Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Sounds of Silence

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Hello darkness, my old friend,
Ive come to talk with you again,
Because a vision softly creeping,
Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence.
In restless dreams I walked alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone,
neath the halo of a street lamp,
I turned my collar to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
That split the night
And touched the sound of silence.

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more.
People talking without speaking,
People hearing without listening,
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dare
Disturb the sound of silence.

Fools said i, you do not know
Silence like a cancer grows.
Hear my words that I might teach you,
Take my arms that I might reach you.
But my words like silent raindrops fell,
And echoed
In the wells of silence

And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon God they made.
And the sign flashed out its warning,
In the words that it was forming.
And the sign said, the words of the prophets

Are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls.
And whisperd in the sounds of silence.

I loved this song as a child... it was
beautifully enticing, concealing an
ominous and vague warning.
Never did I think the days would come
when silence would deafen my ears.

In the midst of night, I sit alone, watching
the moon, almost full, dance on water of the
canal below me. It is night when I feel like
the watchmen, watching the skies, searching
with my eyes for the light coming back to
Earth. It won't be long. I see it, and feel it
with everything inside me.

It is in this desolate hour when my prayers
are formed, and yet, hopelessness also looms.
I know God hears every word spoken, but, His
WILL must come to pass. None of my words will
change that. I feel rebuked when I pray for
the world. It is going to happen in the next
few years.

I long for relief from this world, for my heart
is grieved. I have no further expectations,
only dread for realizing what this world will
soon be facing. I can't rejoice when the suffering
is all around me.

I wish I could be a carefree person, again, but,
with Faith, comes wisdom. Through deep pain,
and connection to this terrible suffering, do
we barely begin to understand what lies ahead.

In the sweltering heat of summer, this year being
the hottest one yet, I dread nuclear winter.
It is coming. Nothing will stop the missiles
from springing from their underground holes
to seek targets far away.

All my life, I've had this dread, and now, I am
numb. While the News spends it's time rehabilitating
rich blonde heiresses, like they're released prisoners
of war, the plans are drawn, and it won't be long...

Oh Lord Jesus, the only consolation we have in this
blackness is your light. Only God can save us.
He will be here soon, and his kingdom is coming.

I can see the Cube, glistening in it's own light,
streets of gold and masions with walls of emeralds
and amethysts. The sound of music is distant, but,
getting closer.

How do we understand the dimensions that God
who is the Master of Time/Space and ALL LIFE,
encompasses? Who else sees the Cube glittering,
like a bride adorned with the royal jewels?

It is the only hope I have left. I have no more
interest in anything else but to worship God,
and serve Jesus Christ, my Savior.

I ache and feel sick for this lost generation at
the end of this dispensation of time. Having
the next 10,000 years, and beyond, to celebrate
true JOY in His presence is very exciting, though

Down here, all I can hear are the increasingly loud
sounds of silence as the truth is blotted out, as
people's hearts become selfish and cold, and as
the Antichrist takes up his unholy mantle to deceive
for the last 3 1/2 years x 2.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


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I have been reading about the cigar shaped UFOs seen
in England, and elsewhere. They are thought to be over
1 mile long. That's a hard concept to wrap your mind
around, but, I think they're the real deal.

Are they from other planets? Probably not. The odds
are against it. Are these angelic, like a few that we've
seen? My dad saw a manifestation of lights five years
ago that are so similar to Ezekiel's, but, Ezekiel saw
the Holy Cherubims. Is that what my dad saw, like
Ezekiel did over the Euphrates? Was his over the
Bermuda triangle?

I've seen only one close up, with binoculars, and visualized
the intricate windows, lights, and even living figures inside
of it.

The one I saw, with my neighborhood (over 200 people reported
it to the Franklin Institute) was purple, from the red and
blue lights, i think. It performed for us, zig-zagging, zooming
straight across the sky, and performing like the Blue angels.

Was it extraterrestrial? The odds are against it.

So what are they?

The cigar shape is similar to Tesla's design. Did the government
succeed in developing his craft? Was the government behind
the bell-shaped one our neighborhood watched on that June
night? No, because the figures I saw inside didn't appear like
men. They weren't exactly the greys that sci-fi enthusiasts
see, but, they weren't like men, either, at least from what I

So many questions, and we are at a disadvantage in
understanding them.

