Saturday, August 18, 2007

God is so great!

Check me out!

Shabbat is a day of praise and joy. It's a day to rejoice
and share with the Holy Ghost. The peace of our LORD
is the greatest gift of all. When we can have confidence
that God hears our prayers, and will never abandon us,
or forget our needs, it is better than getting a million
dollars. A million dollars can be spent in short time,
but, the love of God is priceless and lasts forever.

My most fervent desire in this life is to become a
flawless vessel for the Holy Spirit. I'm not claiming
to be Elijah here, but, like Elijah, through God, we
can do all things. I have such confidence in this
that nothing can scare me anymore, not even

I have loved Jesus Christ for my entire adult life,
but, like most Christians, I have strayed from his
ways, in rebellion, in response to the temptations
of the world, and my own selfishness.

No man can replace his love, or win my love above
and beyond my love for Christ. No material reward
can match the riches he has given me through his
true friendship, companionship, and mostly his

Why would God ever bother with such a
nobody, a flawed container, and sinner like me?

I don't want to ever sin, but, sin is woven into the
fabric of our mortal existence. I look forward to
being purified, through the furnace of his holy
fire, like pottery tempered by flame, all the
impurities burned away. I don't want to ever
succumb to temptations of the flesh, or pride,
or my opposing spirit which seeks to destroy
the joy of loving Jesus Christ. All my life, all my
days, may I never stray, and I will always say
to the Lord, "I love you above all else."

My friends and relatives sometimes say that
I have made a mistake not dating anymore,
or looking for another mate. I had great love
affairs, and every one I have ever loved, I still
love in my heart. I hope that they will be planted
by the river of life, in Jerusalem.

I have found that many Jewish girls fantasize
about being nuns. It's one of those ironic perversions
of nature that seem like urban legends, but, this one
is for real. Ask any Jewish girl, and one out of three
will tell you of the passionate need to love God
and serve him, the way nuns are allowed to do.

I never knew back then that I could become betrothed
to Christ, too. No one tells Jewish girls this secret.
I didn't have to become a Catholic. I didn't even
have to become a Baptist. As a Jew, I was acceptable
in the Beloved, and as a Jew, I found out that I too,
can be betrothed to the Son of God, the Messiah,
the Christ. For Jesus is the Judaism that God
promised Abraham.

I am so utterly overwhelmed by His precious mercy,
in calling me out of this world of transitory material
things, into the hope of attaining eternal life in His
Kingdom. Though there's plenty of work to do, and
I need to constantly pray for grace, and I always feel
like I can do better. I know and have confidence that
He who pulled me out of the refuse of human temporal
existence will also make me over again, in the image
of the one I love, Jesus Christ.

Jesus is my life, and to die is to live forever, in Christ.
Please help me Father to be worthy. There's only one
way to please my God, and it's not killing those who
believe in another God, or hate and sow strife. The
only way to please God is through Love.

In Jesus' Name, I pray for the Utah miners'
families, for them to be comforted, and if it's
God's Will to have a miracle and save many,
that it will be a day of rejoicing. I feel so sad
for the families of the three rescue workers
who died trying to save their brothers. Lord
God, may your comfort bring them through
these dark days.

In Jesus' Name, I pray for the Peruvian earthquake
victims, and for all who have lost loved ones and
friends. I pray for the helpless animals, for
them to be sustained. I pray that any survivors
will be rescued quickly.

In Jesus' Name I pray for all who are in the
path of Hurricane Dean. I ask the holy angels
to protect all lives in Jamaica, Mexico, and
Louisiana and Texas. Though we are reaping
the whirlwind, I pray that man wakes up, and
is given a chance to observe God's wake-up
calls. I pray many will be saved from the hell
that awaits those who curse God's Name, or
only use Christ's name in vain.

In Jesus Name, I pray for George Bush, first
of all, to bring home the troops. I pray that he
accepts the fact that something beyond our control
is happening, and that he find the solution, on his
knees, and beseeching our Lord. I ask that he truly
humbles himself, and that you will grace him with your
wisdom and solutions. I pray that Hillary is also
firmly planted in faith, and that your spirit
will help the poor and meek in the USA,
which George Bush has turned his back on.
Thank you for the success Hillary has had,
and I pray that she is the next President.

I pray for Michael Vick, and ask that I don't
hate him as much as I do. I ask you to humble
him, to break his cruel will, and make his
heart break. I pray that he is never allowed
to hurt another animal, and that you will
forgive him, and make him over again, in
your image.

I pray for all those who hunger and ache
waiting for righteousness, for them to see
signs of your arrival, and the glory to come
in New Jerusalem. I pray that The Cube's
reality cannot be hid by the powers that
rule the world at this present time, for you
supercede any power. You hold the
the keys to Hell, not lucifer, for you are
the Key to Heaven.

Lion of Zion, every prayer request tonight
is for continued sanctification and renewal.
It is very discouraging seeing how evil men rule
the world, and impose hardships on the little
people, whose lives are spent in vain pursuits
of transitive pleasures. Our souls, which are eternal
need nurturing, and the disgusting pornographic
culture that has saturated and indoctrinated our
generation, is of the devil. It's so much worse
than it's ever been.

Lord God Almighty, have mercy on us all,
especially all who beseech and intercede
with your Name. We are standing on the
rooftops, jumping up, and hoping to be
beamed up! We have rejected the church,
the phoniness, the fake sabbath, the fake
teachers, the abominations of christmas,
and other pagan trappings. We reje ct
vain religion. It was your plan to tear down
the walls, not build them higher.

In Jesus Christ's Name, I bless you LORD,
YHWH, whose holy Ineffable Name cannot be
comprehended. We are still bound by our three
dimensional time/space prison.

Forgive me Lord, for all my transgressions,
and help me to be perfect, suitable to have
a crown to throw at your feet on that great
Day. Oh Happy Day. I can't wait to see your
face! Please accept me, and help me to
become one of those who will praise you
in joy forever.

Thank you Lord, for everything, but,
most of all for faith, the greatest gift
I cherish.

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