Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Beginning of Sorrows

Check me out!

It's Sunday, July 1,2007. The past two days have
been demonstrative of the sorrow to come. Two
botched car-bombings in London and Glasgow,
linked to Al Quaeda, haven't deterred the London
Mayor from supporting the same. He is an enemy
of the people.

There is tremendous rain and flood conditions.
Kansas is under water. Many parts of the world
are flooding.

Judgement Day is coming.

Even here in draught-ridden Florida, the sky is
black and thunder punctuates the day. I find it
soothing. I keep praying for the Latter Rain.

Of course, the "latter rain" is a spiritual holy
watering. This is what this world needs the

Around the world there are signs of WWIII
aka Armegeddon drawing near. My dad
is even preaching now.

The Middle East has long been prepared for
the events to soon come. The USA is very
unprepared. Our society is too selfish to
care. We have a sense of entitlement,
individually, and that is our indoctrination,
as powerful, as Hamas teaches children to
hate Jews.

The Four horsemen are approaching.
If you close your eyes, you can see them
riding the wind across the stormy sky.
If you hold your breath, you can jump
into the whirlpool of prophecy and come
out transformed.

It's time to jump, and believe. It's time
to take that leap. After the sands run out
and the archangel shouts, all we have
is our soul, and faith in Yeshua Hamaschiah,
Hashem Adonai.

Jesus, I adore you. All your words are true.
There is not one thing happening that can
surprise us. You've given us the Holy Ghost
and the gift to understand.

Each day that passes is a day closer to you,
Lord God, and your kingdom is coming down
fast. The first shall be last, and thanks to
your mercy, the last shall be first.

Hashem, Come quickly, Beloved. Amen.

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