I live within 40 miles or so from the Bermuda Triangle,
so, it's no wonder dad saw what he did. But, why did
Dad and I see them in Austin Texas, in 1996?

Before we saw the craft, we saw a phenomenon in the
sky, that we called, "The Star of Bethlehem." It was
a bright star, with points that touched the ground.
Then, we saw the craft. The star was a celestial thing,
but, the rays extended unnaturally brightly.

What was it?

The weirdest event was when my nephew, dad and I
watched a program on UFOs, and during the commercial
went out on the back porch and saw one right in front
of our eyes. Talk about synchronicity... WHY? WHY?

I'm glad others are seeing these things, but, none of
us can convince those who are not seeing them, or
explain the effect they have on our lives. Why do
certain people like us see them over and over again.
Maybe not on a regular basis, but, every few years?

It is easy to call us crackpots, but, my dad can't except
the explanation of heavenly angels, UFO crafts, or
supernatural events connected to us.

There's so much more out there that only God knows
why they are there, and what they mean. Yet, because
we see them, shouldn't we seek the answers? I don't
want to be deceived, though, but, I know they're

The only thing I pray for is wisdom to know the
demonic from angelic, and to have God's protection.

I realize that if they're here, it's not long before the
holy cube appears in the sky, where all eyes will
see. We will be taken up, and the world will understand
the glory of the Kingdom of God in Jesus Christ is

Friday, June 22, 2007

Preparing for the worst

I'm driving everyone crazy. With the hurricane
season starting, and my ubiquitous fears of terror
and disaster, and 7.7.7. just 2 weeks away, I can't
get enough non-perishables, water, batteries,
candles, and other necessities.

To make it worse, I don't only buy things for dad and
myself, but, extra for the people who live in the condo,
in case they don't stock up.

We have about two weeks of military MREs, thanks
to the city of Sunrise, in Ft. Lauderdale. It's a wealthy
city, and they came around to give each resident
a insulated ice chest, with boxes of water, first aid kids,
MREs, and other emergency supplies like flashlights
and extra batteries. I love Sunrise. Yet, it's ironic
that a city where residents can afford these things,
and needs them less that poor areas, which doesn't
get any... It's backwards.

My dad did something cool today. His Jewish
best friend is dying, and has a private nurse
staying with him. When his wife said to pray
to God for him, my dad said, "Even better, we
can pray to Jesus Christ." When he said that,
the nurse perked up like she was plugged in,
and asked him if he was Jewish. My dad told
her about me, and how I consider myself
a Jew for Jesus. It turned out that she
was a Jew for Jesus, too! Dad said she
was so excited.

He told them about what happened during
the hurricane, when the lock on my huge
so-called storm window in my room imploded.

I threw my entire body against it, because if we
lost it, we'd be killed, or the roof would go. I was
watching the roof peel off from the end of our
building to our unit. Dad kept screaming for me
to get off of my desk and away from the window
because we couldn't hold it back, and he thought
we'd both be killed.

We had exhausted all our strength, and I
started to beseech Jesus to save us and
help to close the window, which since
had blown in with the shattered latch.
Dad kept yelling it was hopeless.

The next thing we knew, there was an
audible "CLICK" and the large window
was snapped in, and the fierce 120 mph
winds, which had ripped off the roof,
up to our condo unit, had radically
changed. (This storm was so wicked
that it shredded our aluminun storm
shutters on the patio, too. They are
supposed to withstand Hurricane 5!)

I started praising Jesus and crying,
thanking the angel and I fell to the floor,
unable to look at what I perceived had
to be a real angel. It's not that I saw him
with my eyes, but, I really did "see him"
in my mind's eye. So did dad, and he said,
in awe, "If Jesus did that, then he's got
my vote."

This story goes over great with the Jews
who are friends with my dad. I never thought
there would be a day when Jews for Jesus
were admired, and he could brag about me!

Thank you Lord God for your miracles
which we see with our own eyes everyday,
and Praise your Holy Name, for eternity.
I pray that my dad will not only speak about
you, with pride, but, feel your strength in
his body that's faltering. Bring us your
relief, as only you can be relied on.

