Monday, August 20, 2007

New World Order Rising

Check me out!

Worked hard today on my book. I had
to take a break. I had FoxNews on, and
they had a discussion about the "North
American Unity" plans, which is quite terrifying
to me. It involves joining together Canada, Mexico
and the USA into a political alliance. I'll
copy and paste my letter to my brother today,
regarding my research, so, it will make
more sense why this bothered me so
badly. It's very synchronistic.

The most fantastic revelation I've had this past
week is in finally admitting out loud that Aleister
Crowley is a common denominator in too many
subplots for him to be considered insignificant.
He's the common thread and final point in those
six degrees of separation that unify parties,
and almost all the principles in my research.

When the Nicholas Cage movie, "National
Treasure" came out, he was thrilled that
it mirrored us, in a way. We had the same type
of family bond to some world-wide masonic
conspiracy, inheriting the obsession to discover
it's source, even if everyone else thought
it was folly. While we never planned to
steal the Declaration of Independence,
we did relate to every clue that the protagonist
felt he had to follow. I love my brother even
though we are like oil and water, sometimes.
In the end, our beliefs converge, well, except
for Jesus Christ. He is not there yet.

Yakov Sverdlov has haunted us for our adult
lives. We even plan to spend at least one
night in the Metropol Hotel, in his room,
in the room he died in, on the very unlikely
chance we can meet his ghost, since others
have claimed to be honored with seeing him
while staying there. My brother who taught
himself Russian, befriended the manager of the
Metropol, and she said that when we
come to Moscow, she'll be our guide,
and it kills me that we can't go there
right now!

Here's a sample of how crazy my project
is getting, without going into tedious
detail: (The first email is from my brother)

Hi honey.
As always your analyses are thought-provoking and creative. Your suppositions are plausible and, typically, conspiratorial. However, not only in this most elaborate and profound profile by Trotsky, but in most of what we have read, including VI's eulogies, YM has been portrayed as, above all, a single-minded loyalist of superhuman proportions. It just seems overreaching to hypothesize that YM had any motivations other than maintaining Bolshevik solidarity while uniting disparate factions including the Left SR.

You tell me--at what point did Trotsky separate himself from the Bolsheviks? Was it, understandably, following YM's death, Lenin's feebleness and Stalin's rise? If so, this "Sverdlov memoir" might simply have been designed to poke a stick in Stalin's eye by harkening back to "the good old days' with the conspicuous absence of attribution to Stalin. This could be accomplished at this time in which Stailin had "cononized" Sverdlov's memory with a city's renaming, a Moscow "ploshudt" and such.

Of course, as with Stalin's ego and influence, Trotsky's 1925 metaphorical "stick in the eye" justified, in Stalin's psyche, the "Old Testament" redress of "an eye for an eye." However, by the '50s, as Stalin's ego and power grew, Trotsky's metaphorical "stick in the eye" mutated the ancient sanction from "an eye for an eye" to "an axe in the head."

----- Original Message ----

Hey Lou!

I really enjoyed talking to you about this. I'll send you some reduced files later today. My files on some of these people are massive.

I'll try to summarize the Lockhart Plot, but, to understand it fully, it takes a leap in an unexpected direction, into the reality of how the occult and secret masonry was able to accomplish many of the goals of the Bolsheviks, and other governments, even the Third Reich, in the 20th Century..

Robin Bruce Lockhart was the English consul in Moscow, from 1913-1917. He was present to witness the overthrow of the Imperial government, and witness the eventual formation of the Bolshevik government. He was on good terms with all: white, black and red. Unlike many foreign diplomats, who came from the upper classes, he was from a working class Scottish family of educators, and that may have endeared him to Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky and Sverdlov.

Lockhart was a riddle wrapped in a mystery covered in an enigma... He was pragmatic, educated, discreet and well-liked, but, inexplicably extremely close with Aleister Crowley, the imfamous occultist, self-professed Great Beast 666. There was a famous allegiance of odd fellows in London, in early 20th Century London. This clique is comparable, or analogous, to the Hollywood Brat Pack, but, drawing in eclectic celebrities and intellectuals. Lockhart fit right in, although he was neither flamboyant like Crowley, or rich, like J.P. Morgan, or celebrated like H.G. Wells, and that literati crowd of mystics and famous masons, famous writers. It would fill a few pages to mention them all. They were such an odd assortment, that the only reason I think they were affiliated was because of possible ties in occultic freemasonry and mysticism that was flourishing in London and Moscow at that time.

