Friday, August 31, 2007

Shabbat light

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When the lights go out on the Friday night of
the Sabbath, it beckons back to Creation. Night
preceded day. The journey began in darkness.

Without Him, without our LORD, there is nothing
but that interminable darkness. In the night sky,
tonight, I see the lights of stars and the moon's reflected
light in the water. This was made possible because
of His Creation, not our vain musings about big
bangs and what have you. HE IS the prime mover.
HE IS the ONE and HE IS the sum of all LIFE.
This is who God IS.

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In my mind's eye, there is no longer darkness.
He is as bright as the sun, and in his light there
is no fear. He took off the cloak of night, to be
clothed in the mortal flesh of my ancestor.
He was offered as a blood atonement for my
sins, and to keep the sacrificial lamb from being
slaughtered for it's blood, too. Soon, there will
not be carnivorous flesh, or murder, or destruction.
He made a new way for us to pass through,
and we shall pass over this land, too.

Thank you LORD God, for the blessings you
have bestowed on me, and your kindness toward
mankind. Although we exist in a treacherous ,
obscene and demented place, where evil has dominion,
there is no longer any doubt that your victory has
assured us a way to escape the damnation all around us.

The demons can do some tricks, but, we have
more than mere magic. We have YOU. May
you show the devils their fate through us,
like you did with Moses and Aaron, if that
amuses you. Let us rescue the captives of
darkness, against the day of your final wrath,
and no flesh can escape that. May the brass serpent
be our standard, to protect and confound the wicked,
who use the powers of demons to beguile the weak
on this sad finite but gorgeous little planet.

The glory of the CUBE's arrival will confound
them. They will go insane, but, they can
no longer deny you.

I love you LORD, with all my heart and soul,
beyond my own will, and above my own
understanding. I truly am unworthy of such
a relationship, but, it pleased you to give us
salvation. You have come for the lost sheep
of Abraham, and all the Gentiles. Jesus Christ,
the Son of God is our King and Priest forever.
He is coming back, and that's the day I
live for. With faith, we can attain the unlimited
and bountiful joy in your Kingdom. Every
nation will bow to you.

Every day I think about the Cube coming
with Christ and the Angels. I can see them
in the darkness of my mind and imagine
their glory, even though I know that their
actual countenance will exceed anything
that is known to me.

Praise you Lord, forever. I will never stop
praising you, not only until I sleep in this
flesh, but, when I put on the celestial flesh,
I will never be in darkness again, nor will pain
tempt me to forget your goodness, nor
thirst, hunger or yearning will beckon my
will. You are all I desire LORD. In Christ, I am
bound, for all eternity, the most grateful slave,
and the most unworthy of the brethren.

Praise you JESUS, and Thank you Father,
for our LORD and Savior, tonight. Come
back soon.

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