Monday, June 11, 2007

Sopranos Finale

Check me out!

It was hard seeing my favorite program finish.
My dad was bitterly disappointed, but, I had
to reassure him that
Chase let us write our
own ending, and that there was no way Tony
was going to make it to testify. He was mad
that Tony wasn't whacked. There's fan loyalty.
I promised him that was the ending. It was
so obvious, even cliche, right out of "ONE"

Then, he got very concerned, saying, "Meadow
has to die, too?" LOL. My dad and Meadow!!
Chase's write your own ending, Meadow makes
it. AJ is shot but will live, Carmella dies for
her sins, and so does Tony. Meadow ducks
under a table, and in caring for her shot
brother, enrolls in Medical School anyway.

(Dad still hasn't gotten over Adriana.)

Synchronicity- A tabby clone of my soul mate
purrfect friend "boyToy" debuts as a possible
Chris familiar.

Most satisfying moment- Watching Phil get
whacked and then his head run over with
his own grandsons driving his SUV. CLASSIC!

Profound odds and ends: Janice telling Tony
how she's overcome Livia's toxic parenting
to become a good mother, but, does anyone
even care! BRAVO. LOLOL!

Then, when she visits Uncle Junior, he calls her
Olivia! When she shows him her child's picture,
he calls the baby, "Janice," remembering what a
brat she was. CLASSIC.

This was squeezed into how greedy Janice
has been trying to "inveigle" stowed money
from Uncle Junior. Tony shows his loyalty
to Bobby and his kids, by telling Junior
that his money should be put in a trust
for the kids before Janice gets it.

It was nice to see Uncle Pat, and Junior.
Very well done.

Most poignant- Tony with tears in his eyes
realizing Junior has no memory. You could
read between the lines, and it's his way
of letting go of the anger.

Also poignant- Tony back in his backyard,
with a transcendental moment in the sun,
like in his epiphany in Las Vegas. He gets
it. You live for the day, for the time we have.

Coolest tie up- The FBI guy who almost seems
fond of Tony, but, then cheering when Phil is whacked
because they have the goods on Tony, with a flipped
made guy, and he is finally going to "win."

Some friend. While he seemed to care about
Tony, keeping him from getting whacked, he
was never without his eyes on the prize.

MADE IN AMERICA- Brilliant title for so many
levels of reasons:

1. Made guy is a symbol of the American dream.
2. America has become a nation of self-centered
selfish consumers and mega-capitalists, where
the biggest feeders and the biggest fiends.
Yet like Tony and his family, they are part of
all of us.
3. Meadow and AJ are made in America. Without
values, and even when they are inspired or
convicted to pursue a direction where they will
help others, they are pulled away when self
interests and easy money win out.

I miss them already.

Thank you David Chase for some of the greatest
characters in television history.