Monday, July 2, 2007

Tap dancing down the road to Armeggedon

What a nice-looking man, huh? He's a young
doctor. He seems like his only goal in life is
to serve humanity, and heal the sick, as a
godly service.

He is a young doctor, but, one whose wiring
got crossed. Instead of healing, he's taken
a pledge to destroy the innocent, and rack
up as many dead people as possible, before,
he surrenders to hell, himself.

The scariest part is that there were at least
three other MDs in league with the demonic
doctor, avowed to death, terror, and destruction
of the Western civilization, and a total genocide
of all Jews and Christians on Planet Earth.

It is here. It is coming. The writing is on the
wall, in plain sight.
Here is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Hamas has
plans for it, as well. As if prophecy was lacking, here
are the final plans being brazenly outlined for all of

But, Jesus Christ is coming back, to stand on the
Mount of Olives, facing Jerusalem. There will
be a shaking in the Earth, as there never was
before, and all eyes will see the Holy Cube
of New Jerusalem.

Why is the Temple Mount so important?

Wait and see.

Check me out!

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