Monday, April 5, 2010

The Face of Jesus

(This is one artist's representation of the shroud's
image, not the one created on the History
Channel's program on the Shroud of Turin,
but, I really like this artistic rendition, and it's
close to the channel's scientific recreation.)

Magnificently timed, the History Channel
 presented an awesome program on the
 Shroud of Turin. I never held much faith
in the validity of the shroud, simply because
 it couldn't be verified, but, this program
opened my eyes, and blessed me
in miraculously clear resurrected

I watched with my dad, and I was blubbering
like a baby for the last half hour. THe sight of
the scars on his body were so brutal and
authentic that it ripped my heart open. The
finished face burned into my heart, and I
fell more in love than I thought was possible.

The artist/scientist was inspired to
finish the project with a very dark haired
and thick browed Jesus, which I think may
be too stereotypical. I think it's possible
Christ was ruddy like King David, even
red-haired, or fairer haired. It's how
our heart's see him that matter, and
it is God who gives us that love and
that image, as personal as our own

However, it still bore a signature of
authenticity, and I think the program
was spot on otherwise.

Since seeing this face, I believe it is truly
the encoded face of Jesus Christ on the shroud.
This, like my faith, is just personal belief,
nothing that I can transfer to someone
else's heart and soul. I wish it was possible
to share this love, because it is the most
cleansing and pure love that exists. It
rejuvinates, and reanimates. I can honestly
say that I want nothing more than to spend
eternity worshipping HIM. I adore Him.

It made me go over the past twenty or
so years as a Christian disciple. I have
backslidden more times than I care to
remember, but, always was dragged
back and then dusted off, welcomed
back, and forgiven. It made me
question my rebellion and stupidity.
There are no answers other than
the flesh and sin.

The Bible opened up all the secrets
of the Universe. I had that one epiphany
that changed my life forever, while
seeing Abraham willing to sacrifice
Isaac, when I read Genesis. I finally
saw Christ, the Lamb of God, the
proxy for my sins, and for my life.
I saw why Abraham was the father
of our people, and with whom the
Covenant was given. He was willing
to sacrifice his son. God provided
a ram as proxy. God provided Christ,
His Son, our Savior, and from the loins
of Abraham, of Isaac, of Jacob, of David.

Seeing His face burned into that cloth
when He was resurrected is truly
amazing. We're getting close to the
end of times, (I think), and so, this
confirmation is an affirmation for
us to hold fast to our faith and believe
now more than ever.

Remember, as the darkness descends,
the Light ascends. We are the light of
this world, now, and the Lord promised
that we will be given the weapons of
our warfare, in kind, according to our
gifts and faith.

The most important weapons we have
are prayer, and LOVE!

Love your enemies, brothers. Pray
for those who hate and curse you.
If you love only those who love
you, then you are no better than
the unbelieving masses. Let our
love be the light that transforms
those about to die.

Now is the time. Today is the right
time to nourish your soul, not when
it is too late. Nothing is more important.
Now, more than ever before in history
are we urged to hold on to our faith.

Please, rent or download this History
Channel program on the Face of Christ.
It wasn't mentioned on the program,
but, I've read that the blood on the
shroud was AB neg. I told my father
how this rare blood type is also our
blood type. I had to make that leap
of conceit to reckon we could be
related to one of Mary's other
children. My dad said, "If that's
true, why didn't she ever give
me a gift?" We cracked up
over that because it was so
silly, but, maybe Mary did
give us that gift in Jesus, and
that's enough.

No, I don't really think we're the
ancestors of Mary, just to make
that clear. Although, I suppose
anything is possible. After all,
we are Jews. But, even if our
blood is the same, the only
blood that saves is HIS, given
for our sins, washing us clean
He's provided His bloodline
with the Father for all who
believe, Jew and Gentile
equally. There are no classes
in His Kingdom. We are all
adopted by faith and rendered
worthy of standing with the
Holy ANGELS! Holy moly.
How is it possible that this
is the glorious fate that
is promised to all who

Faith is difficult at times.
We see evil and suffering,
and question why these things
happen. We see horribly
corrupt people in power, and
controlling the media, lording
obsenities and sin over the
masses, while they live like
kings, and even worshipped
like gods.

These things try our faith, but,
don't let faith be based on
anything other than Christ.
Pray for faith for it isn't a
natural condition. It is a gift
of God. Whenever I flounder,
I pray for faith, and it is incredibly
restored, and even strengthened.

Ask and ye shall receive.
This is the most important
thing you may ever do in your
lifetime, for our lives are but
a shadow, and like blades of
grass, soon withered and gone.

As far as the shroud of Turin,
even if it isn't the cloth used on Jesus,
it's miraculously inspiring, depicting
His death and resurrection. It is also
embedded with something that baffled
all scientific minds, and makes the
most skeptical mind consider
this simple Jew from Nazareth, and
how he altered this planet forever.

Soon, God willing, He will alter it
once again, forever. It will be the
end of our age, and the beginning of
the Kingdom.

We hate to admit it, but, we know
that the Antichrist is here. We
don't want to speak about it,
because we're scared of not being
ready, and not being worthy of
standing fast in our faith, but,
we have to plant our feet firmly,
and now is the time to take up
the final battle, and heed the
trumpets that are BLARING.
Can't you hear then?

Please, Lord Jesus, come soon.
Don't tarry. The daughters of
Jerusalem mock a lot, but, they
will soon see.