Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Closing thoughts and intercessions

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Vick pleads guilty

One of the best trial attorneys in the
country is Billy Martin, in my opinion.
This point was evident today by the advice
he had to have given Michael Vick to plead
guilty. Instead of the travesty of creating a
smoke and mirrors defense, playing on racial
cards and other methods of obfuscation, his
client pleaded guilty.

Good for Billy Martin. And also it is reassuring
that Vick is taking responsibility for these
heinous acts. I hope that in doing the
right thing, that he will be purged of whatever
it was in him that craved such appalling acts of
cruelty to animals.

I asked God to help me with my hatred of him,
and this has helped. I pray that Vick will
also come to terms with his actions, and
find his spirit reconciled with the Lord.

When we see those like Brittney and
Paris still commanding front page attention
for behaving badly, it is no wonder that society
has fallen into total darkness and decadence.
It was disappointing to me when Paris Hilton
lied about becoming spiritually awakened, only
to be laughing at Christ, then returning to even
more scandalous and pornographic behavior.

I see what her fate is, and it makes me
so sad. She still has the opportunity
to repent and do good, but, just donating
20% to a hospital isn't enough.

It's sad that these poor fools don't realize
that the day is coming when they will have
to offer an accounting to God. If only they
had a consciousness of the Lord, then they
could escape the wrath to come, and help to
guide a generation into the righteous
path, not beckon them to join them down
the highway to hell, making it look like
a joyride on a sparkling glorious pathway.

Hell and judgement is real. Some clues to its
horror are in the actions of Vick, hanging and
drowning innocent and lovely dogs. These are
demonic forces, in play, and all of these sports
icons, rock stars, and celebrities, celebutantes
may be envied by common people, but, ironically,
they are the poorest slaves and most wretched
of the ones to be cast into flame on the final
day. They are subject to even greater damnation
and condemnation because they were given
much, and much is required. They will regret living
their lives in selfish decadence and hedonistic
pursuits of pleasures, taking others down the
same path. They have thumbed their noses at God,
mocking, living in open blatant rebellion and
beckoning others to live this way. They are
saturated in evil, dragging this generation into
the depths of darkness and depravity with them.

I pray for Michael to maintain his honesty, and
to come clean. I pray for the Lord to wash away
his sins, and separate him from them, as far as
east is from west. I pray that given this chance
for repentance and remorse, that he utilizes the
Lord's chastisement and will commit himself to
serving God and making amends.

We really could use some heroes, not dirty ho'bags
like Brittney and Paris, and animal-killers,
ho-mongers, thugs and creeps, who prostelytize
the demon, evangelizing the devil's message
to young people . It doesn't matter what size a
woman's breasts are. It's what's inside the chest that
matters, not what plastic bubbles are outside.
It's what is inside a sport's hero's heart and soul
that matters, not his bling, shoes, tattoos and
hell-acious attitude.

I pray that people just start to wake up
and see the truth coming down fast.
All eyes will see Him, and I pray that
people start to realize how little time is
left, and begin to reform themselves,
committing their spirit to doing good,
and serving God.

Father, in Christ's Name, bring
Michael into your glorious presence
and anoint him in light. Let him
begin anew, and have your love in
his heart, to make amends and
influence young people in the
way of righteousness. Amen.

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