Monday, September 3, 2007


Check me out!

The picture above could be Angelina Jolie, but it's
Hillary! According to Bob Woodward's biopic,
this era of our great First Lady's life was spent
in dedication to humanity. She worked tirelessly
towards her goals, but, never considered her
ambition beyond and above people in need.

Even during the hippy dippy God is dead days
of the Summer of Love, and those revolutionary
dins, Hillary marched proudly into impoverished
areas, clutching her King James. Considering
her building blocks to one day lead the most
powerful country on Earth, I am proud to be
her supporter. Every day I ask God to bless
her, keep her well, and to fill her with the
Holy Spirit.

Hillary has always had a commitment and
burden to help people. Unlike many politicians,
or wealthy philanthropists, she believes in
helping Americans in need.

These rotten movie and rock stars are so lofty
in their protected worlds, that they fail to see
the crushing need of the majority of Americans
and Europeans. Not every spare penny should
go to the Third World.

Take a Time Machine back 100 years, 200, 300
and 2000 years, to venture into Africa, or many
islands with indigenous people, and the need
would be the same. No amount of foreign
aid changes them, only their corrupt leaders.
Trillions of charity dollars overseas is now used
to fund terrorist training, and we need a leader
who stands for us, the American people, not
Iraq and the Third World, like George Bush,
who never once has mentioned the American
people in speeches, other than to tell us how
much of our money goes overseas.
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Stop the insanity, and VOTE for Hillary,
the first President of the 21st Century to
restore affluence, health care and hope
to Americans.

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