Lockhart seems to have always been a covert agent in the British Secret Service. He met Sidney Reilly in Moscow and probably provided the introduction for him to also be engaged in this organization. In any case, by 1917, both he and Reilly were agents, and so was our dear grandfather, Benny. By this time, they were all in London, as well.

After the Bolshevik government was established, in 1917, Lockhart went back to London, even though he was on excellent terms with the Bolsheviks. It seems counter-intuitive of the British to not take advantage of Lenin's fondness for him, because of his working class ideals and affability, but, he was recalled and debriefed by SIS.

One of my theories for why this occured was due to Sverdlov, and perhaps Trotsky's desire to exile the Tsar, and kids, so they engaged the British consul, Lockhart, sending him back with Benny and Sidney Reilly to facilitate their return to England. The only problem was that the King of England didn't want the Romanovs, because of fears that the English population was sympathetic to the people's revolt, and would follow suit. So the Romanovs were in limbo, until their fate was sealed. I believe Sverdlov did not initiate their executions, but, these orders were through Lenin, alone, and he appeared to be down with the plan, according to Trotsky's revelations. That's another reason why Trotsky's praise six years later is odd. He had a tacit expression of dismay at hearing Sverdlov's cold pronouncement of their fate, in his autobiography's account of the news.

Trotsky was always a Menshevik, as far as I know. There was always that party
distinction between himself and Stalin, Lenin and Sverdlov.

A month after the Romanovs' executions, Lockhart and Sidney Reilly were sent back to Moscow, and this time, gained the confidence of some in the Cheka, who were amenable to a plan that would kill Lenin, and topple the Bolsheviks. They were there to stir up public sentiment, expose the executions, since the average Russian did not even know the Romanovs were dead. This plot depended on the latent affection that most Russians had for the royal family, even if they supported the revolutionary government. This plan was clearly in retaliation to the Romanovs being killed, and the fear that all the royal families in Europe would be executed.

According to declassified information, Benny was part of this plot, specifically in reassuring those in the inner sanctum of the Cheka that Lockhart and Reilly were revolutionaries who would help carry the seeds of revolution to the world. The Bolshevik revolution went beyond overthrowing an oppressive single government. This was a highly sophisticated plot to overthrow all the governments in the world, and achieve ONE central world government.

This explains why Sidney Reilly may have been a double or triple cross agent, for the Germans and even French, and why Benny was by his side, recruiting the world's industrial giants to help with funding for it. There was more than just Russia involved in these events, even the magical diplomacy of Aleister Crowley, who in 1913 spent time in Moscow and Nizhny, calling himself "Count Svaroff." (Sounds like Sverdlov, doesn't it?) Why was he specifically in Nizhny, and this was around the time of his association with our grandfather and Reilly.

They also hoped to eliminate all religion, replacing it with humanism, canonizing leaders such as Sverdlov, who was the first "Apostle" and the first of the 12 to be buried in the Kremlin.
It is the template for the government of the antichrist. It's easy to laugh at Aleister Crowley, the great beast 666, and while he was not the chosen, it is not so funny to recognize how he was influential in actual politics and policies, as vile as he was, and that a very nefarious occultism was underlying all of this so-called antidialectical materialism that espoused its freedom from all faith, outside of human will. Crowley's great anthem was the thelemic message : "Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law." (the antithesis of the Lord's prayer: "Thy Will be done.")

Who else were first tier associates of Aleister Crowley? Jack Parsons, the father of the space program, and modern rocketry, and founder of the Jet Propulsion Labs; L. Ron Hubbard...
These three had a very strong history together.

So, in seeing all the associates of Aleister Crowley, including our grandfather, we can begin to
understand that these degrees of separation begin and then come back to this mad magician.
It's easy to discredit him, because his magical writings are profane and vulgar beyond belief, and he is memorialized as a heroin addicted madman who likened himself to the literal antichrist.

There was something very unusual happening, however, for men like Lockhart, Ian Fleming, and even our grandfather, to be associating in this crowd, who were affecting great and vast social change and the miracle of the Russian Revolution and the beginning of engineering a world government. This is conspiratorial stuff, but, all true.

For whatever reason, this same group, under the auspices of the British government through MI6,
was employed to remove the Bolsheviks from central government, probably in favor of promoting Trotsky as the central dictator. This was probably done to preserve European royalty, since the Bolsheviks had no qualms in wiping out all royal blood. Trotsky was a mason, and probably on board with them, and their vision of a world government, so, the first mission was to kill Lenin.

