong his slave.
Our God is marching on.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ezekiel's News of the DAY: Of Gog and Magog and Armeggedon.

Eze 38:1

Eze 38:1 And the word of the LORD came
unto me, saying,
Eze 38:2 Son of man, set thy face against Gog,
the land of Magog, the chief prince of
Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy
against him,
Eze 38:3 And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD;
Behold, I [am] against thee, O Gog,
the chief prince of Meshech and
Eze 38:4 And I will turn thee back, and put
hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring
thee forth, and all thine army, horses
and horsemen, all of them clothed with
all sorts [of armour, even] a great company
[with] bucklers and shields, all of them
handling swords:
Eze 38:5 Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them;
all of them with shield and helmet:
Eze 38:6 Gomer, and all his bands; the house
of Togarmah of the north quarters,
and all his bands: [and] many people
with thee.
Eze 38:7 Be thou prepared, and prepare for
thyself, thou, and all thy company that
are assembled unto thee, and be thou
a guard unto them.
Eze 38:8 After many days thou shalt be visited:
in the latter years thou shalt come into
the land [that is] brought back from the
sword, [and is] gathered out of many
people, against the mountains of Israel,
which have been always waste: but it is
brought forth out of the nations, and they
shall dwell safely all of them.
Eze 38:9 Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm,
thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land,
thou, and all thy bands, and many people
with thee.
Eze 38:10 Thus saith the Lord GOD; It shall also
come to pass, [that] at the same time shall
things come into thy mind, and thou shalt
think an evil thought:
Eze 38:11 And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land
of unwalled villages; I will go to them that
are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them
dwelling without walls, and having neither
bars nor gates,
Eze 38:12 To take a spoil, and to take a prey; to turn
thine hand upon the desolate places [that
are now] inhabited, and upon the people
[that are] gathered out of the nations, which
have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in
the midst of the land.
Eze 38:13 Sheba, and Dedan, and the merchants
of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof,
shall say unto thee, Art thou come to take a
spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take
a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take
away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil?
Eze 38:14 Therefore, son of man, prophesy and say
unto Gog, Thus saith the Lord GOD; In that
day when my people of Israel dwelleth safely,
shalt thou not know [it]?
Eze 38:15 And thou shalt come from thy place out
of the north parts, thou, and many people
with thee, all of them riding upon horses,
a great company, and a mighty
Eze 38:16 And thou shalt come up against my
people of Israel, as a cloud to cover
the land; it shall be in the latter days,
and I will bring thee against my land, that
the heathen may know me, when I shall be
sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes.
Eze 38:17 Thus saith the Lord GOD; [Art] thou he
of whom I have spoken in old time by my
servants the prophets of Israel, which
prophesied in those days [many] years
that I would bring thee against them?
Eze 38:18 And it shall come to pass at the same time
when Gog shall come against the land of
Israel, saith the Lord GOD, [that] my fury
shall come up in my face.
Eze 38:19 For in my jealousy [and] in the fire of my
wrath have I spoken, Surely in that day there
shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel;
Eze 38:20 So that the fishes of the sea, and the fowls
of the heaven, and the beasts of the field,
and all creeping things that creep upon the
earth, and all the men that [are] upon the
face of the earth, shall shake at my presence,
and the mountains shall be thrown down,
and the steep places shall fall, and every wall
shall fall to the ground.
Eze 38:21 And I will call for a sword against him
throughout all my mountains, saith
the Lord GOD: every man's sword shall
be against his brother.
Eze 38:22 And I will plead against him with pestilence
and with blood; and I will rain upon him,
and upon his bands, and upon the many
people that [are] with him, an overflowing
rain, and great hailstones, fire, and
Eze 38:23 Thus will I magnify myself, and sanctify
myself; and I will be known in the eyes
of many nations, and they shall know that
I [am] the LORD.

Gog and Magog is Russia. The Prophet Ezekiel wrote this
concerning the "Latter Rain" after Israel was recreated for
the third time, following the Messiah's ascension .
This happened and was fulfilled in 1948,
nearly 60 years ago. The rest of the prophecy is
rapidly happening today.

There is controversy surrounding pre and post-tribulation
prophecy in Ez 38 and Revelation 20, which puts the
battle 1000 years after Christ returns and establishes
His Kingdom in Jerusalem.

It's very easy to get confused, but, I believe Ezekiel 38
refers to today, our present real time, and time to come.
Revelation 20 reiterates this message, but, places it
1000 years from our era, after Christ reigns in the
Millennium, and the nations of the Earth are given
one more chance to give peace a chance. They are
not all good sports, let's leave it at that.

