Friday, July 6, 2007

The Doctors' Plot

Check me out!

When I start reading and researching, I can't seem
to turn off until I'm done.

I've been up since yesterday morning. I started out
reading about Stanley Reilly, the original Bond, and
my grandfather, which led me to Robert Bruce Lockhart,
and other agents provocateurs.

So for the last hour, I've been refreshing my memory
of the Jewish Doctor's Plot of Stalin's latter era, another
initiation into the original Cold War, Post-WWII.

While modern scholars minimize the role of Jewish
doctors in undermining the elite dictatorship of Stalin,
there is too much empirical proof that there was fire
under this smoke.

This was where the concept of impeccable doctors
being used as the ultimate weapons of terror was first

Googling Jewish Doctor's Plot will give up pages of this
Wikipedia's Doctor's Plot

It would be nice to believe Al Quaeda was cruel
enough to invent doctors cold-blooded enough
to train to kill, as they trained to heal, but, they
only copied this from the original template in

This was where the ingenious plan to have
doctors used as the ultimate weapons was tried
and perfected.

Oy vei. That's what I say. My head is throbbing.

Sometimes I want to laugh and cry, scream to the
heavens and beg God to PLEASE end the madness down

It's easy to blame the Islamic Jihad for inventing
cruelty, terror, sabotage, and a mad quest for world
domination. Except, I know that they are largely
copiers of the original Bolsheviks, who were, in
turn, copiers of the French Revolutionaries, like
Robespierre, who were copiers of Crusaders, and
it goes back and back, while it jumps forward and
here we are today, faced with the madness blown
up in our faces exponentially.

It probably does all go back to the ideology of terror
and chaos being the ultimate state. Of rebellion, that is.

What greater affront to the Creator than to destroy the
innocent, dominate the weak, and subjugate free will,
like Cesar? This is the creation of the Antichrist.

What did the Bolsheviks accomplish when they produced
Josef Stalin, the man of Steel, archetype to the Antichrist?
In fact, the Beast of Revelation takes shape in the dictators
and tyrants of the 20th Century. It is only now, that we
can see it in perspective, that it makes more sense.

Rising out of the sea...

Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin... all dead, but, here the beast
with the death wound, is rising out of the sea, in the form
of the last incarnation: Jihad. Coming to life in the dead
body of European Union, cannibalizing itself, with the
infestation of cells, like cancer cells. This is really the
real deal.

The Algorithm of Terror isn't unique to any one
group. Our persecutors today learned from my
own family. One hundred years after my terrorist
grandfather crossed the Atlantic Ocean, not as a
miserable refugee, but, as a privileged and covert
arms dealer, the same breed is coming back to our
shores this time to kill us all.

My own grandfather, working both sides, benefitting
no one but himself, like Stanley Reilly, was no better
than today's Jihadist, except at least they were ready
to sacrifice their own lives. There's almost more
honor in that, not that I am happy with them, but,
we can't stand in judgment.

We need to come out of this world system, and
rise. We need to dedicate our flesh and blood, soul
and heart, to Jesus Christ, for he is our only

This gives me such a headache (literally)
that I should stop thinking about it, but, I can't!

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