Lockhart and Reilly were outted, and never had the opportunity to act. Even with the beginning of red terror, in Moscow, where the means of extracting information involved torture, neither one of these agents were touched. This was the domain of Yakov Sverdlov, because he was criticized for his inconsistencies. Before they were outted, Fanya Kaplan was executed, and he made that
statement that "Better for nine innocent men to be killed than for one guilty to go free..."

Not only were Lockhart and Reilly not touched, but, they were returned to London, in exchange for a Bolshevik spy.

Yakov faced internal scrutiny, as well as public criticism for this move. It's unknown whether the knowledge of Benny's affiliations were known, but, Yakov had to know that Benny was in business with Reilly, and part of that crowd.

Let's say that Sverdlov and Trotsky, who had different beginnings, began to bond, maybe through their Moscow masonic lodge, an infamous one (I have lots of research on this.) and maybe it occurred to them after the Romanovs were slaughtered that the government would benefit without Lenin? I know that Sverdlov was Lenin's lapdog, but, would we know if there was trouble in paradise? Lenin had a vow to avenge his brother's death, and apart from the utopian ideal, his motivation stemmed from this, and he was never going to agree to allowing the family to go into exile. I think Sverdlov and Trotsky agreed that Lenin had to go after the way the Romanovs were executed. The fact that neither Lockhart, Sidney Reilly or Benny Sverdlov didn't suffer in any way, but, were still on good terms with Yakov Sverdlov, after the plot to kill Lenin, supports Sverdlov's covert affiliation in this conspiracy.

Here's where it gets very deep, and while it sounds like the type of stuff David Icke would pen, there are certain truths that are both historical and factual about my occult theories of the
emerging revolutionary government. The philosophy of the Bolsheviks was not to be limited to Russia, but, to begin a world revolution.

The prophecy of the antichrist is chillingly parallel to these historical facts. If not Sverdlov, then Trotsky would be the annointed one. It had to be a jew. It's hard to wrap our minds around the fact that Trotsky did have a set of beliefs that went beyond mere humanism. As a verified member of this Soviet lodge, he had to espouse very specific beliefs to belong. Nothing is as it seems to be, and when you pointed out how incredible it was for these jewish peasants to achieve these unbelievable goals, think again about who Benny was hobnobbing with in NY and London. Some of the richest people in the world, at that time, were on board. The question has always been, why would the richest industrialists, like Jacob Schiff, the Rothschilds, JP Morgan, and so many more that it bends the mind, contributing material support to the Bolsheviks, and what did they have in common? Nothing except their masonic affiliations and affiliated cultic beliefs in a New World Order, to emerge in the 20th Century. Why the 20th Century? Because it had to precede the 2000 year mark, and the symbolic 2 days before Christ established HIS government.

The plan to institute this world government was essential, especially in the 20th Century, because as the Bible points out with Revelation, in regard to Lucifer, "His time was short." These magicians and masons understood the prophecies, and chose to oppose any opportunity for Christianity to remain strong in the 21st Century. The New Testament poses this riddle: "When Christ returns, will there be faith on Earth?" The ultimate plan of the secret masons, from their inception in the 18th Century, was to accomplished this government through diversions, and the creation of counterfeit substitutes for religion. It became more perverse with Stalin, but, nonetheless, he proved it was possible for man's affinity to turn from God to government, and from Christ to an antichrist.

Now, will I be able to write about this? No, not as fact, only as a musing. But, I believe the similiarity to the utopian socialist government given by God to Moses as a template for Israel, was always the same template designed by Marx and Engels, sans El Shaddai, the God of Israel.

By the late 19th Century and early 20th Century, some of the most powerful men in the world
were masons (including Lenin) and without the support and contributions of the richest industrialists, there would never have been a people's revolution.

This is really the tip of the iceberg.

I probably strayed so far off the mark, you're scratching you head, and worrying about my sanity, but, it's a difficult subject to limit to one page, so I'm all over the place. I'll start modifying my files and sending them to you so you can gain insights beyond mine. My vision is always affected by the lenses of Christianity, especially when it deals with men like Crowley who was called the antichrist and Beast 666. If he were just another madman, it wouldn't matter, but, he seemed to be the common link in many of these events and all of these men's plans. So, you tell me why, if not a world masonic conspiracy? The trouble is that so many new-agey writers have amplified him, that just mentioning Crowley's name is a turn off to serious historians.

Love you! Talk soon. :)

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