Friday, September 14, 2012

I weighed 145.8 today, but, according to the govtt's BMI charts, I'm overweight, and according to the odious MIchelle Obama, Overweight Americans are the "greatest threat to National security."

I marvel at the Goebbels lIke MSM, who tout this hideous beast, as If she were Princess Kate, when she looks like a wild animal and a nasty, dangerous one. That Is dangerous to our Image as a civilised Nation. The Empress has no clothes. She's not "stunning", but, a hideous bigot, the ugliest creature In public display. In my thinking she looks like a gorilla Is racist, then this nasty woman Is sIzIst, and Is Instilling misery and hate against an already persecuted and bullIed group of Americans. F U MIchelle o.

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