Friday, August 3, 2007

The TRUTH, so help her God, was finally told by Nili Hudson about Lana Clarkson

Check me out!

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Nili Hudson and Lana looked like sisters.
This was Lana's best friend.

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These two pathetic orange women above are
two rotten eggs who lied to benefit the man
on trial for murdering Lana Clarkson, who
they called, their "best friend."

I googled the News articles about the Spector
case, to see what was written about Nili's testimony,
and was shocked because I found not one MSM
article on the Internet, yet, for the mainstream
papers and publications. (At least no US papers)

I find that deeply disturbing, on many levels.

I thought yesterday was a unique day in court,
with many layers of judicial issues, drama, intrigue,
and many facets of fascination, yet, so far, only a few
English papers have mentioned Nili's testimony.

When that pathetic lying ho-bag, Punkin Pie, took
the stand, nearly topless, within an hour of the
court day ending, the news wires were registering
hundreds of hits for "Punkin Pie" calling her "Lana's
best friend" and salaciously telling the tale of how
this "lost miserable woman took drugs and drank
into stupors." The way she was portrayed
was sickening. There was no softening or
questioning the veracity or motives of
this witness by the ubiquitous reporter
for the AP, Linda Deutsch, whose reports
shape the flow of 90% of information that
goes to the world's papers and press..

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If nothing else, this is a 21st Century remake
of "Sunset Blvd" with Phil Spector as the demented,
narcissistic tyrant Norma Desmond~! Yet,
to gauge the case merely by Deutsch's reporting,
it seems like Lana is the lunatic.

Most interesting is the euphemistic way Deutsch
defers and refers to this penultimate psycho-creep,
as a "legendary genius" who had the misfortune to
take home a crazy waitress one night.

This millionaire who threatened women with
guns, telling people that "all women are f--ing
C*nts who deserve a bullet in their heads"
has paid a fortune to acquire expert witnesses,
paid hired guns, (hired liars) who have all
testifed under oath in our court things like
Lana was doomed to kill herself because at
40, she was "no Paris Hilton"...

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Spector is being scripted, and even being portrayed,
sympathetically, apologetically, by those powerful
information dealers, like Linda Deutsch, whose words
are what create the reality of the news.
She also finds
it expedient to whittle away Lana Clarkson's worth
and dignity, in the process, with no equal sense of
fairness, and then sends these facts into the world
to be absorbed as facts. She is drunk with power,
and feels above reproach.

She has helped to shape the defense alibi and
nurture the lie that Lana Clarkson was a meaningless
casualty of her own addictive excesses, vanity, and
old age at 40.

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Something is rotten in AP, and this really is beginning
to smell like more than my imagination. It makes me
wonder about MSM, and mainstream news brokers like
the ubiquitous and BIASED Linda Deutsch?

We are being told what to believe, then chastised if
we express doubt. We're called politically incorrect,
and judgemental for not believing Spector is innocent
until proven guilty, even when he's paid millions of
dollars to manipulate a system, and witnesses, who
are vulnerable to corruption. He has the main news
broker in his pocket and grasp.

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I have a family whited out by Joseph Stalin in
the 20th Century, like they never existed. I know
it's happened before, and is sickeningly familliar
in the way this case is being reported. (In my
opinion, at least. )

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This prosecutor, Alan Jackson, has been
spell-binding as the voice of justice, but, both
he and the Solomon-esque Judge Fidler are very rarely
extolled by the same propaganda-machine emanating
mainly from this one reporter, Linda Deutsch, who
greatly controls much of the flow of information to the
public. They are seldom mentioned, if ever, by
the powerful and, in my eyes, corrupt Deutsch.

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I admit, I get emotionally involved in these
kind of cases, so much so, that I cry for these
poor victims like Lana, and experience angst
at the thought of her family and real friends
suffering. If it disturbs me, how horrible it
must be for them. It's so wrong.

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But, the Angels in heaven stand with
swords drawn for the helpless, and
defiled, like beautiful and loved Lana.
I believe that one way or another, that
God will avenge her death, and deal
with the dealers of lies.

Evil never prospers.

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Lana will not be forgotten, slandered and cast away,
designated as another titillating tale in Hollywood
Babylon's legacy of victims.

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Phil Spector and his legion of flunkies will not get
away unscathed by their wicked indifference to
this murdered woman's life and death, fictionalizing
her legacy, trivializing her existence, and besmirching
her memory marred by tainted testimony, and biased
and bought brokers of dis-information, and liars,
like Punkin, Pie and in my opinion, Linda Deutsch.

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May the truth be told for Lana's sake.
Thank God for those who will not pledge
a lie for their own gain, and to benefit
murderers. Thank God Lana had real
friends who could not be bought by
promised of reality series and books,
or cold hard cash for cold-blooded


Frank & sisters said...

Your blog is very interesting!
Please, send me the photo of your pc desk and the link of your blog.
I'll publish on my blog!.

Thanks Frank

Anonymous said...

i spent 3 days in the courtroom seated quite near Linda Deutsch. i find her to be an old, crotchey windbag who is far beyond her expiration date. believe me, i agree with all your thoughts!

justice will out and Harvey Philip Spector will be removed from the streets, hopefully forever.