Monday, June 4, 2007

The End is Near for The Sopranos

Check me out!

Last night's show was spectacular and infected me
again, after I've bitched and complained about how
disjointed this season has been. Deep inside, I knew
that David Chase has a master plan.

Like the millions of other Sopranos fans, I'm spinning
my wheels, trying to figure out the ending. Some of
the possibilities include:

1. Tony never recovered from his coma, and this has
been part of his dying vegetative dream-reality.
The thing that supports this is that last night's
show had some subtleties that only true fanatics
would notice. These include Dr. Melfi's bizarre
dismissal of Tony, a patient who she both cares
about, as a doctor, and has an attraction to, as
a woman. Why would she dispatch him, even in
the midst of a crisis, with his son attempting

She certainly can't base her reasons on Elliot's
mean-spirited theory that sociopaths sharpen
their antisocial skills on those like herself. As
a doctor, she would have to have far more
information, not just one odd study to support
his left field hypothesis.

Bobby was picked to be killed, yet, he is hardly
the top of the food chain. What about Paulie?
Why wasn't Paulie even mentioned in being

That brings me to theory 2.

2. Paulie whacks Tony, as a double-agent for
Phil Leotardo's crew. When Phil was in the can,
he enlisted the sympathy of Big John, because
he felt Tony neglected him. His loyalties were
always mixed.

When his mother/aunt died, he resented how
no one came to her funeral, because, they were
all at Chris's funeral. He's not one to bury grudges.

At that moment, he flipped loyalties, and will
be the one to kill Tony.

3. This is some kind of dream. When Bobby dies,
Carmello is stoic. That is uncharacteristic of her.
She freaked when Chris died.

4. Tony's life, is molded after the Godfather.
Now, in his dream-state, Meadow, who was
going to make him proud by being "Dr. Soprano"
is going to be a defense lawyer, defending
terrorists and blacks, who Tony mentions with
great misgiving. Meadow is going to really
be the next head of the family, like when
Tony went to Italy and met the female head
of the family there, a beautiful woman, like

5.AJ's collapse represents all of Tony's secret
failures. He is his shame personified, and everything
from his puny stature, to his snivelling self-pity
is the embodiment of all Tony's most latent
fears about himself.

6. Syl is shot, and his departure is similar to
how he killed poor Adriano. His being in a
coma mirrors how Tony may be the one in
a coma, dreaming this.

7. The FBI guy tells him to expect the Rapture,
like a judge issuing a sentence. It's judgement
Day on Tony, and he is taken from his purgatory
to heaven or hell. His conflicts have been ongoing
for two years in the coma. Maybe the family is
finally going to pull the plug?

8. So, it's either a dream, or Paulie is going to
be the one to kill them all, then kill Phil Leotardo.


I will miss the Sopranos. I don't know what I'll do
until Sunday night. It seems so far away.


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