Saturday, July 28, 2007


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SHUT UP! STFU! And Tell That Loudmouth WIFE TO STFU!!!

I have no patience for this phony baloney politician
and his loudmouth wife. I don't care if she has cancer,
she is a wretched shrew, and everything out of her
vile mouth is a lie.

His weave costs 400 bucks a month, not his hair cuts.
Does anyone think a haircut that expensive would
look that crappy? For a haircut, it looks like hell,
but, for a weave, it's pretty darn nice.

I am just weary of this goofball and his wife.
There's not a snowball's chance in Iraq of
him becoming President.

Why would America want a First Lady that is
going to die? She should shut up and try to get
well, and he should shut up and stand by her
as she fights for her life.

They need to get their priorities straight.
America doesn't want these phony hypocrites.

Shut up already.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mass casualties

The Truth is Still Out There....

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It was in the 1970s, when as a youngster, I lived in
the same hood as Will Smith, the star of "Men in
Black" and "Independence Day."

He went to the same Elementary School, "Robert
E. Lamberton."

Overbrook was the left hand side, the Philly side
of the chi-chi Main Line" in Philadelphia.
We were the Philly side.

On a July night, not unlike last night was in
England, hundreds of spectators witnessed
a very similar UFO event that was documented
by these English people.

The Franklin Institute, which housed the
Planetarium, received approximately 200
phone calls about the event.

The police received nearly the same number,
yet, this stupendous sighting didn't make the

The craft that flew into our sheltered worlds
was chillingly extraterrestrial. It performed
impossible feats, zig-zagging at high speeds,
then hovering above our heads, so near that
we could see the shaded windows, with
humanoid forms behind them. We could
see individual lights. It poised in mid-sky
so we could see what we did.

This experience shattered our innocence.
Never again would we believe the government
or believe that the newspapers weren't
compelled to run only approved stories.

Hundreds of people watched this event, and
no matter how many reported it to the
police, to the papers, even taking pictures,
there would be no disclosure to the public.

We could no longer disbelieve, or walk away
from our vivid memories. Through the years,
many of us saw the same kind of crafts, and
lights again. While millions will never see
them, we did, and we saw them multiple
times in our lives.

No one can understand why that is possible.
Are we tagged? It seemed like a possibility.
Or is this a spiritual dimension, since some
of the encounters we had involved lights,
not crafts?

Why are the same brilliant balls of light
seen over the fields of Avenbury, and Wiltshire
where the world's most astounding crop circles

I had wanted to spend July in Wiltshire this
year, but, wasn't well enough to travel or
trek to the open fields. So, I pray that next
year, in addition to going to Jerusalem and
Israel with Frank, that I can spend a few weeks
back in Southwestern England, Lord willing.

I wish I could share these fantastic revelations
with those seeing the lights and UFOs for the
first time. I can only write one book at a time,
though, and my work on the subject of my
grandfather and his brothers is too all-encompassing.

Still, if it's the Lord's Will, I will.

The Truth is always out there for us to chase.
I pray I do not embrace a falsehood or
a lie.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Signs and more signs

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Snow in JULY~in MEXICO!!

The Mark of the Beast- The Chips are being implanted

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Anyone who receives these will lose their souls.
It is no joke.

The chips are here, have been here, but, unless
people refuse to have them implanted, the end
is near. Of course, it's pretty obvious that the
Beast is imminent, when you hear of globalization,
and the 666 chip, like in this story.

Be afraid, unless you are ready for Jesus Christ
to return.


This is a big sign. I remember back in the 90s,
it seemed that no one would be stupid enough
to allow them to implant the chip, but, I
guess there are more Godless and ignorant
people than I anticipated.

They'll probably be lining up to put the chips
in their kids , thinking it will keep them safe.
They may as well dash them against a wall.
At least they would die with their souls.

DAMNED. The Word of God has warned
us. There is no excuse, after the fact.

Friday, July 20, 2007


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Zinovy Peshkov was my mom's uncle. While
she never knew Yakov Sverdlov, Zinovy came
to her wedding. He made quite an impression
on my dad's family, with his elegance and
exotic aura. After all, this was a man whose
life was the stuff of epoch adventure films.

I'm writing a book on my counter-counter,
possibly triple spy grandfather, and his two
brothers, the Western diplomat, to the East,
the Four-star General, who was right hand to
Charles Degaulle in France, and his Bolshevik
younger brother Yakov, who was Lenin's right
hand man. I've got no choice in writing this
story, but, it's causing me conflicts, because
of the unexplained things that start to happen.

Most of what's written about Zinovy is in
French, and it's tedious for me to translate
and hunt for treasures, yet, every time I
look for this mysterious great-uncle, he's
there with some complete mind-freak.

He's considered a Christian, but, unfortunately,
my research has shown him to be into the occult
spiritualism of the late 1800s, and the first half of
the 20th Century. He associated with the crowd
of H.G. Wells, and the literati in London, as well
as Aleister Crowley. Why is my research taking
this bitter twist, ending with Aleister Crowley?
As if it's not spooky enough, as it is.

How do I write this down where it has
meaning? Can I even do this? I get
overwhelmed, but, I'm dedicated to
it, and I promised my brother we'll
get it done. (He's the brainiac writer,
and I'm just doing the grunt research
and chronological skeleton.)

I usually have to back away from delving too
deeply, for fear of being sucked into the waves
of synchronicity that pulls me into their matrix,
where things are not possible, yet, is. Especially
when I need to do more than a cursory hunt
into Crowley, something that I do NOT find
spiritually edifying, and I literally get migraines
from it. I want to delete him, but, I can't.
He's there in the plot, like it or not.

But, back to the chronic synchronicity,
last night, I was jazzed about reading how
Uncle Zino's early auto-biography,
"The Bugle Sounds", written in the late 1920s,
was the basis for Irving Thalberg's opus,
"Beau Geste."

Whenever I have a revelation, or new connection
to my thesis, I bring it to dad, which is what I did.
As I was speaking the two words, "Beau Geste,"
my dad, who had been doing a crossword in the
newspaper, his daily obsession, looked up at me,
with that look he gets when the matrix gits us,
and said, "You're not going to believe this...."

He showed me the crossword puzzle, and circled
the clue going down.. and it said " Beau.... ______?"
The word he was stumped on was Geste.

I know.

It happens all the time, too.

I 'm being haunted, even though
it flies in the face of my fundamentalist
Christian beliefs. I can't say that what
happened was a trick of a demon's
magic, smoke and mirrors.

This stuff is the hard matrix, beyond
manipulation, or a demon's ability
to trick us by their liberty with our
time/space... and our vulnerability.

When the Apostle John, in Revelation,
admonished us that we can't possibly
know, this is what he meant.

The TRUTH is out there waiting,
and I'm listening Lord. Please
help me to hear what it is!
Please protect me. I feel like
I'm in the dark valley with so
much of this.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Revelation 9


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Rev 9:1And the fifth angel sounded, and I
saw a star fall from heaven unto the
earth: and to him was given the key
of the bottomless pit.
And [2532] kai
he opened
[455] anoigo
the bottomless
[12] abussos
pit; [5421] phrear
and [2532] kai
there arose
[305] anabaino
a smoke
[2586] kapnos
out of
[1537] ek
the pit,
[5421] phrear
as [5613] hos
the smoke
[2586] kapnos
of a great
[3173] megas
furnace; [2575] kaminos
and [2532] kai
the sun
[2246] helios
and [2532] kai
the air
[109] aer
were darkened
[4654] skotizo
by reason of
[1537] ek
the smoke
[2586] kapnos
of the pit.