Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hillary HOPE and Bush

My HOPE FOR 2008 is Hillary.
Check her out!

I was trying to sleep, but, I was actually
too stressed out, thinking of how Bush
made an unholy alliance with two other
leaders who absolutely hate America,
especially in Mexico, promising Mexico
that he would send them yet another
blank cheque, even before there's any
hurricane damage there! WTH?!!!!!

I know Lord Jesus Christ, died for my sins,
and tasted my bitterness, and experienced
my eternal sorrows, up on the cross, when
the victory was won. I ask that I can express
my frustration in words, and then let it
go... let it be purged from me, let me
crucify this turmoil and pain, so I can sleep
and be at peace again. I pray for God's
forgiveness for hating George Bush, and
for having so much bitterness against
illegals, and foreign nationals who come
here to destroy us, and who pose a tangible
as well as an imminent threat. I don' t want to
hate, or fear, or malign with words, but, how do
I rise above it? Only by confessing these things.

Unlike George Bush, Hillary thinks of Americans
FIRST. George Bush has never shown Americans
any loyalty or consideration. He NEVER mentions
Americans. His speeches and rhetoric invokes the
cause of human rights and aid for others in other
nations, most of whom hate us, burn our flags,
and call for our extinction! When has this President
ever demonstrated how he cares about us in America?

He doesn't care that 50 million Americans, or more,
live without having any access to health care. He didn't
care how many people in Florida went without any
help during the hurricane season of 2005.

Why doesn't anyone consider that charity
begins at home? Are the mega-rich Americans
so jaded that they believe American people
are getting help when we are fallen, or
do they care about their fellow American
in any way at all? I'm beginning to believe
those like Bill Gates, Ted Turner, et al,
have disposable millions, but not one scintilla
of compassion for their fellow American,
and I believe they have a latent contempt
for Americans as well. They seem to be
quite on line with the global government,
coming up from Hell itself.

The Bible states that a man who ignores the
poverty of his own family is WORSE than an
infidel, and that describes what George Bush,
and all his billionaire buddies represent to
those suffering in America!

Look at this mess in the Middle East that we've
sponsored. Iraq hates our guts, and as soon as they
announced they were taking August off, because
it was too hot, while arrogantly ignoring how it
is now up to American soldiers to protect and
risk their lives for their miserably ungrateful asses,
we should have sent for every last troop, and told
Iraq to go to Hell, wiping the particles of their cursed
dust off our toes, never looking back again.

IT IS INSANITY! I used to be a Republican.
I was a Republican all my life. I was a Young
Republican before I could even vote, but, I
will confess that George Bush has cured me.

What right does he have to take tax-payer and
treasury money and send it to them, while 50
million Americans, or MORE, have NO health
insurance, and his government sends them a
message to just plain suffer and die! He is worse
than the Nazis. At least they euthanized the sick
and handicapped, instead of letting them languish
in pain and illness.

Doesn't Bush recognize how offensive it is to
those like me, who have been denied access
to health care, to promise unlimited financial
support to all of these people in places that
hate us?

There's actually this illegal woman in the
news, who thinks she has a movement going,
and her arrogance just beats all. She is barely
able to speak an English sentence even though
she's lived and worked here illegally for ten years.
She claims she has the right to benefits and privileges
that American citizens no longer have, because
she popped out a kid. I'm sure that she had the
health care that I couldn't get, because as a mother
of a young boy, it didn't matter if she was here
legally or not. The government recognized her
need to be well, but, not mine.

What's so ironic is that for 20 years, I administered
health care to others, and a large number of illegals,
who got the finest care that 50 million Americans
no longer have access to!

Hillary is the only hope we have, in my view.
People who think because they have medical
and car insurance, household and life insurance,
that they are safe do not realize how hard it is to
collect on these assurances when it is their turn.
They are not insurance policies. They're more
like broken promises.

When I had my car accident, my car insurance
went into Chapter 11, and wouldn't pay for my
injuries, and my health insurance wouldn't
cover my broken vertebrae, because it was a car
accident, and they claimed they should pay.
I had to fight for over a year to get my disability
insurance to pay, even though I had paid hundreds
of dollars each paycheck for health and disability
insurance. When I needed this, for the first time
in my life, everything failed me. The system has
no mercy, nor does Bush.

This is madness.

No worker in America is guaranteed any
safety net under this government, but,
our President just pledged another blank
cheque to Mexico. Isn't that the very
epitome of chutzpah? Isn't that the u ultimate
slap in the face to so many like me?

I'm so disheartened tonight, especially since I
feel cursed, since I am sick, and have no way to
get well. I just get worse and worse. I really resent
this evil mad President, who hates me, and most
Americans, outside of the very rich. If it wasn't for
Hillary, I was seriously thinking of leaving this country
and just going back to Israel and waiting there for
Christ and the Cube.

Hillary is not a mason, or Skull and Bones,
or Club of Rome, or Bildeberg (sp) one-world
globalization guru corrupted puppet of the
ultimate demon.

God help us. God HELP US! U.S.A. is dissolving
into the world soup. The chip- mark o'beast is being
brazenly introduced and actually marketed as a way
to protect children. Yes. Very soon the world's lights
will go out, and they will force everyone to get
the chip, otherwise they cannot buy or sell.
OMG, it's so near..

Please help me to rest Lord God. My head
is full of these things, and hatred only corrupts.
I cannot overcome my resentment for Bush,
but, it's a sin to hate him the way I do. Please
cleanse my heart and mind of this severe
hatred and resentment towards others.
I don't feel well, and I'm bitter, but, I have
hope that Christ will make all things new,
and will turn our suffering into rejoicing.
We are experiencing the sorrows of birth
pangs, waiting to be delivered.

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