Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Check me out!

I've been reading Carl Bernstein's book
on Hillary. Took it with me this morning
to read in the doctor's office, as well as
any other possible traffic standstills which
are always possible on I-95 to Miami.

Some people commented how they love
her, and some how they hate her.

I liked Bernstein's description of the
book as neither laudatory or condemning.
He used Catherine the Great as a
comparison. One of history's greatest
leaders was very complex. In fact, the
more you read of Hillary, the better that
likeness to Catherine is, even though
he didn't specifically mean it that way.

The one endearing thing that covers
a lot of ground for me is reading how
when other women were burning bras,
and doing drugs, and pursuing their
own selfish goals, she was a real visionary,
working for the poor and downtrodden.

She always carried her Bible.
She has always had a faith-based
life, and believes that it is our obligation
as followers of Christ to serve Him by
helping others. She makes no apologies
for political incorrectness, or use her
Christian faith as a smokescreen for
her own sins.

She trusted God had a great destiny for
her, and she went after it, not even for
her own glorification, but, to serve her

She's not perfect, but, it is comforting
to have a leader who trusts God, and
calls on Jesus Christ.

I think that's the most important feature
in any of our lives, and I never realized
how deep her Christian faith is.

It doesn't surprise me now that for the
first time in my life, I am a Hillary
democrat. If Hillary isn't nominated,
the Democratic party will implode and
lose. If Hillary isn't president, count
down, because the end is even closer.

She may not be perfect, but, I choose
Hillary for President, and she's the
first candidate that I've been very
enthusiastic about.

I feel Obama is bought and paid for
by special interests, and the Devil,
(just the way I feel) and his connection
to Jesus Christ is tenuous. He came out
of nowhere, like the Antichrist. I can't
trust Osama, but, it's all God's will. I know
that he has desperately, desperately
wicked people paying for him.

That man is owned like he worked on
the rich man's plantation. He's in their
pockets, and they will pull the strings.
We're talking the real D here. That's
what I see.

It may be time for the Antichrist's
short reign, but, I won't endorse it.
I feel better with Hillary, because,
she isn't going to outlaw Christianity.
Who knows what someone who has
a name like Osamo Obama Hussein...
will do? It may sound silly, but,
Christians are being slaughtered
all over the world.

There have been more Christian
martyrs in Indonesia, Africa,
and the Middle East and China,
than all the wars combined.

I know the MSM doesn't tell people
that, but, the blood of Christians is
flowing in the streets of the lands
of the damned, in Africa, Indonesia,
and Saudi/Egypt/Syria/Iran...

It's coming. Jesus is coming.

The cool thing is she gets to beam
up too.

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