I pray that you will prepare us for everything
that glorifies your kingdom, and sustain us
in this troubled and violent world we are
living in.

I pray not to be afraid... fear is the seal
of the imperfect.

I pray to be perfect, and an imitation of Christ,
In Jesus Christ's Holy Name. Amen.

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The Amazing Paul Potts

If Angels sing, they must sound like Paul. Paul is the 2007 winner of "Britain's Got Talent."
His voice brings me to tears. But, there is something
else so akin to grace in his face and mannerisms, as

A uniquely humble man, he considers himself a
cell phone salesman. Simon Cowell was speechless
and stunned listening to him. He didn't even know
how to praise him, just "I wasn't expecting that..."

When you hear him, and then compare him to most
of the narcissistic and largely untalented pop stars of
today, flying around the world lecturing all of us on how
we need to behave, as if they're paragons of virtue,
it is ecstatic to have someone humble to admire.

He has nothing more to impose upon the world
except to share his hidden beauty, and pure talent.
He seems like a humble man, with a good soul.
He seems to sing the music that he hears the
angels sing, in his prescient mystical ear.

It really is phenomenal. I cried through this
viral video, linked here.

PAUL POTTS LINK - Check out his singing.

He is uniquely blessed. His imperfect looks, and
chubbiness, notwithstanding, he is so very affable
and lovely.

Monday, June 18, 2007



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Poor false prophet, his rock concert for 777
is not getting street cred,
Instead Paris is more substantial News for
the masses.
Our poor Earth has but 10 years, he said,
And he is right about that, but, is still

He is so mad and sad that people are not
dropping and kissing his feet,
except for the billionaire elite,
His feet smell
and all those destined for Hell
will follow his dingy plans to
distract, and act like they care
about Planet Earth.

He doesn't tell y'all about NUCLEAR WINTER.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The rapid succession of abominations

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The above should be fairly obvious to those who understand
that God, the Creator, is blasphemed in every way by
this mentality.

Stem cell embryonic tissue is ironically being developed
to help diseases. What good is that during NUCLEAR WINTER?

Oh mankind, how rapid is the descent into perdition for
Godless men.

Here we go : The BEAST is rising from the sea

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(Prophecy Unveiling)

Here it comes. Here she blows.
Al Gore, false prophet,
Lying nose growing.
Tony Blair in lamb-wear,
Accursed and mobilizing,
The brethren are prophesying
The plan is in high gear,
The planet's arrogant elite, lining
up the sheep down here.
Go to sleep thinking they can beat
the God of heaven, God laughs
O Son of Abraham.
Angel tell ya bout the cups of seven and
the wrath upon their heads and
their mark of the beast.
At least we see the globalization
and mobilization of our civilization.
They will be legislating, masticating,
fornicating, defecating
While we will be celebrating
The Cube is coming to take us the
hell outta here.
With the shout of the Archangel
The eyes and ears left behind will hear
our cheers!
Take us on high, Lord God, all is thine.
The Earth will be restored in thy Name,
in our time.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
On Earth as in Heaven,
With the Holy Seven,
We'll be jamming Lion of Zion.
In the Cube, and in
New Jerusalem.
Come quickly before we succumb
Let the blind follow the dumb,
but, let thy will be done.
Let us do the whole of thy Law
which is thy WILL. Amen.

Just can't wait to be jamming!
Halleluyah Messiah our Holy Lamb,
We who walk with you love your plan.
In Jesus Christ's Holy Name. Amen.

Prayers for Stephanie Henry

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Look at this gorgeous 22 year old. It makes my heart ache for
her family. Stephanie, recently graduated with a degree in
Criminal Justice, and getting ready to enter Law School in
the Fall. She was vacationing here in Florida, and was last
seen at a club a few miles away from my home.

Now she is missing, and I have a sick, sick heart. Her family
thinks someone is holding her captive for her beauty, and I pray
that's the case. Please Lord God, make that be the scenario,
and if there's any way to preserve her life, send angels to
her, now.

But, it's like she is taking refuge in my room all day, and in
my sad and sick heart. I don't know her, and why should
I even care more than to say, "It's a shame...."?

