Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday musings

Check me out!

I am grateful that Obama has the
kiss of death support from Oprah,
George Clooney, Sean Penn, and the
same Hollywood crowd that won
Bush 8 years in office! I am thrilled
because I want Hillary to win.

My dad feels Hillary is waffling, trying
too hard to please too many...

I pray that she will settle down and
just believe in her destiny.

Obama likened New Orleans to the
parable Jesus told in the Sermon on
the Mount, about building atop rock,
vs. sand. He compared the US gov't to
sand. To the casual listener, that's not
an egregious error, but, it sent a
chill through me.

I never want the government to be
likened to God, the Father, or Christ,
our Rock of faith. I don't want my
government to promise to stand for
God or Christ to me. That's the antichrist
preaching, not JC!

On other news, Michael Vick gave a
very inspiring testimony about how
he is abandoning his ways, and he's
going to follow Jesus. Way to go Vick.

Many are cynical about Vick, but,
not me.

There is an open door for Vick, and
God loves him, dearly. I pray that
he finds forgiveness, forgives himself,
and turns his life in a way that helps
other young people who look up to

Alberto Gonzalez is gone today. There
was something smarmy and not right
about him to me, and I'm glad that
he's gone. I can't wait until all vestiges
of Bush are gone from the American

I watched most of the last full day of
trial evidence in the Phil Spector case.
There was real comic relief with Lana's
bestest frenemies, mean girls, Punkin Pie,
and Jennifer Hayes-Riedl reiterating their
self-serving, Lana-hating slander, only
less convincingly than the last time.

Miss Pie had sent out an en-masse Xmas letter
to 100 of her friends and frenemies worldwide,
blaming Phil Spector for taking her best friend
away. She tried to sugar coat it, saying it was
her way of being "general" and politically
correct, which was horse-shite. She could
have succeeded in that to leave it at, "Lana
left us..." She really betrayed her murdered
friend. I don't know how she can live with

I pray that Phil Spector, who shot
this beauty, will face the consequences.
I pray that if he paid off any juror, that
they will be found, and go to prison, longer
than Phil's term would have been. I ask for
the jurors to have wisdom and discernment,
and seek justice for Lana Clarkson, for her
mom and sister's sake.

I pray for the Lord to have mercy on Phil,
after he is sent to prison, and that in his
hour of need, he turns to Jesus, to save him.
I pray that he connects to the only one who can
forgive our sins, and I pray that he finally
comes clean. I ask for him to be humbled,
and to be below rock bottom, but, to have a
chance for salvation and eternal life in Christ.

Please have mercy Lord on all of them.
I pray for the orange leathery Judas-twins,
who lied like rugs, under oath. May their
own forked tongues to condemn them,
and I ask that they be seen as pariahs,
and treated accordingly. I pray that they
are thrown to the pit, and stay there until
they come clean.

Let salvation be the net that catches all of
them, even if it takes exteme misery.
Better to win the Kingdom of heaven, than
to not know suffering in this temporary

In the Name of God, In the Name of
our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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