Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yakov Sverdlov - The best looking Bolshevik by far

Check me out!

It's odd how Yakov Sverdlov was such an integral
person in the Russian Revolution, yet, history has
blotted him out. Of course, Stalin was partly responsible
for this, and it's been in the past decade when his
archives have been leaking out.

He looks so much like my brother that it is eerie.
He has the same Asian looks as my mom did, as
well. That's because they were near China, and
obviously had strong ethnic genetics.

In addition to being the first Revolutionary leader
in Russia, he wrote the Constitution of the USSR,
designed the hammer and sickle flag, along with
establishing the KGB. You'd think he'd be as
familliar as Lenin and Trotsky..

Anyway, someone posted this video on Youtube,
and I was thrilled to see him in this vintage state.
Considering this footage is 90 years old, it's
pretty awesome.

He also posted this: Greatest Revolutionaries
of all time, and Uncle Yakov is in it.

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