(These are all my own thoughts, and beliefs,
and everyone is entitled to their own, but,
I will state what I see and how I interpret

Having no death for 1000 years will give us a
taste of immortality, but, we shouldn't get too
carried away. We are still in transition, and if
we don't measure up, our immortal flesh will
find itself alive in death, a living death, in the
place called Hades, where the forsaken have
chosen to live for eternity apart from Jesus
Christ, the King of Kings and LORD, being
the son of the Everlasting God.

We should rejoice that Putin and the modern
King of Persia have joined hands, even though
the world will turn against Israel for deploying
nuclear weapons, with the knowledge of a
confederacy of forces, especially between
Russia, Syria and Iran. Instead of being against
the evil-doers, the world will blame Israel.
Conservationists, or disciples of the green
man, Gore, et al, aka "False Prophet" will
be incensed at all the poisonous wastes.
They should have paid more attention to
what was happening, but, they'll lead the
Western enmity against Israel. Even Western
Jews will rant and rail against Israel.

The neighborhood bully, Israel, as Bobby
Dylan so prophetically termed, will be in
the full force of wrath from the world, but,
will be looking at the MESSIAH coming.
For many of them, they'll see Christ for
the first time, not as their adversary, but,
as their anointed KING.

Many Muslims will also see the light.
Ironically, the two non-Christian factions
of Orthodox Jews and fundamentalist
Islamists, will hold hands, for their
salvation will appear in the midst of
turmoil and death. It will be the dead
church of the false Christians who will
ironically be opposed to Christ's return.
The worldly Christians who have preached
prosperity and feathered their own nests
do not like to discuss this event, at least
not in regard to it happening in the next
few years, or even few months. They
are enjoying a carnal life, and things
will change soon.

Having no death is not the blessing
it seems, at least not for those who
rebel against God, and the LORD
Yeshua HaMaschiach. While men will
follow the most wretched cult leaders,
and pathetic dictators and theologians,
when God himself appoints His Son
to reign supreme, it will not appeal
to those whose Christianity is all about
prosperity and carnal lifestyles.

Yet, He who comes will heal the poisoned
waters, and turn the world back into the
Paradise He originally created for us
to dwell in. He will restore the righteous
laws, and abolish the foolishness and
abominations of mankind. He will bring
joy with him, but, not everyone wants
to live as brothers.

Those who want to be Masters of the Universe,
in their ivory castles, while they impose rules
of hardship for the workers and poor, will not
be pleased to be usurped by the Grand
Master of the Universe. They can no longer
pioneer their own private jets, while planning
for the hard-working impoverished poor to
have more and more hardships. What
hypocrites have designed for the world is
not what will become the fate of this world.

There will be a perfect social order under
Christ. Marx and Lenin didn't have the
right stuff, only Christ does. Only the Lord
can restore order, peace, and beauty to this
world. He will restore innocence. It says
in the Bible that a man of a hundred years
will still be like a child, meaning at 100,
he still has 900 years to go.

Adam and the first generation were built
for 1000 years of life. The last generation
will return to this paradigm, and then,
after the final rebellion of Gog and Magog,
written of in Revelation 20, the division
bells will result in the final harvest of
souls for the Kingdom of God, in
Heaven, and a NEW Heaven, as the
old world, and the old heaven will
roll up. It is pure transformation, as
seen in nature by a butterfly's miraculous
genesis and transition.
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Anyone who scoffs and laughs at the
Bible and prophecy needs to still pay
attention to Gog and Magog, joining
with Persia, and all the Israel-haters,
planning to destroy Jerusalem.

This is Armageddon, and I feel fine!

Come soon Lord Jesus. We are ready
to jump up and meet you! We moan
waiting for your return. How long,
how much longer do we need to
wait, observing atrocities all over
this planet, while the media lauds
the obscene pornographic priestesses,
false prophets, and emissaries of
the devil? Come back and deliver
us from evil.

Restore order in the world you created,
Lord, and bring back the light in this
polluted, foul, and diseased planet.
We are wading through muck and
mud, enduring the unbearable reign
of the most wicked people who ever
flaunted their wealth over the masses.
This is unprecedented and exceeds
the most corrupt ancient empires.

We rejoice at the sound of your
buglers. We rejoice at each step
closer to your return!

In the NAME of the LORD: Y'hashua
HaMaschiach, Barak Hashem Adonai.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Truth is Out There

Dad and I often discuss the UFOs we've seen
through the years. It's not like there are dozens
of them, although, considering how many people
have never seen any, we wonder why we've seen
multiple diverse UFOs. One of my friends in Texas
who also was *experienced* said that we are all
tagged. I think it's more than that.

When dad was staying in Austin with us, my nephew
and I were watching a program on A & E about UFOs.
He knows from his dad how we saw a spectacular UFO
in our childhood.

