Monday, October 22, 2007

Synchronicity in the last days

In addition to powerful dreams this week,
there's been a tsunami of synchronicity.
While watching the last game of the pennant
series, everything dad said, was followed
by the sport's commentators reiterating.
More freaky, right before Cocoa Crisp
spoke, my dad said his quote about winning.
We both were laughing after each one of
the dozens of hits. Dad said to look around
the room for bugs because it went haywire
with every word he spoke being spoken again.

The only explanation is synchronicity.

I try to fathom the quantum mechanics
and string theory responsible for this uncanny
science of coincidences. I know that the
mental hospitals are full of people who
have had the television speak to them,
or repeat their phrases. That's when they
take it to mean they're the messiah, or
devil, or both.

Synchronicity comes in like the tides,
and rolls on out again, and leaves us
lonely, without the magical confusion of
its' phenomenal events.

I've experienced entire weeks of pure
synchronicity, where every last detail
is engaged in this mysterious grid of
happenings. It feels like some part of
God is trying to communicate, but, it's
always pointless to figure it out without
becoming paranoid and going insane.

It feels so personal when it occurs.
I remember staying up all night with my
niece one night, and the television did
the same thing. After we spoke, some commercial
or old Nick at Night show, would reiterate
our phrases. We were spooked and delighted.

It's like we stepped on a crack in time,
and where space overlaps our reality.
It is exquisitely layered in mystery and
the slightest hint of the divine.

Since it's happening more now than ever,
I take it to mean that everything is
becoming aligned, and that means
EVERYTHING, every last dimension of
time/space continuum, because the
LORD of the Universe is marching
and he's creating the perfect pathway.

This is all HIS to control, and it's
up to us to gaze at in awe and wonder.

As if the beauty of all of His creation
weren't enough to touch our souls, He
is awakening some part of our psyche
and He's coming. I can hear the trumpets
and I can feel the change coming closer.

When I read of wars, rumors of wars,
earthquakes in divers places, and all
the trouble in this world of sorrows
and travails, I transcend above the
agony by saying His NAME.

Our Lord, above everything in heaven and
Earth, is to be worshipped in solemnity
and celebration. If that's a paradox,
it's a Holy paradox. It is the beginning
of wisdom to fear the Lord, but, it is
the wise ones who know to fear the LORD
is to know HIM, and when you know HIM,
there is endless peacefulness and no
fear. He alone holds the keys
to heaven and hell, and all our souls
are for Him to judge.

He offered himself as our holy propitiation
for sin offering, to cleanse us from every
last particle of stain. Whether we took
God's HOLY ineffable NAME in vain, or
hated our own brothers, we have trespassed
and require His intercession.

These increasingly more frequent episodes
of complete synchronicity only inspire me
to comprehend the alignment of the Holy
and sacred grid of time/space, in all
it's complexities and nuances yet discovered.

Everything I observe in nature points to
God's grace and mercy. I can't notice
the beauty of a fish, or a kitty, without
being stunned by the ability to feel
and draw in that beauty. When I work with
clay, I feel like His hands are holding
my hands, and understand what he means
when He said that we are his clay.

I want to see Him beyond any other
hope or plan for my life. He's all
I want, and the only thing that has
any meaning for me is a life lived
seeking Him and the rewards of learning
tiny particles of His great mystery.

I've watched people who blasphemed
die, as well, and there is a palpably
terrifying coldness to it. There is
no mystical experience like it is
when a believer passes on. There is
so much peace to believer's departures.

Hashem Adonai, in the years ahead,
we will know your new NAME, and
instead of being ineffable and
unspeakable, we will know you
as our friend, our brother, as
well as our LORD, our KING,
and our High Priest.

Come soon LORD, and let the good
times in the good kingdom begin.
Turn Jerusalem into the apple of
your eye, and create believers
out of those in the Holy land who
are now fighting over you. Open
the eyes of the Jews and the Muslims,
so that they may see you, and
then tell the Christians to follow

I know I'm rambling, all over the
place, but, whenever something
mysterious happens, I rejoice because
I believe soon we'll see the Lord's
beautiful face. He is altogether
lovely. My heart races, and my
mind stretches across the vast
and endless galaxies of stars
above my head, looking for the
true light descending.

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