Saturday, July 14, 2007

Open your mind

Check me out!

I reject this world. I reject Satan. I reject everything
but, Jesus Christ, of Nazareth.

This is the only way. He is the Highway of the redeemed.
The world is only the petri dish for the heavenly species.
After playinng the music video,
click on MENU at bottom,
and then on >arrow, push PLAY
and then the side arrow to see the
cool other videos that are part of the

Or click on the other small
video thumbnails. Not all of them
are good, though. Too Europoppy.
Skip the last one completely..

Haven't been able to blog. Pain. More pain.
Pain to the point of reaching the threshholds.
Pain and near death. Pain and longing for death.
Pain and then abandonment.
Pain and then the blackness.
Through the blackest water yet.
Then into a splash of color with light
that's blinding.

Look down at my arms. They are now from the
other side. This is not easy to describe.
Look at HIS face, and never want to leave
Don't send me back through the dark sea
To the land of misery.

Let me in and experience the birth of eternity
in our Lord's immortality.
I never know if David Icke is mocking,
only God knows, and he may be ironic in
depicting the duality of the counterfeit Christ,
as stolen by the Illuminati, but, it's a cool series
of video. Very well done! I'd watch all of them
Very scary stuff. I concur with the Illuminati
info. Very real, indeed.
As a disclaimer, though...
Do I think QEII is a big lizard?
No. LOL.

There's no merovingian belief that is
close to the truth, in my experience.
But, the world's true leaders are led.
There's no doubt about this.

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