Saturday, September 1, 2007

Thank YOU George Clooney

Check me out!

Thanks George Clooney, for supporting Obama,
and calling him a "rock star." That's just what
our already deteriorating country needs, a
ROCK STAR, because, after all, they're going
to get us on our feet.

HAHAHAHAH!!! I laughed out loud reading
this in today's stories. A H.S. dropout movie
star has a homoerotic crush on a gorgeous
high yella Senator, and then expects real
Americans to support this bi-crush.

Let's have Bono for Secretary of State, and
Gwen Stafani or Britney for Secretary of
Defense. We'll be wearing burkhas by 2010,
those of us who aren't murdered for being Jewish
or Christian, that is.

Thank YOU, George Clooney, because
your support for Obama will be as successful
for Hillary, as it was for George W. Bush!
If Hillary is as clever as I think she is, she'll
keep Hollywood on a short tether, and send
them over to the Republican candidates.

I think most people are so fed up with
Hollywood white trash, that it's amazing
there is even a demand for the crap that
calls itself movies, anymore. I believe
people are so utterly sick of self-serving
moronic imbeciles like George Clooney,
and his crack pack, who don't even know
how to shave, they're such imbeciles,
that if Hollywood fell into the sea, no
real American would miss one celebrity.

Thank you then for giving Obama
your idolatry and support, and thanks
indeed for calling him a rock star,
oh wise sacred movie star! With you and
Oprah behind Obama, Hillary is a shoo in.
I just pray you go away and don't campaign
for Madame President. STAY AWAY FROM
HILLARY! Thank God for Clooney's hard-on
for handsome hunk Obama, and I'll give
him that. He's a honey! A fine-looking

You couldn't have given Hillary a
better endorsement for real voters,
in the real world, not the Babylon
you live in Clooney. HAHAHA!!

You couldn't make this stuff up.
It's so awesome.

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