I dread her fate, in my mind's eye, seeing her being dumped
in the canal. What if she is in the canal I am looking at right
now? Is that why I fear for her, and why I feel her so strongly?

Alligators live in our canals, but, they are not the dangerous
ones. There are monsters walking around preying on people
like Stephanie, a good girl who wanted to be a lawyer.

It's not fair. All I can do is pray, and Lord God, please don't
let whoever took her elude justice.

But, how I long to be wrong about her fate. I want more than
anything to see her turn up this weekend, after some innocuous
explanation. Yet, in the darkness of night, the ebony water isn't
even reflecting the moon or stars. It is still and seems to have
death in it's pit... I look at the canal now even though, it causes
a deep dread. I pray she isn't dead, and God forbid put in
our canal.

I am heartbroken for her family and those who know this
beautiful young woman. If only some word would come to
dispell this dark dread and fear that the worst happened.

Why would anyone harm such a wonderful woman?
Why are there demons walking amongst the lambs?
When is Jesus coming to take us all away from them?

Father God, in the Name of Jesus, please send your
angels to minister to those who love Stephanie, and
may they be comforted. If someone hurt her, put a
spotlight on them. Let them foil themselves with the
consciousness of guilt which will give them away.
Most of all, let Stephanie be found to go home to
New York, and the people who pray for her and
who are crying tonight, unable to sleep like me,
and I don't even know her.

Friday, June 15, 2007


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Hamas Overruns Rival Fatah's Key Posts

Shortly before Hurricane Katrina, Sept. 2006,
destroyed a historic American city, Israel was
bullied into handing over Gush Katif .

Gaza Strip

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Gaza Strip (: قطاع غزة : Qitˁɑ' Ġazzah/Qita' Ghazzah, : רצועת עזה Retzu'at 'Azza) is a coastal strip of land along the Mediterranean, bordering Egypt on the south-west and Israel on the north and east. It is about 41 km long, and between 6 and 12 km wide, with a total area of 360 km². The territory takes its name from Gaza, its main city. It has about 1.4 million residents, all Palestinians..


The prophecy of salvation, towards the children of Abraham,
refers to both the Jewish, and Arab descendants of Abraham
through Isaac and Ishmael.

Bloodline alone means nothing.

It is through faith that we are saved. But, remember, all
eyes will see the cube arrive. They will be given a choice
to live forever or be doomed eternally.

There are layers of symbolism in Genesis, alone, so deep,
that like swimming in the sea, we can only float
on top of it, or swim through it, never comprehending
the enormous mass.

When Christ comes, will there be faith in him, in
the Middle East? How ironic, that out of the majority,
there are few who believe. Yet, they will see. God
is merciful and one day, we will live in brotherhood
in Gaza.


He is coming, and all eyes shall see.
He is coming, and Abraham will come with him.
He shall stretch out the brass serpent and we
will rise.
Beam us up to the Holy Enterprise.
The world will be confounded, when he
The ticket is to all who call on the NAME of
God- Jesus Christ, the Alpha and Omega,
the Firstborn of the dead, and the last Adam.

We have so much to look forward to in
His Holy Kingdom.

Angelina Jolie Massive MASSIVE HYPOCRITE


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Angelina Jolie's Freedom of Press, on Her Terms

Angelina Jolie's true colors came out Wednesday as she promoted a film about freedom of the press and then tried to censor all her interviews.

Jolie is touting press freedom these days, playing the widow of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in a new movie called "A Mighty Heart."

What a shame that Daniel Pearl's memory is
besmirched, and dishonored, by this shameless
exploiter and hypocrite.

I wish people would stop supporting these
Hollywood demonic shills and other soulless
amoral idiots.

She makes me sick, with that former boy-toy,
now castrated soulless zombie, who she leads
by a short leash, with her "family" of multi-colored
human pets.

Five more years of this madness. I hope it goes
quickly, or happens sooner.

RIP Daniel Pearl. Shame on his wife for allowing this.
She may as well let the Taliban do their "special story."
What a horrible way to treat the memory of her
husband, and his death, at the hands of those with
a similar brain pattern to this witch.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Still Praying for Paris

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During the nonstop Paris crisis this weekend,
the cable station nonstop coverage was ridiculous.
However, in seeing Nicky Hilton, Paris's younger
sister, leave the jail, I felt some hope for Paris.

