Sunday, June 24, 2007


Check me out!

I have been reading about the cigar shaped UFOs seen
in England, and elsewhere. They are thought to be over
1 mile long. That's a hard concept to wrap your mind
around, but, I think they're the real deal.

Are they from other planets? Probably not. The odds
are against it. Are these angelic, like a few that we've
seen? My dad saw a manifestation of lights five years
ago that are so similar to Ezekiel's, but, Ezekiel saw
the Holy Cherubims. Is that what my dad saw, like
Ezekiel did over the Euphrates? Was his over the
Bermuda triangle?

I've seen only one close up, with binoculars, and visualized
the intricate windows, lights, and even living figures inside
of it.

The one I saw, with my neighborhood (over 200 people reported
it to the Franklin Institute) was purple, from the red and
blue lights, i think. It performed for us, zig-zagging, zooming
straight across the sky, and performing like the Blue angels.

Was it extraterrestrial? The odds are against it.

So what are they?

The cigar shape is similar to Tesla's design. Did the government
succeed in developing his craft? Was the government behind
the bell-shaped one our neighborhood watched on that June
night? No, because the figures I saw inside didn't appear like
men. They weren't exactly the greys that sci-fi enthusiasts
see, but, they weren't like men, either, at least from what I

So many questions, and we are at a disadvantage in
understanding them.

I live within 40 miles or so from the Bermuda Triangle,
so, it's no wonder dad saw what he did. But, why did
Dad and I see them in Austin Texas, in 1996?

Before we saw the craft, we saw a phenomenon in the
sky, that we called, "The Star of Bethlehem." It was
a bright star, with points that touched the ground.
Then, we saw the craft. The star was a celestial thing,
but, the rays extended unnaturally brightly.

What was it?

The weirdest event was when my nephew, dad and I
watched a program on UFOs, and during the commercial
went out on the back porch and saw one right in front
of our eyes. Talk about synchronicity... WHY? WHY?

I'm glad others are seeing these things, but, none of
us can convince those who are not seeing them, or
explain the effect they have on our lives. Why do
certain people like us see them over and over again.
Maybe not on a regular basis, but, every few years?

It is easy to call us crackpots, but, my dad can't except
the explanation of heavenly angels, UFO crafts, or
supernatural events connected to us.

There's so much more out there that only God knows
why they are there, and what they mean. Yet, because
we see them, shouldn't we seek the answers? I don't
want to be deceived, though, but, I know they're

The only thing I pray for is wisdom to know the
demonic from angelic, and to have God's protection.

I realize that if they're here, it's not long before the
holy cube appears in the sky, where all eyes will
see. We will be taken up, and the world will understand
the glory of the Kingdom of God in Jesus Christ is

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