Friday, August 31, 2007

Hillary on Letterman

Check me out!

I 'm watching Hillary on Letterman, and
I can't help it, she gives me goosebumps.
I love her. How long has it been since
a leader inspired such real love like this?
Who would think a Democratic First Lady
would lead a million or more Republicans
into the promised land?

OK, my hyperbole is thick, but, I do care
for Hillary. I see greatness and hope in
her. She has tremendous strength of
will, and faith in the Lord. She can be
one of the truly great leaders in the world.
She can be our Golda Meir, Margaret
Thatcher, only I see her as being even
more unique.

I remember when my mom met her,
and all she could talk about for a week
was how down to earth and nice she was.
She will bring our national pride back,
and keep our resources for Americans,
not disperse healthcare to the world,
while we have no universal coverage.
She will bring home our troops, and
keep our resources from building up
terrorists and those who hate us.

She comes across so well, and if the Democrats
don't nominate her, then it'll be a crime.

If just once George Bush mentioned the
needs of the American citizens, I would
retract everything evil I've said. He doesn't
care about America. He's the consummate
globalist, and his agenda is to destroy
the identity of America into a socialistic
global unity, where American slave labor
goes to others who want to kill us.

I wish this November was the election
year. The thought of another year for
Bush to plunder America and help
destroy our country is so scary.

I wish she was our president instead
of Bush. The thought of Guiliani or
McCann is sickeningly more of the
same. The thought of Obama or
Edwards is even worse. They are
both self-serving, not true leaders
in the mold of Hillary. She is one in
a trillion, and I pray it is God's will
for her to be our nation's next leader.


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