Sunday, October 28, 2007

John and Jesus

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It always cheers me up to hear from John.
If you read this, "HI JOHN!" :^) I never
stopped loving or caring for John, and
it's a physical sense of loss when I don't
hear from him from one season to the
next. When he gets back in touch, it's
like we've never been apart again.

It's weird when someone you care about
reads your words, and I hope I didn't say
anything to offend. I have a habit of treating
my blog no differently than my old faith
journals, which were private.

On the Internet, anyone can stumble upon
my words. Those who don't know me
may think I'm just another religious loon,
especially if they're not into the eschatology
of Christ which is my obsession. I always forget
that not everyone is cheerful about the end of
our age. LOL.

During President Bush's recent press
conference, when he warned the world
that a nuclear enabled Iran would lead
to WWIII, most people would assume
that's a bad thing. I find myself smiling,
which would, and often does, infuriate
others. It's not that I want people to
suffer and die. I just want Christ to
come back more than I want
whirled peas.

What do Christ-less people have to
look forward to?

I thank the LORD for all the blessings
he's given me, not least of all for the
love and friendship of John. I know
we'll be together for ten thousand
years and beyond. That's worth
all the suffering of the past few
years without his companionship.
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I feel blessed in incomparable
ways. What's even neater is that
the future looks even brighter.
It's worth more than a million dollars
to feel loved and be doubly blessed
by having a soul mate and the LORD
even if I look like I'm all alone.
Love never dies or leaves. It's
an eternal flame, and when
you love the LORD, it's immortality
and eternal joy.

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