Friday, October 12, 2007

The IGnoble Peace Prize

The false prophet, Al Gore, won the Nobel so-called
"Peace" prize for his scandalous misrepresentation
of science, pandering to the globalist conspiracy, and
leading the way for the number 1 Six-six-six. I was
thrilled he won, because the pompous and silly award
has had no validity since Yassir Arafat and the
traitorous demented ex-President Jimmy Carter
were awarded it, for NOTHING, since there is no
peace in the Middle East.

Speaking of the latter, as disappointed as I am with
President Bush, no president in history was as
incompetent and horrible as Carter. While some
of his humanitarian work is laudable, such as the
very noble "Habitat for Humanity", all demagogues
and devils hook innocent people with so-called
good deeds. No one follows someone who is
outwardly evil. That's why Christ call them wolves
in sheep's clothing, and warned us to beware of
their true intentions.

Mr. Carter is a degenerate racist and globalist,
instigating persecution against Israel. He is
in no way a real Christian, and I don't say that
lightly. I am loathe to judge any one's relationship
with God, but, Jesus warned us about those in
leadership, who falsely professed his name. He
said by their works we will know them. By Jimmy's
hate rhetoric can we clearly comprehend his spiritual
poverty and perverse state of mind. This is made
even more profound by his rapidly increasing
dementia and loony tunes ranting every few

Mr. Gore makes a fine counterpart to the
elderly Carter. What Carter began, in weakening
the nation, and leading the blind astray, Gore has
competently taken up the mantle, using this
false agenda of global pollution, as his rallying
cry, to first destroy the USA, and then unite the
world under the Antichrist.

While I don't think he has any better chances of
winning the Democratic nomination than a
yellow dog, it is pretty sad that there are any
who want this demagogue and false prophet to
eclipse the party's other candidates, especially since
Hillary Clinton is practically ordained to be the first
female president. It's all in God's hands, at this
point, though. Whoever will win the election in
2008 is who God has written in. I am at peace
with this, whoever it is.

It wouldn't bother me, though, if either Osama Barak
or boring Goering Gore and his propaganda, took
the helm. That's because there's only a few sands
left in that hour glass, and the sooner the Antichrist
is revealed, the sooner Christ makes haste.

When the nations of the world surround and
seek to destroy Israel is when New Jerusalem,
the Cubic heavenly mega-craft and city, will appear.
That's what is written. I have no doubt about this.
Every eye will clearly see this, and woe to those who
follow the Gore-ring into the nuclear winter. There will be
no death for three years, but, those left will pray
for death. Death will take a holiday while the demons
play their last act. What a horror it is to behold.
Hell on Earth, not the Kingdom of God on Earth
that Osama promised this past week.

What's that all about anyway? While the term
"Kingdom of Heaven on Earth" sounds appealing,
it is a blasphemous statement. It is the sound of
the Antichrist, himself. There can be no Kingdom
of God without Christ, himself. It is the Antichrist
who professes to create such a global unity, without
God. By their sound, can we clearly understand
who they are serving.

I dreamt of just this last night, and woke up
with the t.v. on, and news of Gore winning the
peace prize. It was almost like a continuation of
my dream, and the chilling nuclear world of my
nightmare. May God have mercy on us all, and
allow people to see the light, so they will not
follow the false prophet, and the ultimate
false light, in Lucifer and his apostles.

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