Nicky is pretty low-key, and actually respectable.
Kathy Hilton is on the same list as Lindsay Lohan's
despicable mom, in my book, but, Nicky seems to
be a great sign that it's sometimes neither nature
or nurture, but, inner individual morality.

I admire Paris's statements trying to vow to
make a difference in the future, especially, not
to act dumb anymore.

I knew Paris isn't dumb, and it is destructive to
a generation of girls to pretend that it's cool
to be like that. Hopefully Paris and God are now
in tight, and maybe she'll use her celebrity
status for positive change!

2012 is in FIVE short years. The Cube needs
defenders of the faith, recruiting the young,
right now, not alienating them. There are millions
of young people who need to be saved from the
nuclear winter coming. Paris, confess Jesus to
these lost ones, and find yourself with a golden
crown during the Wedding Feast. No party here
can compare....

I can pray for her, anyway. I can't help myself,
but, I do love Paris. I ask all those who pray to
remember her in their intercessions

Sopranos Finale

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It was hard seeing my favorite program finish.
My dad was bitterly disappointed, but, I had
to reassure him that
Chase let us write our
own ending, and that there was no way Tony
was going to make it to testify. He was mad
that Tony wasn't whacked. There's fan loyalty.
I promised him that was the ending. It was
so obvious, even cliche, right out of "ONE"

Then, he got very concerned, saying, "Meadow
has to die, too?" LOL. My dad and Meadow!!
Chase's write your own ending, Meadow makes
it. AJ is shot but will live, Carmella dies for
her sins, and so does Tony. Meadow ducks
under a table, and in caring for her shot
brother, enrolls in Medical School anyway.

(Dad still hasn't gotten over Adriana.)

Synchronicity- A tabby clone of my soul mate
purrfect friend "boyToy" debuts as a possible
Chris familiar.

Most satisfying moment- Watching Phil get
whacked and then his head run over with
his own grandsons driving his SUV. CLASSIC!

Profound odds and ends: Janice telling Tony
how she's overcome Livia's toxic parenting
to become a good mother, but, does anyone
even care! BRAVO. LOLOL!

Then, when she visits Uncle Junior, he calls her
Olivia! When she shows him her child's picture,
he calls the baby, "Janice," remembering what a
brat she was. CLASSIC.

This was squeezed into how greedy Janice
has been trying to "inveigle" stowed money
from Uncle Junior. Tony shows his loyalty
to Bobby and his kids, by telling Junior
that his money should be put in a trust
for the kids before Janice gets it.

It was nice to see Uncle Pat, and Junior.
Very well done.

Most poignant- Tony with tears in his eyes
realizing Junior has no memory. You could
read between the lines, and it's his way
of letting go of the anger.

Also poignant- Tony back in his backyard,
with a transcendental moment in the sun,
like in his epiphany in Las Vegas. He gets
it. You live for the day, for the time we have.

Coolest tie up- The FBI guy who almost seems
fond of Tony, but, then cheering when Phil is whacked
because they have the goods on Tony, with a flipped
made guy, and he is finally going to "win."

Some friend. While he seemed to care about
Tony, keeping him from getting whacked, he
was never without his eyes on the prize.

MADE IN AMERICA- Brilliant title for so many
levels of reasons:

1. Made guy is a symbol of the American dream.
2. America has become a nation of self-centered
selfish consumers and mega-capitalists, where
the biggest feeders and the biggest fiends.
Yet like Tony and his family, they are part of
all of us.
3. Meadow and AJ are made in America. Without
values, and even when they are inspired or
convicted to pursue a direction where they will
help others, they are pulled away when self
interests and easy money win out.

I miss them already.

Thank you David Chase for some of the greatest
characters in television history.

Monday, June 4, 2007

The End is Near for The Sopranos

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Last night's show was spectacular and infected me
again, after I've bitched and complained about how
disjointed this season has been. Deep inside, I knew
that David Chase has a master plan.

