Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mass casualties

The Truth is Still Out There....

Check me out!

It was in the 1970s, when as a youngster, I lived in
the same hood as Will Smith, the star of "Men in
Black" and "Independence Day."

He went to the same Elementary School, "Robert
E. Lamberton."

Overbrook was the left hand side, the Philly side
of the chi-chi Main Line" in Philadelphia.
We were the Philly side.

On a July night, not unlike last night was in
England, hundreds of spectators witnessed
a very similar UFO event that was documented
by these English people.

The Franklin Institute, which housed the
Planetarium, received approximately 200
phone calls about the event.

The police received nearly the same number,
yet, this stupendous sighting didn't make the

The craft that flew into our sheltered worlds
was chillingly extraterrestrial. It performed
impossible feats, zig-zagging at high speeds,
then hovering above our heads, so near that
we could see the shaded windows, with
humanoid forms behind them. We could
see individual lights. It poised in mid-sky
so we could see what we did.

This experience shattered our innocence.
Never again would we believe the government
or believe that the newspapers weren't
compelled to run only approved stories.

Hundreds of people watched this event, and
no matter how many reported it to the
police, to the papers, even taking pictures,
there would be no disclosure to the public.

We could no longer disbelieve, or walk away
from our vivid memories. Through the years,
many of us saw the same kind of crafts, and
lights again. While millions will never see
them, we did, and we saw them multiple
times in our lives.

No one can understand why that is possible.
Are we tagged? It seemed like a possibility.
Or is this a spiritual dimension, since some
of the encounters we had involved lights,
not crafts?

Why are the same brilliant balls of light
seen over the fields of Avenbury, and Wiltshire
where the world's most astounding crop circles

I had wanted to spend July in Wiltshire this
year, but, wasn't well enough to travel or
trek to the open fields. So, I pray that next
year, in addition to going to Jerusalem and
Israel with Frank, that I can spend a few weeks
back in Southwestern England, Lord willing.

I wish I could share these fantastic revelations
with those seeing the lights and UFOs for the
first time. I can only write one book at a time,
though, and my work on the subject of my
grandfather and his brothers is too all-encompassing.

Still, if it's the Lord's Will, I will.

The Truth is always out there for us to chase.
I pray I do not embrace a falsehood or
a lie.

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