Saturday, October 13, 2007

Protocols of Zion

Vanity Fair came out with their Top 100 influential
people in the world. 51 out of the 100 were Jewish.
Drudge took a positive spin on this, but, as any
paranoid person from a Jewish heritage can attest,
this is not good news for Jews. It fuels and absolutely
reinforces the old conspiracy theory Protocols of
the Elders of Zion rhetoric about the disproportionate
number of Jews in leadership.

This is an amazing feat, considering Jews are so
incredibly outnumbered. The same argument emerged
at the onset of the Third Reich's propaganda
campaign, derived from the deep-rooted fear and
superstition people have towards paradoxically
successful, but, clannish and xenophobic Jewish people.
Jews had a reason to be xenophobic considering our
history. We've been slaughtered and chased throughout
the four corners of the globe, since before Moses.

We are the blessed accursed by Providence. Are we
smarter? Not really. I know plenty of stupid and
ignorant Jews. For every clever Jewish person,
there is an equally clever counterpart in the
non-Jewish sea of humanity. Yet, Jews are
disproportionately successful. It's been studied
and philosophized. Maybe we're more driven
because of being perpetually disenfranchised?
Maybe it's God's hand that has designed it this
way for His divine purposes.

Is there a Zionist conspiracy? Yes and no. Coming
from a Bolshevik family of masons, I know there's
something real about secret fraternities and
the way powerful men achieve mastery of others.
My grandfather was closer to the Protocols of
the Elders, than he was what he appeared to be
in America, which was a simple furniture craftsman
and engraver, cantor in the synagogue. In reality,
he was sent to NYC in 1916 to procure funds from
such Jewish luminaries as Jacob Schiff, who
donated large sums to the revolution. I know that
he did that, so, it's not a matter of blindly
accepting what someone else has written about
him. He was part of a global conspiracy. He
was an agent for British intelligence, and
possibly a double agent.

Jacob Schiff was the early 20th Century
version of a billionaire. Why would
such an outrageously successful emigre', who
fully benefited from capitalism, then fund
a Communist coup d 'etat? Why indeed, if not
for the wave of world revolution that was
being cooked up for 150 years, and doled
out in precise moments in history. There
was an order to this plan, and it began
in 1776. Trotsky revealed this idealistic
template in his autobiographical works,
particularly in his awe of Robespierre,
even though his star fell at the end.

The Illuminati is real, but, not as powerful
as the conspiracy crowd preach. Still, their
branches and components reach into every
walk of life in our world, and has done
increasingly more in securing leadership
for their ranks. It makes you wonder why
Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., Al Gore,
John Kerry were all cultivated from the
same fraternal order, from a young age.
If that doesn't speak to us, then we're
not able to hear a thing.

Jacob Schiff's grandson married Al Gore's
daughter. Coincidence? Nothing is a
coincidence, even if it falls into place
by accident. This pattern is as preordained
as the seasons.

The ultimate goal of world leadership for
the past few centuries has been to establish
an illuminated uber-man, and a race that
is cultivated and derived from the common
dirt of humanity. That's why billionaires,
even today, preach socialism for the middle
classes and borgeousie. Only the very rich
and empowered ruling classes are meant to
enjoy the bounty of this life, while the
vast majority of mankind is meant to be
their servants and slaves, barely subsisting
on low wages. These oligarchies are justified
by beliefs in reincarnation and entitlements
based on family bloodlines. Another coincidence
*(tongue-in-cheek) is that Clinton and Bush
are only a few of the American Presidents
related to the Stewart family of the royals
in England.

These things have to be considered and then
compared to what we know of the world, and
then, the Word of God. It only has true
ILLUMINATION when the truth is revealed
against the light of scripture, and what
Christ told us about this world, and about
Caesar, who we are bound to serve in the
flesh. While this is our human burden,
our salvation and hope is to be free of
these oligarchial tyrants who are rapidly
planning our ultimate slavery. They will
tag us with microchips, at first, as an
"Identy" tool, but, in truth, it will
be determined whether we need neurological
chips, which can reroute brain waves
and change behavior. They're building
a civilization of slaves.

This shouldn't trouble us, since, these
truths are plainly written in the Bible.
In fact, the closer these final indignities
occus, the most egregious being "One-world"
globalism, the sooner the Cube is ordained
to arrive. The Messiah will defend and
settle the controversy of Zion, and visit
the world's transgressions against Israel.
Any nation who helped, or planned, to
destroy Israel and wipe out the Jews
and Christians, will suffer plagues.

