Monday, June 11, 2007

Still Praying for Paris

Check me out!

During the nonstop Paris crisis this weekend,
the cable station nonstop coverage was ridiculous.
However, in seeing Nicky Hilton, Paris's younger
sister, leave the jail, I felt some hope for Paris.

Nicky is pretty low-key, and actually respectable.
Kathy Hilton is on the same list as Lindsay Lohan's
despicable mom, in my book, but, Nicky seems to
be a great sign that it's sometimes neither nature
or nurture, but, inner individual morality.

I admire Paris's statements trying to vow to
make a difference in the future, especially, not
to act dumb anymore.

I knew Paris isn't dumb, and it is destructive to
a generation of girls to pretend that it's cool
to be like that. Hopefully Paris and God are now
in tight, and maybe she'll use her celebrity
status for positive change!

2012 is in FIVE short years. The Cube needs
defenders of the faith, recruiting the young,
right now, not alienating them. There are millions
of young people who need to be saved from the
nuclear winter coming. Paris, confess Jesus to
these lost ones, and find yourself with a golden
crown during the Wedding Feast. No party here
can compare....

I can pray for her, anyway. I can't help myself,
but, I do love Paris. I ask all those who pray to
remember her in their intercessions

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