When the show went to commercial, we all went
out back to the deck. The night sky was clear and
crisp, and the bright stars actually twinkling.
Within 40 seconds, right in front of us, there
it was, an unmistakable saucer-shaped UFO.
Even more disconcerting, a huge star seemed
to appear, and it's illuminated spikes almost
reached the ground. Dad and I called it, "Star
of Bethlehem." It looked, and felt like a sign.
It was bizarre how it was visible along with
the UFO.

It wasn't seeing the UFO that bothered me, but,
the synchronicity of discussing it during a
program on UFOs. I can still recall that rush
of natural adrenalin making my head swim.
We watched it, as it seemed to be there for
us, alone. We saw two neighbors jogging,
and yelled to them to look up! They did
and honest to God, said, "Wow," but kept
on jogging, without missing a beat, like it
was nothing more than a butterfly to notice
for an instance. This thing had a spiritual
effect, so profound, that even the kitties
were stunned, watching it up above.

If UFOs make sense because they could
be anything from secret government craft
to alien life forms interested in us, then why
these profoundly moving synchronised
events? Why do some people see them
multiple times, but, others never see them

There's more to it than extraterrestrial technology.
Maybe they're demonic. I've considered the
greys and reptilian ones to be a modern way
to say, "DEMONS" and I can't figure out why
any other term is needed. While some UFOs are
probably demonic, what if others are more
angelic? What about the crop circles? Are these
signs and wonders, a precursor to things that
are to come? A wake-up message? Or a trick?

So, I guess it shows that I dreamt of the UFOs,
and unfortunately, these dreams are not much
fun. I don't like describing demonic dreams
and nightmares, so, I won't. But, it makes me
wonder, and I cannot say what they are, only
that according to my dreams, they're here to
trick us, not to save mankind. The only UFO
that we can bank on is the Holy Cube descending
from the seventh heaven, or however many
layers it takes to descend to this place.

It is a conundrum and riddle how omnipotent
God who can control every blade of grass, would
need to arrive in the chariot of heaven, but,
that's for him to know, and for us to be told
when it is our time to understand. It's not a
bad thing to seek answers, though, and so
I ponder these things when my nerves can
take it. Seeing UFOs isn't fun. It's scary and
leaves post-traumatic stress disorder footprints.
It's not anything you can discuss with a
therapist, because, they are more voodoo
than science, and to them, the unknown
is science fiction. Besides, they think they
know it all, anyway, so considering how
a close encounter can traumatize people
is beyond their abilities. Most of them
are agnostics as well. Tell them you discern
spiritual imprints on these things, and
they'll just prescribe chemical strait

Only God has the answers I want to know.
I want to understand these mysteries,
and I want to dive into that mystical
realm, even though it is terrifying. I
am getting to the point where I am not
afraid of that many things, and have
prepared my soul to accept mortal death.
I understand how the Jihadists do it.
When you live for God, it's easy to lose
yourself for something greater in God.

I wish Christians, Jews and Muslims
would come together in faith in the
God of the Universe. I still maintain
that the LORD has ordained this, but,
there are so many mysteries in why the
world is imploding by the enmity between
the natural and adopted children of Abraham.

Why can't we be brothers, and embrace God?
I think it 's because religion is what's evil.
Religion is carnal, and it appeals to the flesh.
Through ritual and self-righteousness, men
believe themselves to be made acceptable
and worthy of God. Yet, God has told us
through the Prophets that it is by faith
alone that we are saved, and faith, itself,
is a holy gift of grace, beyond our will.
We can't stand before a Holy and Perfect
God and declare our good works which have
earned us a place in His perfect Kingdom.
We can only accept His terms and contract
for salvation, which he promised our father,
Abraham, and he promised that through
Isaac, the Messiah would come. Yet, that
doesn't mean that Hagar and Ishmael were
accursed. The Lord himself blessed them,
as they were sent out in exile, about to
die in the wilderness.

We all have major elements wrong because
religion doesn't glorify God. It justifies man.
The only thing that God said will be satisfactory
is love, and through love, good works, and by
good works, a manifestation of faith. No
mumbo jumbo in Hebrew, Latin, or Arabic
will suffice. These are men's languages and
tongues. God doesn't need our praise or
our good works. We can't save the planet
if we hate eachother. All bets are off, and
pollution is the least of mankind's imminent
disorders. Am I my brother's keeper?
Why haven't we learned that this is the
answer, to love our brother, no matter
what? How is it possible that we've
advanced so far but have primitive
hearts, full of lust, hate, and emptiness,
needing to be filled with chemicals
and sexual perversions?

Pure love is the simple love of another.
Yet, it will not happen because hate
and strife are part of our DNA. We
cannot sublimate or transcend these
primitive emotions without the Holy
Spirit of God.

