Saturday, July 28, 2007


Check me out!

SHUT UP! STFU! And Tell That Loudmouth WIFE TO STFU!!!

I have no patience for this phony baloney politician
and his loudmouth wife. I don't care if she has cancer,
she is a wretched shrew, and everything out of her
vile mouth is a lie.

His weave costs 400 bucks a month, not his hair cuts.
Does anyone think a haircut that expensive would
look that crappy? For a haircut, it looks like hell,
but, for a weave, it's pretty darn nice.

I am just weary of this goofball and his wife.
There's not a snowball's chance in Iraq of
him becoming President.

Why would America want a First Lady that is
going to die? She should shut up and try to get
well, and he should shut up and stand by her
as she fights for her life.

They need to get their priorities straight.
America doesn't want these phony hypocrites.

Shut up already.

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