Monday, September 24, 2007

Iran has NO HOMOSEXUALS.................anymore.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is having a great time
from the look of things. He loves pushing
buttons and exerting his Napoleonic complex.
Power is an addictive drug. He's not the first
to become intoxicated or driven by this force.
It is the most irresistible substance of all.

"There are no homosexuals in Iran"!! Haha.
Anymore... sure! There are no Christians
either, anymore. They're all hung. Women
are so free. LOL. OK.

I wasn't upset with Colombia inviting
this guy, and I think it was an opportunity
to connect to him, and for him to feel
an affinity for the people he fantasizes
about killing. But, the applause in the
audience was disconcerting, especially
since the only boos he got was when he
mentioned gays.

It's not that I don't respect gay rights,
but, as a Jewish-Christian female,
I feel real vulnerable here.

The rise of the FOURTH Reich? It
truly is. But, along with sets of four
are four horsemen.

I need to come back and address the
Prince of Persia prophecies, because
there's a riddle in what's happening,
in Iraq and Iran right now. These
two ancient kingdoms are certainly
in play. How to read this little dictator
is another matter. He certainly came
prepared with his propaganda and
lies, but, what's his agenda for real?

Are Iranians bad? That's the saddest
part of it all. Iranians are awesome
people, some of the best! But, they're
curtailed and subdued by this theocratic
terror. But, potentates change. This
little man may go away and another
rises in his place, who has the horn of
God. Or this little nut is part of the
Beast. Which means it's coming down
fast. I hope all those who clapped for
him will speak as fondly during the
dark days of the nuclear winter that
is coming.

Iran is a wild card. It's not really mentioned
as being a primary component of the Beast, at
least not blatantly. I think that's due to
the history of the Kings of Persia, in
Biblical days. While King Aheusaurus (sp),
Queen Esther's King, imposed pogroms upon
the Jews in Persian captivity, his love
for Esther caused him to completely fall
in love with the Jews of her heritage.

When the Hebrew nation was taken captive
by Babylon, (modern Iraq), for 70 years,
their savior was the King of Persia, and
his predecessors, who had tremendous love
for the people of Daniel, and children of
the God of Daniel.

God blessed Persia for this incredible
and holy provision out of the goodness
of their hearts. The end times prophecy
returns all these blessings. Just as Christ
informed the Apostles that whatever
nation rejected him, it would be addressed
at the end, every and any nation who
blessed the Hebrew nation, like Persia
did in ancient times, will be blessed.

Some of the most spiritual Christians
I have known have been Iranian. In fact,
I really love Iranian people, the ones
I have known, anyway. They are wonderful
and intelligent. It is miserable that
religious fanaticism has imprisoned such
independent and noble souls.

It would be easy to call Mahmoud, the
zealous President, a type of Antichrist,
especially since he's done nothing to
prevent the slaughter of tens of thousands
of Christians, gays, and political dissenters.
Yet, in spite of his offensive diatribes
about Israel, and the Holocaust, there's
something greater happening, that causes
him to be a mere puppet. Yet, with God's
light, he could become like Esther's King,
or King Cyrus and King Darius. He could
be like King Nebuchadnezzar, the great
potentate of Babylon, who became converted
to Daniel's God. If the King of Babylon
could be transformed by faith, then
the diminutive President of Iran
can also attain illumination.

However, I don't see this scenario as
being the most likely... I think he feels
convinced that he is serving God in
this bloody vengeful way. I think he's
deceived. I pray for his soul to be open
to light, and for the LORD to bless his
understanding. I pray that his heart
is open to the love of Westerners, and
that he would have the same epiphany
as King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon,
and like Cyrus and Darius, may he one
day be Israel's protector, not detractor.
For this, his pillar will stand before
a holy and perfect God in righteousness,
not in murderous shame.

No one who murders innocent people
is of God. Nebuchadnezzar was the ultimate
and primary prototype for the Antichrist.
It is not beyond God's reach to transform
anyone, for His glory, even these lackeys
of the false Christ.

I pray for this kind of miracle in the
current leader of Iran, who seems to
be spitting in the wind.

Father, in Jesus' Name, I pray for
this man who's power affects the lives
of so many powerless souls. I ask that
you bring him to the understanding
of your ways, and give him a charitable
and kind heart towards those who
he mistakenly believes are his enemies.
I pray that he understands and sees
you, in your signs and wonders, as
they are very evident.

I pray that a giant hole opens up in the
city of NYC, and swallows the unholy
alliances of the United Nations, a
body of delegates whose allegiances
are not hid, and are dedicated to Lucifer,
ala the "Lucius Trust." I pray that this
house of wickedness is leveled and has
no more height than the twin towers
which fell. May it please you, I pray
that this happens at night, and so
no lives are lost. But, if it is not for
the Kingdom's purposes, then let
them rant and rave, conducting the
devil's business out in the open, in
the false name of diplomacy and
brotherhood, when all they stand for
is the Antichrist. All they are UNITED
NATIONS for is to rid the world of
the Christians and Jews.

I pray that YOU come and avenge the
martyrs and those about to be slaughtered.
I pray that you save many of those who
are mistakenly following the devil into
perdition and doom. I pray that the
harvest brings forth millions of souls
for the Kingdom of God.

In the Name of the ONLY LORD,
Holy and True, Y'hashua HaMaschiach,
Hashem, Praise your NAME, AMEN.

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