That's how the whole story began, with
Cain killing Abel out of jealousy, because
God seemed to prefer him. Now, we have
come full circle.

I spend half the night by my window watching
the night sky, waiting for Him to come back.

Come back soon Lord, make haste on
that mountain of spices and bring good
tidings for those who have waited so
patiently, watching the skies for signs.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Protocols of Zion

Vanity Fair came out with their Top 100 influential
people in the world. 51 out of the 100 were Jewish.
Drudge took a positive spin on this, but, as any
paranoid person from a Jewish heritage can attest,
this is not good news for Jews. It fuels and absolutely
reinforces the old conspiracy theory Protocols of
the Elders of Zion rhetoric about the disproportionate
number of Jews in leadership.

This is an amazing feat, considering Jews are so
incredibly outnumbered. The same argument emerged
at the onset of the Third Reich's propaganda
campaign, derived from the deep-rooted fear and
superstition people have towards paradoxically
successful, but, clannish and xenophobic Jewish people.
Jews had a reason to be xenophobic considering our
history. We've been slaughtered and chased throughout
the four corners of the globe, since before Moses.

We are the blessed accursed by Providence. Are we
smarter? Not really. I know plenty of stupid and
ignorant Jews. For every clever Jewish person,
there is an equally clever counterpart in the
non-Jewish sea of humanity. Yet, Jews are
disproportionately successful. It's been studied
and philosophized. Maybe we're more driven
because of being perpetually disenfranchised?
Maybe it's God's hand that has designed it this
way for His divine purposes.

Is there a Zionist conspiracy? Yes and no. Coming
from a Bolshevik family of masons, I know there's
something real about secret fraternities and
the way powerful men achieve mastery of others.
My grandfather was closer to the Protocols of
the Elders, than he was what he appeared to be
in America, which was a simple furniture craftsman
and engraver, cantor in the synagogue. In reality,
he was sent to NYC in 1916 to procure funds from
such Jewish luminaries as Jacob Schiff, who
donated large sums to the revolution. I know that
he did that, so, it's not a matter of blindly
accepting what someone else has written about
him. He was part of a global conspiracy. He
was an agent for British intelligence, and
possibly a double agent.

Jacob Schiff was the early 20th Century
version of a billionaire. Why would
such an outrageously successful emigre', who
fully benefited from capitalism, then fund
a Communist coup d 'etat? Why indeed, if not
for the wave of world revolution that was
being cooked up for 150 years, and doled
out in precise moments in history. There
was an order to this plan, and it began
in 1776. Trotsky revealed this idealistic
template in his autobiographical works,
particularly in his awe of Robespierre,
even though his star fell at the end.

The Illuminati is real, but, not as powerful
as the conspiracy crowd preach. Still, their
branches and components reach into every
walk of life in our world, and has done
increasingly more in securing leadership
for their ranks. It makes you wonder why
Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., Al Gore,
John Kerry were all cultivated from the
same fraternal order, from a young age.
If that doesn't speak to us, then we're
not able to hear a thing.

Jacob Schiff's grandson married Al Gore's
daughter. Coincidence? Nothing is a
coincidence, even if it falls into place
by accident. This pattern is as preordained
as the seasons.

The ultimate goal of world leadership for
the past few centuries has been to establish
an illuminated uber-man, and a race that
is cultivated and derived from the common
dirt of humanity. That's why billionaires,
even today, preach socialism for the middle
classes and borgeousie. Only the very rich
and empowered ruling classes are meant to
enjoy the bounty of this life, while the
vast majority of mankind is meant to be
their servants and slaves, barely subsisting
on low wages. These oligarchies are justified
by beliefs in reincarnation and entitlements
based on family bloodlines. Another coincidence
*(tongue-in-cheek) is that Clinton and Bush
are only a few of the American Presidents
related to the Stewart family of the royals
in England.

These things have to be considered and then
compared to what we know of the world, and
then, the Word of God. It only has true
ILLUMINATION when the truth is revealed
against the light of scripture, and what
Christ told us about this world, and about
Caesar, who we are bound to serve in the
flesh. While this is our human burden,
our salvation and hope is to be free of
these oligarchial tyrants who are rapidly
planning our ultimate slavery. They will
tag us with microchips, at first, as an
"Identy" tool, but, in truth, it will
be determined whether we need neurological
chips, which can reroute brain waves
and change behavior. They're building
a civilization of slaves.

This shouldn't trouble us, since, these
truths are plainly written in the Bible.
In fact, the closer these final indignities
occus, the most egregious being "One-world"
globalism, the sooner the Cube is ordained
to arrive. The Messiah will defend and
settle the controversy of Zion, and visit
the world's transgressions against Israel.
Any nation who helped, or planned, to
destroy Israel and wipe out the Jews
and Christians, will suffer plagues.

