Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Truth is Out There

Dad and I often discuss the UFOs we've seen
through the years. It's not like there are dozens
of them, although, considering how many people
have never seen any, we wonder why we've seen
multiple diverse UFOs. One of my friends in Texas
who also was *experienced* said that we are all
tagged. I think it's more than that.

When dad was staying in Austin with us, my nephew
and I were watching a program on A & E about UFOs.
He knows from his dad how we saw a spectacular UFO
in our childhood.

When the show went to commercial, we all went
out back to the deck. The night sky was clear and
crisp, and the bright stars actually twinkling.
Within 40 seconds, right in front of us, there
it was, an unmistakable saucer-shaped UFO.
Even more disconcerting, a huge star seemed
to appear, and it's illuminated spikes almost
reached the ground. Dad and I called it, "Star
of Bethlehem." It looked, and felt like a sign.
It was bizarre how it was visible along with
the UFO.

It wasn't seeing the UFO that bothered me, but,
the synchronicity of discussing it during a
program on UFOs. I can still recall that rush
of natural adrenalin making my head swim.
We watched it, as it seemed to be there for
us, alone. We saw two neighbors jogging,
and yelled to them to look up! They did
and honest to God, said, "Wow," but kept
on jogging, without missing a beat, like it
was nothing more than a butterfly to notice
for an instance. This thing had a spiritual
effect, so profound, that even the kitties
were stunned, watching it up above.

If UFOs make sense because they could
be anything from secret government craft
to alien life forms interested in us, then why
these profoundly moving synchronised
events? Why do some people see them
multiple times, but, others never see them

There's more to it than extraterrestrial technology.
Maybe they're demonic. I've considered the
greys and reptilian ones to be a modern way
to say, "DEMONS" and I can't figure out why
any other term is needed. While some UFOs are
probably demonic, what if others are more
angelic? What about the crop circles? Are these
signs and wonders, a precursor to things that
are to come? A wake-up message? Or a trick?

So, I guess it shows that I dreamt of the UFOs,
and unfortunately, these dreams are not much
fun. I don't like describing demonic dreams
and nightmares, so, I won't. But, it makes me
wonder, and I cannot say what they are, only
that according to my dreams, they're here to
trick us, not to save mankind. The only UFO
that we can bank on is the Holy Cube descending
from the seventh heaven, or however many
layers it takes to descend to this place.

It is a conundrum and riddle how omnipotent
God who can control every blade of grass, would
need to arrive in the chariot of heaven, but,
that's for him to know, and for us to be told
when it is our time to understand. It's not a
bad thing to seek answers, though, and so
I ponder these things when my nerves can
take it. Seeing UFOs isn't fun. It's scary and
leaves post-traumatic stress disorder footprints.
It's not anything you can discuss with a
therapist, because, they are more voodoo
than science, and to them, the unknown
is science fiction. Besides, they think they
know it all, anyway, so considering how
a close encounter can traumatize people
is beyond their abilities. Most of them
are agnostics as well. Tell them you discern
spiritual imprints on these things, and
they'll just prescribe chemical strait

Only God has the answers I want to know.
I want to understand these mysteries,
and I want to dive into that mystical
realm, even though it is terrifying. I
am getting to the point where I am not
afraid of that many things, and have
prepared my soul to accept mortal death.
I understand how the Jihadists do it.
When you live for God, it's easy to lose
yourself for something greater in God.

I wish Christians, Jews and Muslims
would come together in faith in the
God of the Universe. I still maintain
that the LORD has ordained this, but,
there are so many mysteries in why the
world is imploding by the enmity between
the natural and adopted children of Abraham.

Why can't we be brothers, and embrace God?
I think it 's because religion is what's evil.
Religion is carnal, and it appeals to the flesh.
Through ritual and self-righteousness, men
believe themselves to be made acceptable
and worthy of God. Yet, God has told us
through the Prophets that it is by faith
alone that we are saved, and faith, itself,
is a holy gift of grace, beyond our will.
We can't stand before a Holy and Perfect
God and declare our good works which have
earned us a place in His perfect Kingdom.
We can only accept His terms and contract
for salvation, which he promised our father,
Abraham, and he promised that through
Isaac, the Messiah would come. Yet, that
doesn't mean that Hagar and Ishmael were
accursed. The Lord himself blessed them,
as they were sent out in exile, about to
die in the wilderness.

We all have major elements wrong because
religion doesn't glorify God. It justifies man.
The only thing that God said will be satisfactory
is love, and through love, good works, and by
good works, a manifestation of faith. No
mumbo jumbo in Hebrew, Latin, or Arabic
will suffice. These are men's languages and
tongues. God doesn't need our praise or
our good works. We can't save the planet
if we hate eachother. All bets are off, and
pollution is the least of mankind's imminent
disorders. Am I my brother's keeper?
Why haven't we learned that this is the
answer, to love our brother, no matter
what? How is it possible that we've
advanced so far but have primitive
hearts, full of lust, hate, and emptiness,
needing to be filled with chemicals
and sexual perversions?

Pure love is the simple love of another.
Yet, it will not happen because hate
and strife are part of our DNA. We
cannot sublimate or transcend these
primitive emotions without the Holy
Spirit of God.

That's how the whole story began, with
Cain killing Abel out of jealousy, because
God seemed to prefer him. Now, we have
come full circle.

I spend half the night by my window watching
the night sky, waiting for Him to come back.

Come back soon Lord, make haste on
that mountain of spices and bring good
tidings for those who have waited so
patiently, watching the skies for signs.

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