Sunday, September 16, 2012

This Lilo pic was in the Daily Mail of London about six weeks ago. She is wearing a dress that was worn by Sharon Stone in her last scene of "Casino."

When I was a young teenager, i had this vintage classic dress in every color it came in. I wore it as robes.

I wouldn't imagine keeping it for decades, but, i wish i did. Goodwill got themall. My dad made these, with his talented partner, Mautice.

Maurice died in his fifties of cancer, and my dad went to work for Albert Nipon, but, I am proud of him.

He was a brilliant designer. So many of his designs and dresses are iconic, or subtly influenced other designers, and continue to do so.

These engineered prints, originally inspired by Pucci, in the sixties, were very hard to produce. 

I worked in dad's factory since i was a kid, and remember the skill they reqired to master.

I am now trying to buy back dresses i had by the hundreds, and for free, giving them to Goodwill, and now sell for 150- ??????!!!!!

I wonder how much Lindsay paid for this one, or if it originally was mine.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I still find it hard to post via my android devices, so, i may redesign or start a new blog.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sabbath rules are broken by typing this, but, in my heart and soul, I worship Y'shua HaMasciach, every waking moment, not just on Sabbath nights.

changed the keyboard to see if I can post and type easier since My last few entries were full of problems.....

Although i am certainly used to texting, for some reason, i am still not happy typing android prose due to a lifetime of typing on real keyboards, but, it is something i can try to get the knack of....i have tons of things to say and need to write right now. 

maybe tomorrow....anyone else having *dreams*?

I weighed 145.8 today, but, according to the govtt's BMI charts, I'm overweight, and according to the odious MIchelle Obama, Overweight Americans are the "greatest threat to National security."

I marvel at the Goebbels lIke MSM, who tout this hideous beast, as If she were Princess Kate, when she looks like a wild animal and a nasty, dangerous one. That Is dangerous to our Image as a civilised Nation. The Empress has no clothes. She's not "stunning", but, a hideous bigot, the ugliest creature In public display. In my thinking she looks like a gorilla Is racist, then this nasty woman Is sIzIst, and Is Instilling misery and hate against an already persecuted and bullIed group of Americans. F U MIchelle o.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My blog has been lonely. I left her for the year, partly due to more pressing obligatIons
and illnesses, and recoveries, and a boredom with writing. I went through a final metamorphosis, first from near death-lIke revelation, an otherworldly consciousness of what is real outside this pathetic planet, and a sense of futility in participating in the race, both the human and cIrcular rat race.
I went from a taste In Coach bags to a new breed apocacalyptIc hIppIe, wIth everythIng worn ImagIned through the ImagInatIve lens of Jerusalem  Year 1.