I believe these plagues have begun in
places like Indonesia, where they behead
Christian children who do not renounce
their faith in Christ. This is also
happening in more countries. Before
the Ethiopian famine of the 1980s, they
had a purge of all Christians, slaughtering
well over 100,000 Christian families,
starting with ministers and their children.

We are starting to escalate in prophecy, as
well, with the battle lines being drawn in
the sand, to commence the final purge of
Jerusalem. Y'rushalym is the apple of God's
eye, and His footstool. This is where His
holy feet blessed the dust. This is where
He will again stand, on the terrible and
glorious Day of the Lord. He warns that
the Day of Christ is a day of darkness, not
light. The sun will be dark, and the moon
will turn red. Not only will this eclipse
be foreboding, it will be the catalyst
to a catastrophic event, possibly the
flipping of poles. It's coming. Christ
is true to His Word, and we're the
generation who the final words were
meant for. We have NO excuse to mock,
or ignore the signs and blaspheme His

Al Gore reeks for so many reasons it is
difficult to isolate only a few of them.
First off, check out the rhetoric of
Charles Manson, and hippie guru Ira Einhorn,
the Philadelphia killer who founded
"Earth Day." WAY back when Gore was in
Middle School, the hippies were given
the ecological movement's agenda, to
use as a nefarious tool to preach global
love and globalism. Why is globalism bad?
It's bad because most of the world is
shit. They subjugate women, enslave
children, and only a disgusting few are
entitled to the privileges of God's
Earth, while the vast majority are
slaves who work for them. This world
is largely evil because it has banished
Jesus Christ from their vocabulary,
other than to curse.

The judgement of God is coming because
the doorway to salvation is closing.
People in the vast majority of the
world today, live in relative darkness,
and the darkness is taking on demonic
morals. Look at who our own free culture
promotes, in Paris Hilton, Britney Spears,
and those whose morality and intelligence
is virtually non-existent. Good people
are ignored. It's the baddies who are
celebrated as celebrities. This is a big
sign that the wrath of God approaches,
in my opinion.

The world may think it can expunge Christ
and Christians, as well as all Jews from the
face of the Earth, but, the world is Christ's
alone, and he is coming back, as the landlord,
to establish ownership, and punish those who
killed his servants and people, and served
other idols and false Gods.

There is a conspiracy, and there are Illuminati
members, who believe it is they who pull the
puppet strings. However, they are just puppets
in the hands of the real forces who rule this
Earth, for the time being. This is hard for us
to understand, but, all will be crystal clear
by the end of days, which I believe is coming

We will begin again, Year 1, in New Jerusalem,
and the people of the world, who weren't
killed in the holocausts to come, will be
given one more chance to choose Christ as
King. We are witnessing things that are
so evil. Look at Hugh Hefner, and those
types of demonic people who smirk and
believe they are all-powerful and important.
Yet, he will see how samll, naked and pitiful
he is, unless he repents before he draws
his last breath. He can partake of the beloved
too, but, not the way he has lived. He's
helped to corrupt the final generations.
I wouldn't want to stand before God with
his rap sheet.

It will be a different world where women
won't be judged by strictly their lack of
years, size of body parts, or subservience.
Women have suffered from the beginning, and
the Angels have swords to finally exact
justice for the way women have been butchered,
abused, enslaved and treated like chattel.

Christ was, and is the first emancipator of
women and children. He will deliver us from this
perverted, sick and corrupt world, replacing
the old with the New.

Praise you Lord, for I long to see you with
my own eyes, arriving to confound the proud
and vain multitudes. I pray for the eyes of
the blind to receive light, and for the harvest
to be enormous. Throw out your nets on this
sea, and draw out multitudes who praise your
Holy Name.

Halleluyah Y'shua HaMasciach, Hashem, Aleph
and Tav, the Beginning and the End. Deliver
us from temptations, depravity, vanity,
and bitterness. Let us be purely representing
you, not our own pride. Help to guide us
and be a light to our feet. Help to keep
us from stumbling. Have mercy on all those
who love you, yet, are still weak. Strengthen
and support our righteousness with your
Holy blood. Our cup runs over.

Praise you Father, and Thank You for the hope
and comfort of Jesus Christ, our Savior, and
for The Holy Spirit which helps us not to
stumble, and forms words of praise to glorify
you, in Your kingdom.

Praise YOU and no other, in the Name of Jesus,
Amen and Amen!

