Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bravo Top Chef Finale

Top Chef is a top notch low budget cheap thrill. The
host Padma and cool Tom C. are a great recipe, and
it's just a neat and addicting show. Tonight's the finale
and I cannot believe I am so excited! I need to get a life,
but in the meantime, I am hooked on this series.

I'm going to cover this real time, just to burn up
the nervous excitement.

OMG, usually the final contestants are given
the former contestants as their sous chefs,
but, this season, the three get three of the
best restaurateurs in the nation to help
in their preparations.

I have rooted for Dale all season, but,
I would be happy if any of them wins
Top Chef. They get to choose their
entree choices from fresh ingredients
in a tantalizing cornucopia, all to be
served in the ethereal beauty of
Aspen. Cooking in Aspen poses challenges
all by itself, since the altitude changes
food preparation and technique.

Dale chose a lamb dish and Hung
chose Duck for a main entree. I have a feeling
Hung and Duck are a winning combo.

It's ironic that Casey got Michelle
Bernstein as her sous chef, as the
only female chef left standing! Hung
go Chef Rocco, who's probably the
sexiest chef alive, and has an affinity
for Asian style fusion food, almost
perfect for Hung.

Michelle wants to edit Casey's preparations,
especially the pork belly, but cannot add her
input, since she's there as a sous chef. I hope
that doesn't mean Casey's off track, but, usually
Bravo edits the shows to make it look suspenseful,
often showing the winner in those near-disasters
that turn out perfectly. Michelle tells the camera
how much she likes Casey, and is in her corner.

They didn't show much of Dale's prep.

Again, I've got to give kudos to Bravo.
Maybe it's cheesy, but, I love these shows.
I'm really thrilled that it's only 5 weeks away
until PROJECT RUNWAY!!!! That's the show
that started my Bravo addiction. I hated Tim
Gunn's latest filler-mid-season fashion makeover
show and thought it was craptastic, but, I can't wait to
see the real deal. Project Runway is an amazing
show. I grew up in the fashion world because my
dad was designer, and even did couture dresses
for designers. He once made some exquisitely
beautiful dresses for Jane Seymour out of
antique French materials and lace that were
culled from exclusive antique dealers and even
flea markets in France.

Back to TC. It is now the final day's meal prep.
The three pick knives and get the three former
highest finalists before them. OK, that's the
usual formula. Hung didn't want Howie, and
Casey got him. Dale got CJ, and Hung
got Sarah.Where's Brian? I wonder how it
makes the former contestants feel to hear
the final edit of the show where these
finalists are fretting or hoping to work
with them?

Casey is spazzing more than the others
for their first plating. She seems less focused.

I was wondering what happened to Brian,
the fourth contestant, last to go since he
wasn't one of the final sous chefs? He's the
honored guest at the dinner, along with the
celeb prep sous chefs.

First dish is served. Hung made "Fish and Chips"
Hamachi. It was a big hit.Dale made fois gras,
which they remarked as being very rich, heavy....
Casey made cinnamon scallop and fois gras with
apple and honey. Looks like Hung and Casey were
the faves for first course.

For second course, Hung made Shrimp with palm sugar,
cucumber salad, and coconut froth. Dale makes seared
scallop and sweet corn. Casey made poached prawn with
rice cake.

For the third course, Hung made pressed
duck with mushroom ragout and truffles.
Dale had a summer ragout of lobster, corn,..
Casey had crispy pork belly with pea shoots .
They loved the duck. I knew Hung would
score with his duck. Perfect.

Dale's lobster and gnocchi wasn't scoring
as high. The gnocchi was too heavy and
the sauce was off. Tom C. said it was
terrible. The pork belly also fell flat. Michelle
wondered if she left it in the oven.
Hung's duck definitely won that round.

For the fourth course, Hung's surprise
dish was chocolate cake. Dale made
a poached lamb with eggplant pure.
Casey made Colorado sirloin with
potatoes, mushrooms...

The Lamb was a hit. Casey also made
a good dish. They felt it was her best
dish- meat and potatoes. They also
loved Hung's desert. It was a perfect
chocolate cake, although Tom was
not impressed and thought it was
disjointed from his otherwise Asian

I can't believe that the only member
of the cast from last season was Marcel.
Usually the winner from last season
passes the crown! How ironic, since he
was the source of the most controversy,
and lost to Ilan. However, the way the other
chefs last year bullied him, it made them look
so bad that it's not disappointing not
seeing them again, especially Ilan, who
was just a doofus punk!

So it's commercial time, and I'm actually
getting sweaty palms thinking of who will
be the next Top Chef. It seemed like Hung had
the most consistently good dishes. It's hard
to say who's going to win.

It sounds like they are the most critical of
Casey... They only had a problem with one
of Dale's dishes. Hung is also being criticized
for everything but his duck. It's looking like
Dale may win now.

Hung wins first course. They hated Casey's
second course, and Howie's influence was
a detriment. They loved Dale's scallop, and
he wins second course. Third course, Hung's
duck was an easy winner. They hated Dale's
lobster. Fourth course went to Dale's lamb.

So, it's definitely between Hung and Dale.
Dale's lamb astonished them. SO it's
two for Dale and two for Hung. I bet it
is Dale.

Who's it going to be? Dale's lobster is
a real obstacle, but, Gail argues about
his lamb. Now it looks like Hung is
pulling ahead, but, they all loved the
lamb so much that they have now
left us in total darkness. It could
be Dale or Hung.

Now, it cuts to live in Chicago to
announce the winner. Hung looks
like he's about to cry. I'm torn.
I want both Dale and Hung to win!

OMG, this is so cruel. Casey knows she's
out of it, but, has a really upbeat and cool
attitude. She did so well, and as the youngest
cast member, I'm in awe of her this season.
Dale and Hung don't know who is TC. Dale has
red eyes, and Hung is about to cry again.

Good finale to the 3rd

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