Like the millions of other Sopranos fans, I'm spinning
my wheels, trying to figure out the ending. Some of
the possibilities include:

1. Tony never recovered from his coma, and this has
been part of his dying vegetative dream-reality.
The thing that supports this is that last night's
show had some subtleties that only true fanatics
would notice. These include Dr. Melfi's bizarre
dismissal of Tony, a patient who she both cares
about, as a doctor, and has an attraction to, as
a woman. Why would she dispatch him, even in
the midst of a crisis, with his son attempting

She certainly can't base her reasons on Elliot's
mean-spirited theory that sociopaths sharpen
their antisocial skills on those like herself. As
a doctor, she would have to have far more
information, not just one odd study to support
his left field hypothesis.

Bobby was picked to be killed, yet, he is hardly
the top of the food chain. What about Paulie?
Why wasn't Paulie even mentioned in being

That brings me to theory 2.

2. Paulie whacks Tony, as a double-agent for
Phil Leotardo's crew. When Phil was in the can,
he enlisted the sympathy of Big John, because
he felt Tony neglected him. His loyalties were
always mixed.

When his mother/aunt died, he resented how
no one came to her funeral, because, they were
all at Chris's funeral. He's not one to bury grudges.

At that moment, he flipped loyalties, and will
be the one to kill Tony.

3. This is some kind of dream. When Bobby dies,
Carmello is stoic. That is uncharacteristic of her.
She freaked when Chris died.

4. Tony's life, is molded after the Godfather.
Now, in his dream-state, Meadow, who was
going to make him proud by being "Dr. Soprano"
is going to be a defense lawyer, defending
terrorists and blacks, who Tony mentions with
great misgiving. Meadow is going to really
be the next head of the family, like when
Tony went to Italy and met the female head
of the family there, a beautiful woman, like

5.AJ's collapse represents all of Tony's secret
failures. He is his shame personified, and everything
from his puny stature, to his snivelling self-pity
is the embodiment of all Tony's most latent
fears about himself.

6. Syl is shot, and his departure is similar to
how he killed poor Adriano. His being in a
coma mirrors how Tony may be the one in
a coma, dreaming this.

7. The FBI guy tells him to expect the Rapture,
like a judge issuing a sentence. It's judgement
Day on Tony, and he is taken from his purgatory
to heaven or hell. His conflicts have been ongoing
for two years in the coma. Maybe the family is
finally going to pull the plug?

8. So, it's either a dream, or Paulie is going to
be the one to kill them all, then kill Phil Leotardo.


I will miss the Sopranos. I don't know what I'll do
until Sunday night. It seems so far away.


A Poignant Match- John Ramsey and Beth Twitty

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Beth Twitty And John Ramsey Dating

It's very heartbreaking to regard all that
John Ramsey and Beth Twitty have lost,
but, it seems that they have found
companionship, and maybe love.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

June 12, 1967 - June 12, 2007 40 Years Jerusalem

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FEATURE-After 40 years under Israel, Jerusalem rifts deepen

The President of Iran boasted that the Doomsday
clock (for Israel) has begun. His vow is to wipe
Israel off the face of the Earth, a religious vow
that resonates in all Islam.

Iran president sees "countdown" to Israel's end

Friend, we are entering the end of our times.
There will be a nuclear event in our lifetime.

Russia is again chilling up the old Cold War
of the 1960s.

This is really happening, from Gog to Magog
(Russia) to the Kings of the South, North
and all the kingdoms of the world against
little Israel.

On June 12, 2007, less than two weeks,
Jerusalem marks it's 40th birthday.

40 years, and 70 years, are always the
sign of a generation. That's when catestrophic
events plagued Israel in the Biblical days,
which we entered again, with the creation
of eretz Israel, in 1948.

Jerusalem East was obtained 40 years ago,
and the renewed violence is the mark of
our enemies coming down fast.

Get on your knees, pray that God's will
be done. If Israel is attacked, it is

Don't be caught cheering the demise of
little Jerusalem, or national Israel.

The fate of those who squeal with delight
at her destruction will be incomprehensible.

rock concert zombies Al Gore, false prophet.

The END of the end, is coming, but, I feel fine.

AS PROPHESIZED! Can't you see it in your
mind's eye?

Holy New Jerusalem.