Friday, October 12, 2007

The IGnoble Peace Prize

The false prophet, Al Gore, won the Nobel so-called
"Peace" prize for his scandalous misrepresentation
of science, pandering to the globalist conspiracy, and
leading the way for the number 1 Six-six-six. I was
thrilled he won, because the pompous and silly award
has had no validity since Yassir Arafat and the
traitorous demented ex-President Jimmy Carter
were awarded it, for NOTHING, since there is no
peace in the Middle East.

Speaking of the latter, as disappointed as I am with
President Bush, no president in history was as
incompetent and horrible as Carter. While some
of his humanitarian work is laudable, such as the
very noble "Habitat for Humanity", all demagogues
and devils hook innocent people with so-called
good deeds. No one follows someone who is
outwardly evil. That's why Christ call them wolves
in sheep's clothing, and warned us to beware of
their true intentions.

Mr. Carter is a degenerate racist and globalist,
instigating persecution against Israel. He is
in no way a real Christian, and I don't say that
lightly. I am loathe to judge any one's relationship
with God, but, Jesus warned us about those in
leadership, who falsely professed his name. He
said by their works we will know them. By Jimmy's
hate rhetoric can we clearly comprehend his spiritual
poverty and perverse state of mind. This is made
even more profound by his rapidly increasing
dementia and loony tunes ranting every few

Mr. Gore makes a fine counterpart to the
elderly Carter. What Carter began, in weakening
the nation, and leading the blind astray, Gore has
competently taken up the mantle, using this
false agenda of global pollution, as his rallying
cry, to first destroy the USA, and then unite the
world under the Antichrist.

While I don't think he has any better chances of
winning the Democratic nomination than a
yellow dog, it is pretty sad that there are any
who want this demagogue and false prophet to
eclipse the party's other candidates, especially since
Hillary Clinton is practically ordained to be the first
female president. It's all in God's hands, at this
point, though. Whoever will win the election in
2008 is who God has written in. I am at peace
with this, whoever it is.

It wouldn't bother me, though, if either Osama Barak
or boring Goering Gore and his propaganda, took
the helm. That's because there's only a few sands
left in that hour glass, and the sooner the Antichrist
is revealed, the sooner Christ makes haste.

When the nations of the world surround and
seek to destroy Israel is when New Jerusalem,
the Cubic heavenly mega-craft and city, will appear.
That's what is written. I have no doubt about this.
Every eye will clearly see this, and woe to those who
follow the Gore-ring into the nuclear winter. There will be
no death for three years, but, those left will pray
for death. Death will take a holiday while the demons
play their last act. What a horror it is to behold.
Hell on Earth, not the Kingdom of God on Earth
that Osama promised this past week.

What's that all about anyway? While the term
"Kingdom of Heaven on Earth" sounds appealing,
it is a blasphemous statement. It is the sound of
the Antichrist, himself. There can be no Kingdom
of God without Christ, himself. It is the Antichrist
who professes to create such a global unity, without
God. By their sound, can we clearly understand
who they are serving.

I dreamt of just this last night, and woke up
with the t.v. on, and news of Gore winning the
peace prize. It was almost like a continuation of
my dream, and the chilling nuclear world of my
nightmare. May God have mercy on us all, and
allow people to see the light, so they will not
follow the false prophet, and the ultimate
false light, in Lucifer and his apostles.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Clooney, and John.

I've been unable to spend too much time blogging,
but, I decided I needed to try to keep doing it.
The free-form flow is helpful in overcoming my
chronic writer's blocks. I read a great article
which recommended any writer with blocks to just
write, without concentrating on how profound, witty,
or important their words were. It made so much sense.

I have to give kudos to George Clooney, who I called
George Looney, for his somewhat fatuous declaration
that Osama Barak was like a "rock star." It hit a
nerve with me. As it is, I personally feel that
Barak is nothing but George Soros's "lawn jockey"
and his puppet. He's so owned that if God forbid
he wins the nomination, and actually wins, it's
a sure bet that we've only got 3.5 years left...
But, maybe that's a good thing? 2012 does seem
to be a likely date for the Cube to arrive, but,
that's another story.

Clooney was injured in an accident, and was taken
to a hospital where employees accessed his medical
records and leaked them to the press. Dozens were
laid off, and he spoke out on their behalf. He's
a good guy, after all.

I guess I'm sympathetic to the workers, because,
it could have been me. It's very hard to resist
logging on and snooping in your hospital's
intra-net, when it comes to celebrities. I recall
night shifts, when at 2 AM, everything stops, and
time starts to go backwards! The only way to deal
with the punchiness is to keep busy, and often
I'd catch up with my patient's test results, and
other notes available on the computer system.
It was impossible not to snoop if you had a famous
person, even if they're not your patient. It's
human nature. While many celebrities use aliases
in house, when they're admitted or treated, those
aliases soon become well-known. If I worked at
the hospital where Clooney was treated, I surely
would have been caught logging on. I would NEVER
talk to the press, or anyone else about it, though.
Not even my husband, or friends. I always respected
patient confidentiality. The worst I ever violated
it was to mention to my husband that I treated
a minor rock star in a certain band. OK, I eventually
told him who, but, not anything confidential. Some
things are too sacred, and they are drilled into
you as a healthcare worker.

