Friday, June 22, 2007

The Amazing Paul Potts

If Angels sing, they must sound like Paul. Paul is the 2007 winner of "Britain's Got Talent."
His voice brings me to tears. But, there is something
else so akin to grace in his face and mannerisms, as

A uniquely humble man, he considers himself a
cell phone salesman. Simon Cowell was speechless
and stunned listening to him. He didn't even know
how to praise him, just "I wasn't expecting that..."

When you hear him, and then compare him to most
of the narcissistic and largely untalented pop stars of
today, flying around the world lecturing all of us on how
we need to behave, as if they're paragons of virtue,
it is ecstatic to have someone humble to admire.

He has nothing more to impose upon the world
except to share his hidden beauty, and pure talent.
He seems like a humble man, with a good soul.
He seems to sing the music that he hears the
angels sing, in his prescient mystical ear.

It really is phenomenal. I cried through this
viral video, linked here.

PAUL POTTS LINK - Check out his singing.

He is uniquely blessed. His imperfect looks, and
chubbiness, notwithstanding, he is so very affable
and lovely.

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