Friday, June 22, 2007

Preparing for the worst

I'm driving everyone crazy. With the hurricane
season starting, and my ubiquitous fears of terror
and disaster, and 7.7.7. just 2 weeks away, I can't
get enough non-perishables, water, batteries,
candles, and other necessities.

To make it worse, I don't only buy things for dad and
myself, but, extra for the people who live in the condo,
in case they don't stock up.

We have about two weeks of military MREs, thanks
to the city of Sunrise, in Ft. Lauderdale. It's a wealthy
city, and they came around to give each resident
a insulated ice chest, with boxes of water, first aid kids,
MREs, and other emergency supplies like flashlights
and extra batteries. I love Sunrise. Yet, it's ironic
that a city where residents can afford these things,
and needs them less that poor areas, which doesn't
get any... It's backwards.

My dad did something cool today. His Jewish
best friend is dying, and has a private nurse
staying with him. When his wife said to pray
to God for him, my dad said, "Even better, we
can pray to Jesus Christ." When he said that,
the nurse perked up like she was plugged in,
and asked him if he was Jewish. My dad told
her about me, and how I consider myself
a Jew for Jesus. It turned out that she
was a Jew for Jesus, too! Dad said she
was so excited.

He told them about what happened during
the hurricane, when the lock on my huge
so-called storm window in my room imploded.

I threw my entire body against it, because if we
lost it, we'd be killed, or the roof would go. I was
watching the roof peel off from the end of our
building to our unit. Dad kept screaming for me
to get off of my desk and away from the window
because we couldn't hold it back, and he thought
we'd both be killed.

We had exhausted all our strength, and I
started to beseech Jesus to save us and
help to close the window, which since
had blown in with the shattered latch.
Dad kept yelling it was hopeless.

The next thing we knew, there was an
audible "CLICK" and the large window
was snapped in, and the fierce 120 mph
winds, which had ripped off the roof,
up to our condo unit, had radically
changed. (This storm was so wicked
that it shredded our aluminun storm
shutters on the patio, too. They are
supposed to withstand Hurricane 5!)

I started praising Jesus and crying,
thanking the angel and I fell to the floor,
unable to look at what I perceived had
to be a real angel. It's not that I saw him
with my eyes, but, I really did "see him"
in my mind's eye. So did dad, and he said,
in awe, "If Jesus did that, then he's got
my vote."

This story goes over great with the Jews
who are friends with my dad. I never thought
there would be a day when Jews for Jesus
were admired, and he could brag about me!

Thank you Lord God for your miracles
which we see with our own eyes everyday,
and Praise your Holy Name, for eternity.
I pray that my dad will not only speak about
you, with pride, but, feel your strength in
his body that's faltering. Bring us your
relief, as only you can be relied on.

I pray that you will prepare us for everything
that glorifies your kingdom, and sustain us
in this troubled and violent world we are
living in.

I pray not to be afraid... fear is the seal
of the imperfect.

I pray to be perfect, and an imitation of Christ,
In Jesus Christ's Holy Name. Amen.

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