But, aside from snooping, it isn't unusual for
hospital workers to be familliar with patient's
charts, or even their personal information. It's
not to snoop or invade their privacy. It's so we
know how to holistically treat them. If I know
that a patient has no insurance, I may think of
creative ways of treating them without ordering
tests they can never pay for. If they have social
concerns, like an abusive home, or homelessness,
it helps to treat them as a whole person, not
just a sick part. 2/3rds of how I treated patients
dealt with their personal, spiritual, and psychological
lives, not their diseases.

It also helps to know who's in the hospital, even
if they're not your patients. I found that helpful
if they became my patients, while experiencing a
crisis. Most places I worked lacked in-house residents,
and in smaller community hospitals, it was up to me
to intubate, or rescue in a crisis. Knowing they
had conditions helped in an emergency. So, on those
long night-shifts, I would try to touch base with
all medical patients, and why they were there, and
it certainly saved lives for a few. (Not to sound
pompous or self-important, but, it's true.)

So, George Clooney may be way off-base with George
Soros's hand-puppet and lawn jockey, but, he's ok
as a human being. I do appreciate his compassionate
work in Darfur, too. Even though I usually don't
think African aid is wisely spent, and is only
used to finance more oppression, some places, like
Darfur, need the world's help.

My poor lost fiancee John called last night,
and he's in a terrible state... Illinois. No,
seriously, he lives in a small city in Central
Illinois, near Springfield, where crime and
social disease has wiped out a productive and
vital community. He was attacked by 16 year
old gang-bangers and nearly killed. He wants
to get out.

After my accident, he left to go home. It was
painful, but, I sort of understood. He thought
he hated Ft. Lauderdale, all the traffic and
tropical big-city stress. It's hard for small town
people to adopt to large cities, even though
he lived in Chicago for a few years. He preferred
a small town, but, I couldn't live in the city
where he was born and raised. He wanted to
go back there to be with his teenaged son,
and now that his son is in college, he has
less incentive to stay and get attacked again.

Considering John is a very fit 6' tall black-belt
in martial arts, it speaks volumes to the viciousness
of the attack on him. However, he said that he
knew if he used his own weapons, his hands and
mind, against a 16 year old black kid, he'd
go from a man protecting himself, to a big
bully who beat up a black child, not a gang
banger, out on the street at 2 am. Jesse Jackson
would be marching on the city if they didn't
arrest him. He said he realized that when
the kid first hit him, and so he tried to
just leave, and not fight back, but, the
kid smashed the back of his head when he
turned to walk away. He was lucky he wasn't

I think God is in his life, for good or bad,
and even if this event was horrible and scary,
that God will provide him with the wisdom to
do what he wants him to do. While I hope
he comes back to Ft. Lauderdale, I don't know
if he'll ever be happy down here, and I don't
see myself living with ice and snow again.
I'm seriously in love with the tropics.

I pray that John recovers and God provides him
with the help he needs. He's had a hard life,
and I still love him and want the best for him.

I just realized the synchronicity of my post:
John looks just like George Clooney. (At least
I think so.) He's his age, too.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bravo Top Chef Finale

Top Chef is a top notch low budget cheap thrill. The
host Padma and cool Tom C. are a great recipe, and
it's just a neat and addicting show. Tonight's the finale
and I cannot believe I am so excited! I need to get a life,
but in the meantime, I am hooked on this series.

I'm going to cover this real time, just to burn up
the nervous excitement.

OMG, usually the final contestants are given
the former contestants as their sous chefs,
but, this season, the three get three of the
best restaurateurs in the nation to help
in their preparations.

I have rooted for Dale all season, but,
I would be happy if any of them wins
Top Chef. They get to choose their
entree choices from fresh ingredients
in a tantalizing cornucopia, all to be
served in the ethereal beauty of
Aspen. Cooking in Aspen poses challenges
all by itself, since the altitude changes
food preparation and technique.

Dale chose a lamb dish and Hung
chose Duck for a main entree. I have a feeling
Hung and Duck are a winning combo.

It's ironic that Casey got Michelle
Bernstein as her sous chef, as the
only female chef left standing! Hung
go Chef Rocco, who's probably the
sexiest chef alive, and has an affinity
for Asian style fusion food, almost
perfect for Hung.

