Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Agents of Death amongst us

Check me out!

I noticed Middle Eastern doctors starting
to become more numerous in number, than
any other foreign born doctors, in the late
90s. In September 2001, I was working
at a large trauma center in Central Illinois.
In the midst of cornfields and quintessential
heartland Americana, you'd expect the majority
of doctors to be typical of small town middle

Let's put it this way: There was such a majority
of Islamic foreign born doctors serving patients,
that the hospital built their own mosque. That
was disconcerting, to say the least. There were
emergencies that were unattended by medical
staff, because, they were in the mosque. The
nurses used to say, "They're in the mosque
with their butts in the air to Allah." I used
to feel that was very disrespectful.

Then the Twin Towers fell, and there was a
sense of antagonism towards these men.
I felt that was unfair, as well. I was almost
in love with our medical director, an elegant
man of Afghanistani descent, with a handsome
face, and a sharp mind. I was fiercely protective
of him, and whenever any of the nurses mocked
him, along with the other Muslim doctors, I
would cut their comments off with a lecture.

After 911, many patients wouldn't let these
doctors treat them. I felt it was so sad. I
was alone with the one doctor I had such
admiration for, and trying to console him,
I put my hand on his arm. His entire demeanor
changed, and he transformed before my eyes.
He nearly spit at me, to NEVER touch him, how
it was NEVER acceptable, not allowed, and

It chilled me to my bone. It's not the immodesty
of a female touching a male that bothered me,
but, the look of hatred on his face.

I knew back then and there, that the sudden
proliferation of Muslim doctors in our American
heartland was part of a greater plan. When I
spoke about it, people used to scoff. Yet, I
reminded them that the titular head of Al Quaeda
was not Bin Laden, but, a medical doctor, and
that was part of their agenda, to seed the West
with those who we would find beyond reproach.

I challenge people to find one Emergency Room,
anywhere in America or Great Britain, without
devout Muslim doctors. They have had at least
ten years to establish themselves in our hospitals,
and society.

What an ingenius plan. Not only will they possibly
contribute to primary attacks, but, when the
casualties are brought to trauma centers, like
the ones I worked in, they will be met by more
violence and terror, at the hands of those trained
to kill, as much as they were trained to heal.

It's part of our psyche that rejects this notion
that doctors who endure the challenges and
devotion, would be dedicated to the destruction
of our way of life, and are here to destroy our

Yet, Islam, as a dynamic faith, is now defined
by these basic tenets of that faith. They believe
that their role is to destroy all non-Islamic
people, who will not obey their rigid society.
They have no doubt that killing the infidels
is being obedient to that faith, whether they
are trained in medicine or terror.

It's never going to make sense to us, in the West,
so we will continue to reject this. That is why
they will win, and millions will die at their
cruel hands.

It's all part of the end of times, brother. Don't
sweat it. Christ is coming back. But, that doesn't
mean we should be passive lambs to the slaughter.

Until patients in hospitals refuse to be treated
by them, the hospitals will continue to bring them
over by the plane load, because they are economical.
Yet, they're importing the agents of death and
destruction, not healers.

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