Saturday, June 16, 2007

Here we go : The BEAST is rising from the sea

Check me out!

(Prophecy Unveiling)

Here it comes. Here she blows.
Al Gore, false prophet,
Lying nose growing.
Tony Blair in lamb-wear,
Accursed and mobilizing,
The brethren are prophesying
The plan is in high gear,
The planet's arrogant elite, lining
up the sheep down here.
Go to sleep thinking they can beat
the God of heaven, God laughs
O Son of Abraham.
Angel tell ya bout the cups of seven and
the wrath upon their heads and
their mark of the beast.
At least we see the globalization
and mobilization of our civilization.
They will be legislating, masticating,
fornicating, defecating
While we will be celebrating
The Cube is coming to take us the
hell outta here.
With the shout of the Archangel
The eyes and ears left behind will hear
our cheers!
Take us on high, Lord God, all is thine.
The Earth will be restored in thy Name,
in our time.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
On Earth as in Heaven,
With the Holy Seven,
We'll be jamming Lion of Zion.
In the Cube, and in
New Jerusalem.
Come quickly before we succumb
Let the blind follow the dumb,
but, let thy will be done.
Let us do the whole of thy Law
which is thy WILL. Amen.

Just can't wait to be jamming!
Halleluyah Messiah our Holy Lamb,
We who walk with you love your plan.
In Jesus Christ's Holy Name. Amen.

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