Michelle wants to edit Casey's preparations,
especially the pork belly, but cannot add her
input, since she's there as a sous chef. I hope
that doesn't mean Casey's off track, but, usually
Bravo edits the shows to make it look suspenseful,
often showing the winner in those near-disasters
that turn out perfectly. Michelle tells the camera
how much she likes Casey, and is in her corner.

They didn't show much of Dale's prep.

Again, I've got to give kudos to Bravo.
Maybe it's cheesy, but, I love these shows.
I'm really thrilled that it's only 5 weeks away
until PROJECT RUNWAY!!!! That's the show
that started my Bravo addiction. I hated Tim
Gunn's latest filler-mid-season fashion makeover
show and thought it was craptastic, but, I can't wait to
see the real deal. Project Runway is an amazing
show. I grew up in the fashion world because my
dad was designer, and even did couture dresses
for designers. He once made some exquisitely
beautiful dresses for Jane Seymour out of
antique French materials and lace that were
culled from exclusive antique dealers and even
flea markets in France.

Back to TC. It is now the final day's meal prep.
The three pick knives and get the three former
highest finalists before them. OK, that's the
usual formula. Hung didn't want Howie, and
Casey got him. Dale got CJ, and Hung
got Sarah.Where's Brian? I wonder how it
makes the former contestants feel to hear
the final edit of the show where these
finalists are fretting or hoping to work
with them?

Casey is spazzing more than the others
for their first plating. She seems less focused.

I was wondering what happened to Brian,
the fourth contestant, last to go since he
wasn't one of the final sous chefs? He's the
honored guest at the dinner, along with the
celeb prep sous chefs.

First dish is served. Hung made "Fish and Chips"
Hamachi. It was a big hit.Dale made fois gras,
which they remarked as being very rich, heavy....
Casey made cinnamon scallop and fois gras with
apple and honey. Looks like Hung and Casey were
the faves for first course.

For second course, Hung made Shrimp with palm sugar,
cucumber salad, and coconut froth. Dale makes seared
scallop and sweet corn. Casey made poached prawn with
rice cake.

For the third course, Hung made pressed
duck with mushroom ragout and truffles.
Dale had a summer ragout of lobster, corn,..
Casey had crispy pork belly with pea shoots .
They loved the duck. I knew Hung would
score with his duck. Perfect.

Dale's lobster and gnocchi wasn't scoring
as high. The gnocchi was too heavy and
the sauce was off. Tom C. said it was
terrible. The pork belly also fell flat. Michelle
wondered if she left it in the oven.
Hung's duck definitely won that round.

For the fourth course, Hung's surprise
dish was chocolate cake. Dale made
a poached lamb with eggplant pure.
Casey made Colorado sirloin with
potatoes, mushrooms...

The Lamb was a hit. Casey also made
a good dish. They felt it was her best
dish- meat and potatoes. They also
loved Hung's desert. It was a perfect
chocolate cake, although Tom was
not impressed and thought it was
disjointed from his otherwise Asian

I can't believe that the only member
of the cast from last season was Marcel.
Usually the winner from last season
passes the crown! How ironic, since he
was the source of the most controversy,
and lost to Ilan. However, the way the other
chefs last year bullied him, it made them look
so bad that it's not disappointing not
seeing them again, especially Ilan, who
was just a doofus punk!

So it's commercial time, and I'm actually
getting sweaty palms thinking of who will
be the next Top Chef. It seemed like Hung had
the most consistently good dishes. It's hard
to say who's going to win.

It sounds like they are the most critical of
Casey... They only had a problem with one
of Dale's dishes. Hung is also being criticized
for everything but his duck. It's looking like
Dale may win now.

Hung wins first course. They hated Casey's
second course, and Howie's influence was
a detriment. They loved Dale's scallop, and
he wins second course. Third course, Hung's
duck was an easy winner. They hated Dale's
lobster. Fourth course went to Dale's lamb.

So, it's definitely between Hung and Dale.
Dale's lamb astonished them. SO it's
two for Dale and two for Hung. I bet it
is Dale.

Who's it going to be? Dale's lobster is
a real obstacle, but, Gail argues about
his lamb. Now it looks like Hung is
pulling ahead, but, they all loved the
lamb so much that they have now
left us in total darkness. It could
be Dale or Hung.

Now, it cuts to live in Chicago to
announce the winner. Hung looks
like he's about to cry. I'm torn.
I want both Dale and Hung to win!

OMG, this is so cruel. Casey knows she's
out of it, but, has a really upbeat and cool
attitude. She did so well, and as the youngest
cast member, I'm in awe of her this season.
Dale and Hung don't know who is TC. Dale has
red eyes, and Hung is about to cry again.

Good finale to the 3rd