Wednesday, July 4, 2007

JACKASSES and other irritations on Independence Day

Check me out!

I live on a canal in South Florida, and unfortunately,
on the other side of the canal, facing me, are these
jackasses who care almost nothing about others.

They constantly host pool and boat parties, using
their piers, blasting the music outside, and keeping
barking dogs out in their yards and decks, well
beyond 11 PM. How do people get to be so indifferent
to others? It seems that it gets worse and worse
every year.

Today, there are storms in Florida, so, venturing
outside, especially driving anywhere, is not
a good idea. I've never seen such jackasses as
here on the highways in South Florida.

What a world it is. Independence Day,
to me, is the return of Jesus Christ,
and New Jerusalem, coming from
the heavens. When we are beamed
up and outta here, I will celebrate.
Today, I feel like mourning for the
America that I knew as a kid. It is

The false prophet, Al Gore's son was busted
driving 100 mph in a Prius, of all things, with
a car full of illegal substances. I would stay
high, too, if the false prophet was my dad.
Poor guy.

He's reveling in a ridiculous rock concert
slated for 7.7.07, in a few days. So much
for him trying to obfuscate the 666 by
elevating himself.

I suppose no one else calls Gore the
false prophet, but, that's who he is
to me. A total jackass.

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