Thursday, July 5, 2007

Flying With The Angels

Check me out!

I have had two dreams this week of flying.
The strange part was that I was not flying in
a plane, but, flying like a bird. It's not the
first time I've experienced flying in dreams.
I suppose I had wings, like a bird, or angel,
except I had no consciousness of them.
I was simply able to fly.

The dreams are always VERY extremely vivid,
to the butterflies in my stomache, and dizziness.
I am slightly scared of heights, and have chickened
out on skydiving and balloon rides! Yet, I was
able to conquer my tremendous anxiety, and
feel the thrill of flying down through the sky
and clouds, perceiving the heights and tiny
buildings below. I had that same sensation
of diving that I would have in a plane sharply

The first dream was on Monday, and was
in London. I've had at least three other dreams
about London in the past few weeks, maybe
because of the recent terror there. The notable
thing about the London dreams, is that they
don't take place in North London, where I
once lived, but, around the Millenium Wheel,
and Central London.

The second dream was last night, until the
morning, when a phone call woke me.
The dream takes place after the Rapture, and
we are now flying with angels to physically
rescue people. The Angels can only take us
down through the imminent atmosphere,
but, from there we had to go down. This
dream was in Texas, and it was frightening
to see what happened there. Expecting the
Texas I knew and loved, all I saw beneath
the clouds was chaos and terror.

I was employed in a literal extraterrestrial
ambulance/first responder system! It was fun
flying, but, coming back to Earth during the
Tribulation was very scary for me. It was like
liberating a concentration camp, like Auschwitz.

It was as bad as it can be.

I never had a dream like this one before, and it
has stayed with me...

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You have interesting dreams. Some of them may come true.

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