Monday, August 27, 2007


I'm feeling 100% better. I know that pain is my cross
to bear, but, just when I feel like I can't take it anymore,
he takes the cross, too heavy and crushing, for my
weak shoulders.

Why is it that I haven't learned, even after 20 years
in his service, that he commands us to release our
worst burdens? I pray that I can conform to him,
as he has bidden.

My dad was deathly sick, as well this week, and
even more grateful that my Lord, so merciful,
released him from his misery. I pray that he makes
a full recovery, and that I can minister to his needs.

There are catastrophic fires raging in Greece this
weekend, the worst in recorded history. Reports
are that 60 souls have perished due to them.
Terrible and catastrophic flooding afflicted the
midwest in the USA.

Father, in Christ's name, please show mercy
to all those in peril, and comfort them.
May the Lord be praised for His mercy and
truth. Let the Earth be hushed, and listen.
May the Lord be worshipped for He is
our Creator. Let the Earth bow it's brow
and listen now. There is a small voice in
the winds, and it will bless us when we

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