Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Blue Parrots will fly free in the trees of New Jerusalem!

Check me out!

Oh how I love birds. I love all animals, even
snakes and lizards. I adore lizards!!

But this rare torquoise Brazilian parrot
was rescued from extinction. I love the
beach here in ft. lauderdale! My favorite
thing is seeing the wild green parrots
as prevalent as pigeons in a NYC square.

I know there is no shortage of human
suffering in this world, but, humans
often cause their own suffering. Animals
are 100% innocent. No animal should
suffer for our sins and needs.

There's no excuse for the treachorous
exploitation and hunting of God's
creatures, and I think this world will
be judged and condemned because of
animal cruelty, sexualizing innocent
young kids, aborting fetuses, and
killing our brothers, no matter what
their religion is.

His heart must be broken seeing the
children of his servant Abraham planning
the destruction of Abraham's children,
in the Jews and Christians! Yet, the
Lord is allowing the Jihad to prevail
for now. There are great similarities
in the Bible, when God uses our enemies
to hone us, and get us to wake up and
seek His redemption.

Today, there was a story about 8 year
old girls who set kittens on fire. That
made me lose hope for us. There will
be no consequences for these little
hellions, because, we're living in the
end-times, where children are being
bred to hate and have no empathy for
other living things.

If I had a voice, those girls would have
received a 2" round 2nd degree burn
to teach them what burning feels like.
Then, only then, may they escape the
eternal burning that awaits them
when Jesus Christ judges this world
for the crimes against his creation.

What other hope is there?

Get ready. The Cube is coming. Christ is getting
closer each minute. His kingdom will have
no cruelty. All the animals will be friends.
The lion will graze beside the lamb, with
children playing with cobras who
are friendly.

There will be no more hate and destruction,
no pollution, no day too hot or too cold.
Clean, clear water, and clean crisp air.
The world will be healed by his touch.

My dad is just starting to get enthusiastic
about Christ's return. It does annoy him
when I talk about how much I wish it
was sooner than he thinks it will be.
He thinks it will be after 2012, but,
I think it could be as soon as 2009.

If we get some spawn of Hell for President,
then, I think it could be 2008 or 9.,.

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