Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Lord will take me up

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Some Wednesday musings:

I had my second John Lennon dream in a week.
It took place in downtown Philly again, as well.
I have no clue why I'm dreaming about Lennon,
other than the amusing coincidence of writing
about the Communist Lenin's would-be assassins,
in August 1918, my grandfather having aided them
in accessing the fledgling government.

Why aren't I having more back-in-time dreams,
which I LOVE! Instead, I'm with John Lennon,
and all I remember about most of them, is this
common thread of running towards the
London Millennium Wheel, or running
away from bad guys.

Here's synchronicity-coincidence with the
Millennium Wheel, ... I read that it is going to
be named for Paul McCartney.

My niece is coming to visit, along with the
cutest dog in the world, a tiny chihuahua
named Zeus! He's the most adorable dog,
and we love eachother. A dog's love can make
you feel so important. My niece claims the
fuss the dog makes over me is more than
he shows to everyone else in his little life.
I wish I could have a dog where I live, but,
I'm glad the condos turn a blind eye to
cats and birds, at least.

I miss my niece fiercely. She moved to
Coral Springs and was my closest friend,
but, she moved back home to Austin, and
it's left a big hole in my life. I only lived
here a few months before my accident,
so, it's the first time in my life where I've
had no boyfriend, and no friends.

I would like to make some friends down
here, but, I'm not well enough to socialize
at all. I hope if I can start feeling better, I
can take some classes. I decided against
getting a graduate degree, to get my
certificate in jewelry design. It's kind of
a far cry from becoming a pastoral care
counselor, or health administrator. I
even considered law school, but, I have
to be realistic. I don't have the endurance
or energy to tackle those degrees.

The jewelry design course is approved
for disabled people, and I think it may
help in my recovery, in that it will help
to reforge connections between my eye
and hands. I love doing lost wax, and
I'd love to learn how to do stone
settings. I have a treasure chest (itty
bitty one) full of loose gems that I've
collected over the years. It would be
neat to finally design and set them,
then maybe sell them at the Swap
Shop, or consign them at kiosks in
the malls.

The big news today is that dad's doctor's office
called to make sure he keeps his appointment
tomorrow since "the doctor wants to discuss the
blood results with him.."
It could mean nothing
or everything at his age. I felt like crying and I
hugged him a lot today. He was being so brave.
I saved this part for last because I am trying to
keep a record of my most urgent prayer requests,
so I can thank God and connect them.

For instance, it was one thing for me to pray for
Michael Vick, asking God to take away my hate,
and for him to accept God's forgiveness in Christ.
When he actually gave his testimony of faith,
and appeared so dignified and handsome, it
was easy to let my hatred fly away. It was
very rewarding to see how God answered my
prayers, without hesitation.

So, this is a big prayer:

Father in Heaven, please hear my prayer for
my dad, a wonderful Jewish man who tolerates
my obsessively fanatical beliefs in Jesus Christ.
Ford dad's patience, and tolerance of my faith,
even sharing it with me, praising Jesus when
prayers come true, I ask that you help
with his blood results. Lord, you appoint
each of us a day to die, and with all who
love God, that day is one of coming home,
and of joy.

I ask you Lord God in Heaven, who hears
our heartfelt prayers, to let tomorrow pass,
without news of cancer or other terminal
diseases, or disabling diseases. I'm not ready
to lose my dad, and I ask you to not take
him until he can spend the next 10,000
years with us in New Jerusalem, and be
part of your eternal flock.

I thank you for all the blessings in my life,
and for helping me to overcome unbearable
pain. I ask for this favor, as well, and I am
grateful that I can come before the throne
of God, and my prayers are as important as
any world leader's words. We are so rich
for having faith. I pray that my dad's faith
is also fortified. Faith is the greatest gift
from God. Please Lord, give my dad the
faith to believe in you and seek your face.

In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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