I believe these plagues have begun in
places like Indonesia, where they behead
Christian children who do not renounce
their faith in Christ. This is also
happening in more countries. Before
the Ethiopian famine of the 1980s, they
had a purge of all Christians, slaughtering
well over 100,000 Christian families,
starting with ministers and their children.

We are starting to escalate in prophecy, as
well, with the battle lines being drawn in
the sand, to commence the final purge of
Jerusalem. Y'rushalym is the apple of God's
eye, and His footstool. This is where His
holy feet blessed the dust. This is where
He will again stand, on the terrible and
glorious Day of the Lord. He warns that
the Day of Christ is a day of darkness, not
light. The sun will be dark, and the moon
will turn red. Not only will this eclipse
be foreboding, it will be the catalyst
to a catastrophic event, possibly the
flipping of poles. It's coming. Christ
is true to His Word, and we're the
generation who the final words were
meant for. We have NO excuse to mock,
or ignore the signs and blaspheme His

Al Gore reeks for so many reasons it is
difficult to isolate only a few of them.
First off, check out the rhetoric of
Charles Manson, and hippie guru Ira Einhorn,
the Philadelphia killer who founded
"Earth Day." WAY back when Gore was in
Middle School, the hippies were given
the ecological movement's agenda, to
use as a nefarious tool to preach global
love and globalism. Why is globalism bad?
It's bad because most of the world is
shit. They subjugate women, enslave
children, and only a disgusting few are
entitled to the privileges of God's
Earth, while the vast majority are
slaves who work for them. This world
is largely evil because it has banished
Jesus Christ from their vocabulary,
other than to curse.

The judgement of God is coming because
the doorway to salvation is closing.
People in the vast majority of the
world today, live in relative darkness,
and the darkness is taking on demonic
morals. Look at who our own free culture
promotes, in Paris Hilton, Britney Spears,
and those whose morality and intelligence
is virtually non-existent. Good people
are ignored. It's the baddies who are
celebrated as celebrities. This is a big
sign that the wrath of God approaches,
in my opinion.

The world may think it can expunge Christ
and Christians, as well as all Jews from the
face of the Earth, but, the world is Christ's
alone, and he is coming back, as the landlord,
to establish ownership, and punish those who
killed his servants and people, and served
other idols and false Gods.

There is a conspiracy, and there are Illuminati
members, who believe it is they who pull the
puppet strings. However, they are just puppets
in the hands of the real forces who rule this
Earth, for the time being. This is hard for us
to understand, but, all will be crystal clear
by the end of days, which I believe is coming

We will begin again, Year 1, in New Jerusalem,
and the people of the world, who weren't
killed in the holocausts to come, will be
given one more chance to choose Christ as
King. We are witnessing things that are
so evil. Look at Hugh Hefner, and those
types of demonic people who smirk and
believe they are all-powerful and important.
Yet, he will see how samll, naked and pitiful
he is, unless he repents before he draws
his last breath. He can partake of the beloved
too, but, not the way he has lived. He's
helped to corrupt the final generations.
I wouldn't want to stand before God with
his rap sheet.

It will be a different world where women
won't be judged by strictly their lack of
years, size of body parts, or subservience.
Women have suffered from the beginning, and
the Angels have swords to finally exact
justice for the way women have been butchered,
abused, enslaved and treated like chattel.

Christ was, and is the first emancipator of
women and children. He will deliver us from this
perverted, sick and corrupt world, replacing
the old with the New.

Praise you Lord, for I long to see you with
my own eyes, arriving to confound the proud
and vain multitudes. I pray for the eyes of
the blind to receive light, and for the harvest
to be enormous. Throw out your nets on this
sea, and draw out multitudes who praise your
Holy Name.

Halleluyah Y'shua HaMasciach, Hashem, Aleph
and Tav, the Beginning and the End. Deliver
us from temptations, depravity, vanity,
and bitterness. Let us be purely representing
you, not our own pride. Help to guide us
and be a light to our feet. Help to keep
us from stumbling. Have mercy on all those
who love you, yet, are still weak. Strengthen
and support our righteousness with your
Holy blood. Our cup runs over.

Praise you Father, and Thank You for the hope
and comfort of Jesus Christ, our Savior, and
for The Holy Spirit which helps us not to
stumble, and forms words of praise to glorify
you, in Your kingdom.

Praise YOU and no other, in the Name of Jesus,
Amen and Amen!

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