Saturday, September 29, 2007

In The Twilight Last Gleaming

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It's a glorious night outside. I live on a canal, and
I love sitting on the patio and watching the lights
on the dark water. The insufferable tropical heat
of the summer is beginning to give way to the
temperate perfection that draws millions of
snowbirds to my area each year.

I hate the traffic, but, God bless them all,
for making this area a great place to live. We
have endless miles of discount shops and
a diversity of restaurants to appeal to the
International community that flocks here
from the four corners of the globe.

I love diversity. It is comforting to walk in the
miles of mall space in Sawgrass Mills, and never
once overhear English. I love seeing every nation
and creed happily shopping in one place, eating
side by side in the food courts, and laughing in
this cheerful environment.

It's hard to believe that outside this Mecca, there's
a violent and troubled world, about to implode,
planning harm on those who are human beings,
just like them. Walking in the mall, it's hard to
imagine such things. It's hard to understand
why anyone would want to hurt a stranger.

I suppose if my family had suffered death
because of the situations of war and conflicts,
like those Palestinians in Israel, and all those
whose bitterness increases from generation to
generation, then I would understand this hate
too. Even though my ancestors were murdered,
it doesn't touch me directly. I still can't feel what
they feel, so I cannot judge their pain. I get it, though.
If my loved ones were killed by the Nazis, I'd want
to kill Nazis. If my loved ones were killed by Israelis
I would want to revenge their blood. Where does
it end? The Lord carried our crosses, and we were
told to nail it and crucify our pain. Endure with
patient suffering, and hope.

Hate destroys the last vestiges of human
dignity and hope for the future. It inflicts harm
on the innocent. It erases any way for the future
to correct injustices of the past.

I know the twilight lights upon the canal where
I live, will one day be dimmed. I know this is
the twilight last gleaming. I know that I will
cherish these last moments of solemn peace
to keep in my heart until the indignations are
past, and Christ returns.

Lord God, how I meditate on your beauty and grace.
I ache for you, and need you like air and water.
You are the light in my mind's eye. You are the
warmth of the sun and the air that I breathe.
I love Jesus Christ more than any other, and
above everything else. My heart wants to burst
out of my chest and fill the night sky, and my
lips want to shout out to the stars in the night sky
how lucky they are to be closer to your proximity.

Come back soon, Lord, and bring with you the
weapons of peace, and the soldiers of your
heavenly crusade. I will not stop watching,
I will not stop praying and waiting for the
saints to come marching in with the legions
of Angels, and the chariot of heaven arriving.

In the Name of the Father, YHWH, Abba,
I pray for all those who long for righteousness
and peace, for they are nearest to your heart.
In the Name of the Son, Y'shua HaMaschiach,
I pray for the lost sheep of the House of Abraham,
both of Isaac and Ishmael, both of Jacob and Esau,
to come together in Abraham for the arrival of
the LORD! In the NAME of the HOLY GHOST,
I pray for every heart seeking your peace.
Every eye will see, and every tongue
shall confess that Christ is LORD, forever and
ever, Halleluyah, Praise Your Holy Name,
HaShem, FOREVER and Ever. Amen.

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